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Three Days of the Condor

Three Days of the Condor quotes

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Kathy Hale
Mr. Wabash

View Quote Atwood: [delivering money] That includes Condor, of course.
Joubert: Yes. I owe you Condor.
Atwood: Otherwise--
Joubert: Otherwise does not exist.
Atwood: Will Condor take long?
Joubert: Do you want an estimate?
Atwood: There is a time factor.
Joubert: Always with you people. Condor is an amateur. He's lost, unpredictable...perhaps even sentimental. He could fool a professional. Not deliberately, but precisely because he is lost. Doesn't know what to do, unlike Wicks who has always been entirely predictable. The man Condor killed in the alley?
Atwood: Some friend of his.
Joubert: Close friend?
Atwood: I suppose. Why?
Joubert: It interests me. What was his name?
Atwood: I don't know. He was nobody.
Joubert: Right.
Atwood: What about Wicks?
Joubert: You want the firm to question him? They will, you know.
Atwood: We don't want that.
Joubert: Cost you nothing. I was careless with Condor. Wicks will be done for nothing.
View Quote Fowler: Somebody took out one of your sections.
Wicks: What?
Fowler: 9/17.
Wicks: That's New York. Somebody got mugged maybe.
Fowler: They were hit.
Wicks: They're bookworms.
View Quote Higgins: Hello, Condor.
Turner: Who is this?
Higgins: Deputy Director Higgins, New York Center. I'm controlling now, Condor. Where are you?
Turner: How come I need a code name, and you don't?
Higgins: Where are you, Turner?
Turner: Here.
Higgins: You all right?
Turner: Are you insane? Everybody's dead.
Higgins: Take it easy. Just take it easy, and we'll bring you home. Here's how we'll do it. Do you know the Ansonia Hotel?
Turner: Broadway and, uh...74th st.
Higgins: Broadway and 73rd. There's an alley behind the hotel. One hour from now at exactly 1520, enter that alley from the 73rd Street side.
Turner: Will you be there?
Higgins: The head of your department just came from D.C. He'll bring you home.
Turner: I've never met him.
Higgins: Don't worry. He's studying your photos now. Turner?...Turner!
Turner: I don't know you, either.
Higgins: We'll meet. He'll be carrying a Wall Street Journal in his left hand.
Turner: There were two guys at my house.
Higgins: What were you doing there? You were told not to go there!
Turner: I was homesick. Who were they?
Higgins: They were ours.
Turner: What were they doing in my house? I'm not going into any alley. **** the Wall Street Journal!
Higgins: It's been a long day. You've been under--
Turner: Damn right I've been under.
Higgins: All right, Turner. We'll bring along a familiar face, somebody you know.
Turner: Who's left?
Higgins: Got a friend in statistics named Sam Barber.
Turner: Sam. You guys are something.
Higgins: Will he do?
Turner: Yes, Sam will do.
Higgins: All right, Turner. Stay well for 60 minutes, and you're home.
Turner: Can I ask a question?
Higgins: Sure.
Turner: What is happening?
Higgins: I'll talk to you in 60 minutes.
View Quote Joubert: Would you move from the window, please?
Janice: Pardon me? ...I won't scream.
Joubert: I know.
View Quote Kathy: [about Higgins] Do you trust him?
Turner: [shakes his head] Trust.
Kathy: Does he trust you?
Turner: He's in the suspicion business. He can't trust anybody.
Kathy: How could anybody fool them?
Turner: Maybe nobody did.
Kathy: Then--
Turner: Maybe there's another CIA...inside the CIA.
View Quote Kathy: [reading Turner's card] Tentrex Industries.
Turner: It's a cover. I work for the CIA.
Kathy: Oh, Jesus. Your assignment for today was to go out and kidnap a girl.
Turner: Look it up. Look it up. Tentrex Industries. Then look up the number for the CIA.
Kathy: They're listed, like my Aunt Gladys?
Turner: Under " U.S. Government Agencies." Go on. So is this what you do? This photography?
Kathy: O.K., uh--It's the same number. You could have had the card made--
Turner: Yes, I could have, but I didn't.
View Quote Kathy: I'm scared!
Turner: So am I!
Kathy: Why? You've got the gun!
Turner: Yes! Yeah, and it's not enough. Listen. I work for the CIA. I'm not a spy. I just read books. We read everything that's published in the world, and we-- we feed the plots-- dirty tricks, codes into a computer, and the computer checks against actual CIA plans and operations. I look for leaks, new ideas. We read adventures and novels and journals. I-- I can-Who'd invent a job like that? I-- Listen! People are trying to kill me!
Kathy: Who?
Turner: I don't know, but there's a reason. There is a reason! And I just need some safe, quiet time to pull things together.
Kathy: Here.
Turner: Here.
Kathy: That's only fair.
View Quote Kathy: Ow! You're hurting me. Wait a minute. You-- Oh! You bully! Don't tie me up! Come on, please! This is... unfair!
Turner: I know.
