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Stargate quotes

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Col. Jonathan "Jack" O'Neil
Dr. Daniel Jackson

View Quote (On a recording of his notes about the symbols after two weeks of no progress) I'm never gonna get paid. ...because he is saying "come with us"...
View Quote (to Col. O'Neill) I don't want to die. And your men don't want to die, and these people certainly don't want to die. It's a shame you're in such a hurry to.
View Quote Catherine: Why are you here, Colonel?
O'Neil: I'm here in case you succeed.
View Quote Colonel O'Neil: I wouldn't feed that thing.
Daniel: It's got a harness, it's domesticated.
[Daniel pats the animal, which starts and runs off, dragging Daniel through the desert.]
View Quote Feretti: I can't believe we're stuck here.
Soldier: Don't be such a doomsayer, Feretti!
Soldier 2: Yeah, give it a rest!
Brown: Yes, please! If we're not back soon, they'll just turn it back on from the other side, no?
Feretti: It doesn't work that way. You see, if we don't turn the gate on from here, we're screwed! So what I'm telling you guys, we're not going anywhere!
View Quote O'Neil: You job here is to realign the Stargate. Can you do that or not?
Daniel: I can't.
O'Neil: You can't or you won't?
Daniel: I can decipher the symbols on the Stargate but I need an order of alignment. Those coordinates were marked on tablets back on Earth, there's must be something like that here. I just need to find it.
(O'Neil walks away, visibly upset)
Kawalsky: "Find it"? What do you mean "find it"? You didn't say about finding anything.
Daniel: Well, I assumed the tablet would be here, right here.
O'Neil: You assumed?
O'Neil: Kawalsky, set up a base camp down here. Organize our supplies.
Kawalsky: Sir-
O'Neil: You've got your orders.
View Quote Soldier: I don't understand, why don't we just turn the gate back on ourselves?
Soldier 2: Yeah, how hard it can be?
Soldier 3: That would be great! Yeah, we could turn the thing in the wrong order and materialize in the vacuum of outer space. Do you have any idea how many possible combinations there are on that thing?
Soldier 4: No. How many?
Soldier 3: Shut up. Hmm? (everybody laughs)
View Quote (two soldiers and several natives are pinned down by aircraft)
Feretti: We're dead!
Kawalsky: Quit talking like that!
Feretti: What are we gonna do?!
Kawalsky: Cover me! (runs out into the open and immediately gets under fire)
Feretti: COVER YOU?!?
View Quote [Daniel and Sha'uri are both speaking in Sha'uri's native language.]
Daniel: Married?
Sha'uri: Don't worry, I didn't tell them.
Daniel: Tell them what?
Sha'uri: That... that you didn't want me.
[Daniel leans over and kisses Sha'uri]
View Quote [Defeated, Ra leaves the planet. Daniel rushes to where O'Neil is desperately attempting to disarm a nuclear bomb]
Daniel: He's leaving turn it off!
O'Neil: I'm trying to, I can't disarm it.
Daniel: What?!
O'Neil: I can't stop it, they got it rigged!
[The room shakes and O'Neil and Daniel suddenly look at each other, Ra's teleport ring control (on the arm of the deceased Anubis) and back at each other]
O'Neil and Daniel: I've got an idea!
[On Ra's ship, the rings activate. Confused, Ra goes to the rings to investigate. The bomb rings on board counting down from less then ten seconds. Ra, retaking his true shape, looks on in horror and shock as the bomb detonates, destroying his ship and killing him. On the planet below, everyone witnesses the explosion and cheers]
View Quote (to a Jaffa (Anubis) who he's fighting) Give my regards to King Tut, asshole! (activates the teleport rings, crushing Anubis)
View Quote [An enemy pulls off his hood, revealing him to a room full of enemies, he winks] How ya doin'? Hmm? [Shoots the enemy several times, killing him and starting a battle]
View Quote [Asking the Abydonians if they've seen Daniel anywhere] I don't suppose the word "dweeb" means anything to you guys.
View Quote [Dr. Jackson is correcting other scientists' translations from the cover stone.] It's not "Door to Heaven", it's... "STARGATE".
View Quote [Eats a cooked alien creature] It tastes like chicken.. That [Points towards the food] tastes like [Makes childish chicken noises]