N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z #

View Quote Betty: Your shots are so good.
Peter: I'd love to shoot you sometime.
Brant: [aroused] Peter Parker. Peter...
Jameson: Parker! Miss Brant, that's not the position I hired you for.
View Quote Eddie Brock: Never wound... (Eddie's face revealed) what you can't kill.
Peter: Eddie, the suit! You gotta take it off!
Eddie Brock: Oh, you'd like that, wouldn't you?
Peter: I know what it feels like. It feels good, the power, everything, but you'll lose yourself. Let it go.
[The suit slowly grasps Venom's face, as if holding onto him]
Eddie Brock: I like being bad. It makes me happy. [The suit covers his face at once, as he prepares to deliver a fatal blow]
View Quote Eddie: [to corrupt Peter, during his promotion party in his staff position] Well, good morning. It's a beautiful day, huh? What was that you said? I'd never get that picture? [points to his picture of Spider-Man robbing a bank] There's your hero.
Peter: Huh. I never thought he'd really do that!
Eddie: See? Right there. You made a judgment call. You gotta see it as it is.
Peter: It's funny you should say that, because I was looking through some old photos and it looks very, uh... [straightens his collar] similar.
Eddie: [chuckling] Okay. Well, I gotta get back to work.
Peter: You're trash, Brock.
Eddie: Excuse me?
Peter: [hurling original picture with Brock's re-edit] Your picture's a fake.
Eddie: Parker, you are such a boy scout. When are you gonna give a guy a break?
Peter: [angrily shoves him against the picture shattering the glass which attracts the attention of everyone in the room] You want forgiveness? Get religion.
Robbie Robertson: What's going on here?
Betty Brant: Are you guys alright?
Eddie: [fake chuckling] Yeah, we're just horsing around. [quietly to Peter] Look, I'm begging you: if you do this, I will lose everything. There won't be a paper in town that'll hire me.
Peter: You should've thought of that earlier. [lets go of Eddie and walks towards Robbie]
Robbie: What are you doing, Peter?
Peter: [hands photos to Robbie] Show this to your editor. Tell him to check his source next time.
[In Jameson's office, Jameson looks at the fake photo Brock made and the original he faked it from]
Robbie: [To Jameson] It's a fake. Empire State Photographic Department confirms it.
Jameson: [To Brock, angrily] Pack your things. Get out of my building.
Eddie: I was just–
Jameson: You're FIRED!
Robbie: [To Jameson, as Eddie leaves] You know we're gonna have to print a retraction now.
Jameson: I haven't printed a retraction in TWENTY YEARS!
View Quote Eddie: Whoa. Buddy, love the new outfit. This is exactly what I need to scoop Parker. Give me uh...give me some of that web action. [Spider-Man's web swing and crushes Eddie's camera]
Spider-Man: See ya, chump. [jumps into sewers to face Sandman]
Eddie: What the HELL?! [gets another camera from his coat, taking photos, as police arrives]
Spider-Man: Flint Marko.
Sandman: What do you want from me?
Spider-Man: [playful to aggressive] Remember Ben Parker? The old man you shot down in cold blood?!
Sandman: [visibly upset by the question, angrily responds] What does it matter to you, anyway?!
Spider-Man: [going over the passing train and yells] EVERYTHING!!!!!!
View Quote Emma Marko: You can't hide here, Flint.
Flint Marko: [softly, full of remorse] I'm just here to see my daughter.
Emma Marko: [through barely concealed anger] You are an escaped convict. The cops are lookin' for you. You're not gettin' near her. [unknown to them, Penny has awoken and heard the commotion] You're nothin' but a.... common thief. You maybe even killed a man?
Flint Marko: [almost snaps due to his immense guilt] It wasn't like that! Wasn't. I had good reason for what I was doing. And that's the truth.
Emma Marko: [sarcastically, clearly not buying it] You and the truth, sittin' in prison, havin' three meals a day together. [seriously] I live in the presence of great truth, and that is the truth that you left behind right there in that bedroom. [They notice that Penny has awoken as she walks out of her bedroom; Flint walks up to her, overjoyed to see his daughter again for the first time in years.]
Flint: [softly] Penny, I missed you.
Penny Marko: I miss you too, Daddy. [hands Flint a silver locket]
Flint Marko: [determinately] I promise.... I'll make you healthy again. Whatever it takes, I'll get the money.
Emma: [notices and hears the sirens outside; through gritted teeth] You get out of here. Now.
Flint: [exits through the window] I'm not a bad person. I just had bad luck.
View Quote Flint: [grabs Venom in mid-swing, thinking he's Spider-Man] End of the line, Spider-Man. [Venom screeches in his face; Flint sees it's not Spider-Man, tosses him aside]
Venom: I want him dead too, Flint. That's why I've been looking for you. Oh yeah, I know all about you. Like the fact that Spider-Man... [reveals his identity] ...Won't let you help your poor daughter. That just doesn't seem right to me. Look, I want to kill the Spider, you want to kill the Spider... together, he doesn't stand a chance. [turns back into Venom] Interested?
Flint: Yeah.
View Quote Harry Osborn: Tell it to my father, raise him from the dead.
Peter Parker: I'm your friend, Harry. I care about your father.
