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Speed (1994)

Speed (1994) quotes

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Howard Payne
Jack Traven

View Quote Norwood: [to Mac] Sir, uh, we have a serious problem.
Mac: What?
Norwood: This freeway isn't finished.
Mac: What are you talking about?
Norwood: The aerial unit caught it. About three miles ahead, there's a section missing.
Mac: Section missing? But it's on the map. It's finished on the goddamn map!
Norwood: I guess they fell behind.
Mac: ****! You're fired! Everybody's ****ing fired!
View Quote Officer Barnette: I don't get it.
Harry: A watch is a shitty timer. Why use it? What's he sayin'
Officer Barnette: Lots of people have watches, Harry.
Harry: This guy has no M.O. A bomber falls in love with one kind of bomb, and they're very monogamous. This guy uses C-4, dynamite, different trigger every time, and now he throws in this watch.
Officer Barnette: He's an encyclopedia of bombs. He knows every kind.
Harry: Yeah, and everything we do to dismantle it. [pause] Wait a minute. I want to look a the files for the last ten years.
Officer Barnette: We did the mugshots already, it's not gonna help.
Harry: No. I want to look at cops.
View Quote Payne: [on the phone, after blowing up an empty commuter bus, killing the bus driver Bob] What do you think, Jack? You think you pick up all the bus driver's teeth, they'll give you another medal?
Jack: Jesus...
Payne: You think I wouldn't have been prepared? Two years I spent setting up that elevator job, two years I invested myself in it. You couldn't understand the kind of commitment that I have. You ruined a man's life's work and you think you can walk away? You got blinders on to the world! But I got your attention now, didn't I, Jack?
Jack: Why didn't you just come after me?
Payne: No, this is about me! This is about my money. This is about money due me! Which I will collect! $3.7 million! It's my nest egg, Jack. At my age, you have to think ahead.
Jack: [angry] When I find you...
Payne: [cuts him off] Pop quiz, hotshot. There's a bomb on a bus. Once the bus goes 50 miles an hour, the bomb is armed. If it drops below 50, it blows up. What do you do? What do you do?
Jack: I'd want to know what bus it was.
Payne: You think I'm gonna to tell you that?
Jack: Yes.
Payne: [chuckles] Aha, very good. There are rules, Jack, and I want you to get this right: No one goes off the bus. You try to take any passengers off the bus, I will detonate it. I want my money by 11AM.
[Jack glances at his watch, which shows 8:05AM]
Jack: We can't pull that kind of money in time.
Payne: Focus, Jack! Your concern is the bus. And don't try to call. The radio's down. Now, the number of the bus is 2525, it's running downtown from Venice. It's at the corner of Ocean Park & Main.
[Jack takes off for his car as sirens from approaching fire engines can be heard]
View Quote Payne: I think we have an understanding. But it looks on TV like you're trying to take those passengers off the bus.
Jack: Look, you gotta let me have one.
Payne: Now, we went over the rules.
Jack: As an act of faith. We have an injured man here. The driver's been shot.
Payne: Jack, now tell me you haven't been shooting the passengers. I thought it was customary for a police officer to, you know, shoot the bad guys. Huh?
Jack: This man has no time.
Payne: No one gets off!
Jack: It'll grease the wheels with the money men if you show a little charity. There's still gonna be plenty of us to kill.
Payne: Okay, son. You can try any unload the driver. You tell that wildcat behind the wheel not to slow down, though. Or he won't even get a chance to bleed to death. And Jack? Don't slip.
View Quote Payne: Very, very exciting, Jack. Some close calls, huh? But you've done all right for yourself.
Jack: What do you want?
Payne: I want money, Jack. I wish, uh, that I had some loftier purpose but, um, I'm afraid in the end it's just the money, Jack. I would like, uh, large non-sequential bills, in two clear plastic bags, unmarked. Can you remember all that?
Jack: What are you telling me for?
Payne: Because I want you to help me to get it before it gets too late. I hate negotiators, Jack. They talk to you like they're you're best friend, and they don't even know you. Why are they messing with me, huh? Do they think I'm doing this for fun?
Jack: Aren't you?
Payne: Oh, that's unfair, Jack. You don't know how I feel about this. You don't even know me.
Jack: I know you want a shitload of money you didn't earn.
