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View Quote "Commander Krill has become increasingly hostile to the crew possibly due to anger over reviews of his performance. I recommend that he'll be given a psychological evaluation before taking over HIS NEXT ASSIGNMENT!!" Do I look like I need a psychological evaluation?!
View Quote (dressed as a woman) I'm your date tonight, Captain.
View Quote 1992 films
View Quote (pressing the buttons to launch a Tomahawk missile) This little piggy goes to the market. This little piggy stay at home. This little piggy... Oh, mama. Oh, mama. We... We... We... WEEEEEEEE!! All the way home! (air guitars the Star-Spangled Banner as the missile launches, then settles into the captain's chair with a long sigh) Happy trails.
View Quote (singing) And there she is. Miss July 1989. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. No, no, no. That's not Miss July.
View Quote [after Ryback punches him in the face] Now I know why you're a cook. Because you hit like a ****.
View Quote [After taking control of the Missouri] Four minutes ahead of schedule. Damn, I'm good.
View Quote [spitting at Ryback's soup] Add a little flavor.
View Quote Action thriller films
View Quote All of my life. Saturday morning cartoons. The best. For example, remember those two little shrimps coming in, riding seahorses, little chaps, little pistols? Bang! Bang! Bang! Shooting over their shoulders. Rescue that lobster from the Swedish cook. Funniest thing I ever saw in my life! Splendid work, by the way.
View Quote All your ridiculous, pitiful antics won't change a thing. You and I, we're the same, we're puppets in the same sick play. We serve the same master, he's a lunatic, he's ungrateful and there's nothing we can do about it. You and I are the same.
View Quote Andy Romano – Adm. Bates
View Quote Colm Meaney – Doumer
View Quote Come on, that's not striking an officer. [punches Krill in the face] That's striking an officer. [begins to fight Marines]
View Quote Daffy... Porky Pig... Little red ****er with a mustache... (Yosemite Sam)