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Major: [on the phone] This is the Major.
Turner: This is Joe Turner.
Major: Identification.
Turner: What?
Major: Identification.
Turner: My name's Turner. I work for you.
Major: Identify yourself.
Turner: I-- I don't--
Major: What is your designation?
Turner: Uh, Condor. Section 9, Department 17. The section's been hit.
Major: What level?
Turner: What level?
Major: Level of damage.
Turner: Everybody. Dr. Lappe, Janice, Ray, Harold. Harold was in the, uh--
Major: Are you on a company line?
Turner: No, I'm in a phone booth. I'm in the street.
Major: You're in violation of secure communication procedures, Condor.
Turner: Listen, you son of a bitch! I came back with lunch. The house was murdered. Everybody is dead.
Major: Has the incident been discovered by anyone outside the company?
Turner: I don't-- I don't know. I don't think so.
Major: Are you damaged?
Turner: Damaged? No.
Major: Are you armed?
Turner: I don't-- I have Mrs., uh-- I can't remember her code name. Nightingale. She kept a gun in her desk. I've got the gun.
Major: Identify the armament.
Turner: It's a .38 automatic. Will you bring me in, please? I'm not a field agent. I just read books.
Major: Leave the area.
Turner: All right. Well-- Do I come in to headquarters now?
Major: Negative. Find a secure location.
Turner: Where?
Major: Avoid any place you're known. Do not go home. Do not go home. Surface again in two hours. And call the Major. That'll be 1430 your time.
Turner: Wait-- Wait a minute. All right. 2:30 right?
Major: Walk away from the phone. Don't hang it up.
Turner: Don't--

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