View Quote Kathy: Sometimes, I— I take a picture that… isn't like me, but I took it, so it is like me. It has to be. I put those pictures away.
Turner: I'd like to see those pictures.
Kathy: We don't know each other that that well.
Turner: Do you know anybody that well?
Kathy: I don't think I want to know you very well. I don't think you're gonna live much longer.
Turner: Well, I may… surprise you. Anyway, you're not telling the truth.
Kathy: What do you mean?
Turner: You'd rather be with somebody who's not going to live much longer, at least somebody who would be on his way.
Kathy: I'm not--
Turner: You take pictures. Beautiful pictures, but of empty streets and trees with no leaves--November. Why haven't you asked me to untie your hands?
Kathy: H-How much doyou want...
Turner: I just...want to stop it. For a few hours. For the rest of the night. And then I'll go.
View Quote Kathy: What did you do to those people?
Turner: What people? I don't know who they are. I file a report. A guy in Washington reads it. He's supposed to-- He's my section chief. He comes to New York to shoot me.
Kathy: Did you know him?
Turner: No.
Kathy: Did you know the mailman?
Turner: No, but the guy in Washington did.
Kathy: You won't know the next one.
Turner: I'm not waiting for the next one.
View Quote Kathy: You didn't sleep well.
Turner: You didn't?
Kathy: No, you didn't. You're up early.
Turner: Oh, I had--I had some thoughts. I've got a plan. I don't know if it'll work or not, but...I'll need your help.
Kathy: Have I ever denied you anything?
Turner: Hey.
Kathy: Well, when things quiet're really a very sweet man to be with. You had bad dreams. Talked in your sleep.
Turner: What did I say?
Kathy: Who's Janice? Well, was she a volunteer or a draftee like me?
Turner: She was...a friend. She's dead.
Kathy: Do I have permission to take a shower?
Turner: You don't have to help, you know?
Kathy: Oh no, I'll help. You can always depend on the ol' spy-****er.
Turner: OK
Kathy: I'm sorry.
Turner: No.
Kathy: No, I didn't mean… I didn't mean to say that. I'm really sorry. I'd like to help you.
View Quote Kathy: You're not entitled to personal questions! That gun gives you the right to rough me up; it doesn't give you the right to ask me...
Turner: Wh- wh- Rough you up? Have I roughed you up?
Kathy: Yes! What are you doing in my house?
Turner: Have I? Have I?
Kathy: Going through all my stuff? Force...
Turner: Have I raped you?
Kathy: The night is young.
Turner: You don't believe anything I've said.
Kathy: I believe you're in trouble...danger...but I don't know what kind, and I'm not sure how much of it is made up. Real, but, uh...
Turner: Doesn't make any difference--doesn't matter.
Kathy: Wait a minute. Will you--
Turner: Forget it.
Kathy: I'm trying to understand!
View Quote Major: [on the phone] This is the Major.
Turner: This is Joe Turner.
Major: Identification.
Turner: What?
Major: Identification.
Turner: My name's Turner. I work for you.
Major: Identify yourself.
Turner: I-- I don't--
Major: What is your designation?
Turner: Uh, Condor. Section 9, Department 17. The section's been hit.
Major: What level?
Turner: What level?
Major: Level of damage.
Turner: Everybody. Dr. Lappe, Janice, Ray, Harold. Harold was in the, uh--
Major: Are you on a company line?
Turner: No, I'm in a phone booth. I'm in the street.
Major: You're in violation of secure communication procedures, Condor.
Turner: Listen, you son of a bitch! I came back with lunch. The house was murdered. Everybody is dead.
Major: Has the incident been discovered by anyone outside the company?
Turner: I don't-- I don't know. I don't think so.
Major: Are you damaged?
Turner: Damaged? No.
Major: Are you armed?
Turner: I don't-- I have Mrs., uh-- I can't remember her code name. Nightingale. She kept a gun in her desk. I've got the gun.
Major: Identify the armament.
Turner: It's a .38 automatic. Will you bring me in, please? I'm not a field agent. I just read books.
Major: Leave the area.
Turner: All right. Well-- Do I come in to headquarters now?
Major: Negative. Find a secure location.
Turner: Where?
Major: Avoid any place you're known. Do not go home. Do not go home. Surface again in two hours. And call the Major. That'll be 1430 your time.
Turner: Wait-- Wait a minute. All right. 2:30 right?
Major: Walk away from the phone. Don't hang it up.
Turner: Don't--
View Quote Major: Got him.
Higgins: Let me see that. What's he doing in Brooklyn?
Mr. Wabash: Condor.
Higgins: We can get a unit--
Mr. Wabash: Wait.
Higgins: What's going on, Major?
Major: Son of bitch wired together 50 phones.
Higgins: What?
Major: Everybody in Brooklyn's talking to each other.
View Quote Mr. Wabash: Has he gone double or dirty?
Higgins: I don't know, sir.
Mr. Wabash: You think he's still in New York City?
Higgins: I wouldn't be.