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Splash quotes

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Allen Bauer
Main cast
Walter Kornbluth

View Quote [Allen is being mobbed by reporters]
Freddie Bauer: Allen, you all right?
Allen Bauer: Yeah, get me outta here!
Freddie Bauer: Is anyone here from Penthouse Magazine?
Reporters: No.
Freddie Bauer: Then we ain't talkin'.
View Quote [Allen sees his employees staring at him.]
Freddie Bauer: What are you looking at? You never saw a guy who slept with a fish before? Get back to work!
[Allen and Freddie are about to enter the office]
Mrs. Stimler: [to Allen] Oh Mr. Bauer, you had a million messages. I wrote them down here. You got calls from CBS, NBC, ABC, AP, UPI, Time, Ted Turner, Newsweek, Marineland, Ripley's Believe it or Not, and Mrs. Paul.
Freddie Bauer: Not now, Mrs. Stimler. All right.
View Quote I am not a fish! How many times do I have to tell you people that? Now, will just let me outta here? Please? Huh? People? Said while standing naked in a tank with wires trailing from his body.
View Quote [repeated line] What a week I'm having.
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View Quote I suppose you're just some harmless beachcomber who happens to wear a tuxedo!
View Quote I was right. Behold the mermaid!
View Quote I'm a really nice guy. If I had friends you could ask them.
View Quote It just so happens I come from a very long line of married people.
View Quote She's really hungry. Explaining why his date (a mermaid in human form) was eating an entire lobster - including the shell.