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Eddie Brock / quotes

View Quote [repeating introductions] It's Brock, sir. Edward Brock Jr.
View Quote Whoa. Buddy, love the new outfit. This is exactly what I need to scoop Parker. Give me uh...give me some of that web action.
View Quote [After Spider-Man, corrupted by the black suit, destroys Eddie's camera] What the hell?!
View Quote [When corrupt Peter finds out that the news story he wrote about Spider-Man being thief is false] Parker, you are such a boy scout! When are you gonna give a guy a break?
View Quote [Whilst praying] I come before you today, humbled and humiliated, to ask you for one thing... I want you to kill Peter Parker.
View Quote [To Sandman] I want him dead too, Flint. That's why I've been looking for you. Oh yeah, I know all about you. Like the fact that Spider-Man [reveals his identity] won't let you help your poor daughter. That just doesn't seem right to me. Look, I want to kill the Spider, you want to kill the Spider...together, he doesn't stand a chance. [turns back into Venom] Interested?
View Quote [revealing his true identity to Spider-Man] Hey, Parker.
View Quote Oh, My Spider-Sense is tingling, if you know what I'm talkin' about. [pulls Mary Jane towards him via web]
View Quote [When Spider-Man offers to help him sort things out] You are so right. I'm thinking...humiliation. Kinda like how you humiliated me. Do you remember? Do you remember what you did to me? [looks over to see that Mary Jane is close to falling] You made me lose my girl, now I'm going to make you lose yours. How's that sound, Tiger?
View Quote Never wound... what you can't kill.
View Quote I like being bad – it makes me happy.
View Quote [last words before Peter about to throw a pumpkin bomb at the symbiote] Peter! What are you doing?! NO! GA-AH! [screams as he tries to bond the symbiote, and then killed by the explosion along with it]
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