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Eddie: [to corrupt Peter, during his promotion party in his staff position] Well, good morning. It's a beautiful day, huh? What was that you said? I'd never get that picture? [points to his picture of Spider-Man robbing a bank] There's your hero.
Peter: Huh. I never thought he'd really do that!
Eddie: See? Right there. You made a judgment call. You gotta see it as it is.
Peter: It's funny you should say that, because I was looking through some old photos and it looks very, uh... [straightens his collar] similar.
Eddie: [chuckling] Okay. Well, I gotta get back to work.
Peter: You're trash, Brock.
Eddie: Excuse me?
Peter: [hurling original picture with Brock's re-edit] Your picture's a fake.
Eddie: Parker, you are such a boy scout. When are you gonna give a guy a break?
Peter: [angrily shoves him against the picture shattering the glass which attracts the attention of everyone in the room] You want forgiveness? Get religion.
Robbie Robertson: What's going on here?
Betty Brant: Are you guys alright?
Eddie: [fake chuckling] Yeah, we're just horsing around. [quietly to Peter] Look, I'm begging you: if you do this, I will lose everything. There won't be a paper in town that'll hire me.
Peter: You should've thought of that earlier. [lets go of Eddie and walks towards Robbie]
Robbie: What are you doing, Peter?
Peter: [hands photos to Robbie] Show this to your editor. Tell him to check his source next time.
[In Jameson's office, Jameson looks at the fake photo Brock made and the original he faked it from]
Robbie: [To Jameson] It's a fake. Empire State Photographic Department confirms it.
Jameson: [To Brock, angrily] Pack your things. Get out of my building.
Eddie: I was just–
Jameson: You're FIRED!
Robbie: [To Jameson, as Eddie leaves] You know we're gonna have to print a retraction now.
Jameson: I haven't printed a retraction in TWENTY YEARS!

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