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Stargate quotes

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Col. Jonathan "Jack" O'Neil
Dr. Daniel Jackson

View Quote [Last line of the film] I'll be seeing you around… Doctor Jackson.
View Quote [Looking for Daniel] I'm on Planet X looking for a dweeb who wears green fatigues.
View Quote [Referring to his son Tyler, who accidentally killed himself with his father's service weapon] No one should ever have to outlive their own child.
View Quote [Skaara attempts to touch O'Neil's weapon] NO! Dangerous…
View Quote [The audience abruptly and indignantly files out of Dr. Jackson's lecture.] Is there a lunch or something...?
View Quote Here, look at this. It says, "A traveler from distant stars escaped from a dying world, looking for a way to extend his own life. His body decaying and weak, he couldn't prevent his own demise." Apparently his whole species was becoming extinct. So he traveled or searched the galaxies, looking for a way to cheat death. Look here: "He came to a world rich with life, where he encountered a primitive race." Humans, heh. A species which with all his powers and knowledge he'd maintain indefinitely. He realized, within a human body, he had a chance for a new life. Now, apparently he found a young boy. It says, "As the frightened villagers ran, night became day. Curious and without fear, he walked towards the light." Ra took him and possessed his body, like some kind of a... parasite looking for a host. Inhabiting this human form, he appointed himself ruler. He used the Stargate to bring thousands of people here to this planet as workers... for the mines. (...) Now, something happened back on Earth. A rebellion or uprising and the Stargate was buried there. Fearful of a rebellion here, Ra outlawed reading and writing. He didn't want the people to remember the truth...
View Quote If anyone has anything to say, now is the time to say it. [Daniel sneezes]