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Higgins: Hello, Condor.
Turner: Who is this?
Higgins: Deputy Director Higgins, New York Center. I'm controlling now, Condor. Where are you?
Turner: How come I need a code name, and you don't?
Higgins: Where are you, Turner?
Turner: Here.
Higgins: You all right?
Turner: Are you insane? Everybody's dead.
Higgins: Take it easy. Just take it easy, and we'll bring you home. Here's how we'll do it. Do you know the Ansonia Hotel?
Turner: Broadway and, uh...74th st.
Higgins: Broadway and 73rd. There's an alley behind the hotel. One hour from now at exactly 1520, enter that alley from the 73rd Street side.
Turner: Will you be there?
Higgins: The head of your department just came from D.C. He'll bring you home.
Turner: I've never met him.
Higgins: Don't worry. He's studying your photos now. Turner?...Turner!
Turner: I don't know you, either.
Higgins: We'll meet. He'll be carrying a Wall Street Journal in his left hand.
Turner: There were two guys at my house.
Higgins: What were you doing there? You were told not to go there!
Turner: I was homesick. Who were they?
Higgins: They were ours.
Turner: What were they doing in my house? I'm not going into any alley. **** the Wall Street Journal!
Higgins: It's been a long day. You've been under--
Turner: Damn right I've been under.
Higgins: All right, Turner. We'll bring along a familiar face, somebody you know.
Turner: Who's left?
Higgins: Got a friend in statistics named Sam Barber.
Turner: Sam. You guys are something.
Higgins: Will he do?
Turner: Yes, Sam will do.
Higgins: All right, Turner. Stay well for 60 minutes, and you're home.
Turner: Can I ask a question?
Higgins: Sure.
Turner: What is happening?
Higgins: I'll talk to you in 60 minutes.

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