View Quote Harry: [when corrupt Peter arrives at his mansion] Would you like a drink? Tsk, I'm sorry. What was I thinking? Bad for the public image, right, Mr. Key to the City?
Peter: What did you do to her?
Harry: I did what you failed to do. I was there for her. Mary Jane and I, we understand each other.
Peter: She doesn't know what you are.
Harry: Peter, she knows me very well. And when she kissed me, it was just like she used to kiss me. The taste... [sucks in, rolls fingertips over his lips] ...Strawberries.
[Peter punches him, the battle ensues.]
Harry: How ya like that, Spidey?
Peter: That all you got?
Peter: [after punching Harry through a window] Stings, doesn't it?
Harry: I protected you in high school, now I'm gonna kick your little ass.
Peter: [mockingly] Ooh!
Harry: [after getting hit in the face with his glider and accidentally getting thrown by Peter at a glass shelf full of pumpkin bombs] You gonna kill me like you killed my father?
Peter: I'm done trying to convince you.
Harry: You took him from me. He loved me.
Peter: No. He despised you. You were an embarrassment to him. [sees tears in Harry's eyes] Oh, look at little Goblin Jr. You gonna cry? [Peter knocks Harry unconscious on the wall shelf and walks away. Harry tries to throw a pumpkin bomb at Peter, but Peter throws it back at Harry's face, disfiguring it.]
View Quote Jameson: [grows impatient with Hoffman proposing a new slogan for the Daily Bugle] Get on with it, you moron! [the buzzer on his intercom blares loudly] What?!
Brant: Your blood pressure, Mr. Jameson. Your wife told me to tell you to watch the anger.
Jameson: [furiously] YOU TELL MY WIFE...! [calmly; pushes his intercom] Thank you.
View Quote Jameson: [To Eddie] You want a staff job, [to Peter] you want a staff job. Doesn't anybody care about what I want?
Hoffman: [briefly entering] I do.
Jameson: Shut up. Get out. I want the public to see Spider-Man for the two-bit criminal he really is. He's a fake, he's full of stic****. Catch him in the act; Spider-Man with his hand in a cookie jar. Whoever brings me that photo gets a job. Well, what are you waiting for? Chinese New Year? Go, go, go!
Eddie: I'm on it, boss!
Peter: [after they both leave Jameson's office] You'll never get that shot.
Eddie: Oh, we'll see.
View Quote Jameson: [witnessing the battle between Spider-Man, Venom, Sandman and Goblin; searching for Parker] Parker! Parker, where–? I need a photographer. [notices a little girl with a camera beside him] Hey kid, want a job?
Little Girl: Why would I want a job? I'm just a kid.
Jameson: Alright, how much for the camera?
Little Girl: $100!
Jameson: $100?! Alright, you little crook, here. [buys the little girl's camera, gives his money to her and clicks the camera, but it doesn't seem to work] What the? [opens the camera to find that there's no film in it, and looks back at the little girl]
Little Girl: The film's extra. [Jameson reaches for his wallet and snarls at her.]
View Quote Jazz Club Manager: Are you alright, Mary Jane?
M.J.: I'm fine.
Jazz Club Manager: Okay.
Peter: Hey.
M.J.: What's wrong with you?
Peter Parker: You.
Jazz Club Manager: Can I help you sir?
Peter: No.
Jazz Club Bouncer: Everything okay here Paul?
Peter: Yeah, everything okay here Paul?
Manager: Take him out of here.
Bouncer: [grabbing Peter's arm gently] Let's go sir.
Peter: Take your hand off me.
Jazz Club Bouncer: [grabbing Peter's arm tight] Now.
Peter: [angrily fights the two guys and the Jazz Club Bouncer and punches him few times]
M.J.: Peter, stop it! [Peter screams and hits Mary Jane in the face causing her fell to the ground; Peter is shocked at what he's just did] Who are you?
Peter: I don't know. [reveals his black suit in his dress suit to Mary Jane but he covers it and leaves the jazz club]
View Quote Mary Jane Watson: Tell me again. Was I really good? I was so nervous, my knees were shaking.
Peter: Your knees were fine.
Mary Jane: The applause wasn't very loud.
Peter: Yes, it was. Well, it's the acoustics. It's all about diffusion. It keeps the sound waves from grouping. You see when the sound waves, they propogate, then it–
M.J.: You are such a nerd.
View Quote Mary Jane: Peter! They're gonna kill us both.
Spider-Man: I'm gonna get you out of this.
Mary Jane: Watch out!
Eddie Brock: Hey, Parker.
Spider-Man: My God, Eddie!
Eddie Brock: Ooh, my Spider-Sense is tingling. [grabbing Mary Jane] If you know what I'm talking about. [knocks Spider-Man down into a black web and binds his wrists to it. Eddie then removes Peter's mask]
Peter Parker: We can find a way to settle this.
Eddie Brock: You're so right. I'm thinking humiliation. Kinda like how you humiliated me. Do you remember? Do you remember what you did to me? You made me lose my girl. Now I'm gonna make you lose yours. How's that sound, tiger?
View Quote Mr. Ditkovich: Having trouble with the phone?
Peter: No, no. I was just trying to figure out what to say.
Mr. Ditkovich: If it is woman you are calling then you say "You are a good woman. I am good man." Hm?