Payne: Oh, I earned it. I spent my life earning it. I got a medal too, Jack. A medal and a pink slip and a "sorry about your hand".
Jack: You have to let me off.
Payne: Oh, no! That's not good.
Jack: You want me to help you? I need to talk to these people face-to-face. They think you're bullshit.
Payne: They don't think that.
Jack: Look, you want the money, I don't want anyone else to die. Let me get on the ground. Just me. That's not against the rules.
Payne: All right, I want you back real fast.
Jack: Fine.
Payne: Jack, nothing tricky now. You know that I'm on top of you. Do not attempt to grow a brain!
View Quote Security Guard: Hey, this area's restricted.
Payne: Oh, hi. Yeah, I know. They called me down here, some of this wiring got screwed up.
Security Guard: Nobody called it down to me. I'm going to have to see a work order.
Payne: Yeah. Just a second. [Payne reaches into his bag and holds up a piece of paper] There you are. [Payne pulls out a concealed knife and stabs the guard in the ear, killing him] Nothing personal.
View Quote Stephens: We're at the airport.
Ortiz: Yeah, so?
Stephens: I already seen the airport.
View Quote [After Helen's death]
Stephens: I can't be here. I can't, you know... This is the wrong bus. I mean, for me to... I can't die here.
Ortiz: Hey, shut up, man. I got a wife.
Stephens: Oh, you do?
Terry: Hey! So if you have a wife, and I don't, does that mean I'm expendable?
Ortiz: Hey, what are you talkin' about, man? The guy's just talking crazy. It gets on my nerves. Gets on everybody's nerves.
Stephens: Oh, yeah? Well, I think I have the right to be a little bit upset...
Terry: What are you starin' at anyway?!
Stephens: ...after all that we've been through—
Ortiz: Why don't you just let everybody die in peace if that's gonna happen, huh?!
Terry: So you're a tough guy, huh?
Stephens: I got a right to be upset.
Terry: You're really tough, huh, Gigantor?! Why don't we just step outside?!
Jack: [silences them both] Hey!
View Quote [after surviving the bus explosion]
Annie: You're not going to get mushy on me, are you?
Jack: Maybe. I might.
Annie: I hope not, 'cause you know, relationships that start under intense cir****stances, they never last.
Jack: Oh yeah?
Annie: Yeah, I've done extensive study on this.
View Quote [Jack calls Harry in his office while he is trying to get on the bus and tells him the bomber's back. Mac enters Harry's office.]
Mac: We got a random demand from your dead terrorist. He's rigged a city bus. Where's Jack?
Harry: [puts down the phone] Where do you think?
View Quote [Jack is under the bus on a tow-sled, trying to diffuse the bomb]
Harry: Okay, we're gonna have to try and bypass the remote current with the battery. Can you find the tripwire for the remote?
Jack: I don't know, I've got a few choices here.
Harry: Black and red?
Jack: And green.
Harry: Okay. All right. Uh, I'm gonna guess he's not gonna go with standard copper for the remote, that'd be too weak. I'd use a fiber alloy. Jack, I'm gonna need you to look at the wire.
Jack: Harry, it's covered.
Harry: Yeah, I know. You're gonna have to cut off the sheath. But don't cut the wire.
Jack: Right. [the bus jolts as it runs over a piece of rubber tire] **** me! Shit! [Jack carefully cuts the sheath off the green wire] Bullseye!
Harry: Great! Okay, I want you to clip on the battery, and then run it to the lead wire.
Jack: Copy. [he clips the battery to the exposed wire, and reaches to connect it to the bomb, which beeps] I can't bypass, it'll fire.
Harry: Oh, shit! It's a collapsible circuit.
View Quote [Payne and Jack are fighting on the roof of the subway car, with Payne gaining the upper hand as he pins Jack down on his back]
Payne: What do, Jack, huh? What do you do? You're so smart, right, Jack? Piece of shit! I'm the guy with a plan, 'cause I'm smarter than you! I'm smarter than you!
[Jack sees an overhead signal light approaching and forces Payne into its path. Payne looks up and screams before the light decapitates him, and Jack grabs the detonator as his body falls off the train]
Jack: Yeah? Well, I'm taller.
View Quote [Payne is holding Annie hostage in the subway wearing an explosive vest while he holds a pressure release detonator]
Payne: Be prepared! It's the Boy Scout marching song. What are you gonna do, Jack? I don't think you can shoot her.
Jack: Let her go.
Payne: No, I don't think I'm gonna do that. [to Annie] Fill it. Now. [Annie starts emptying Payne's ransom money into a duffel bag] Well, I think Harry would be very disappointed feeling that we're right back to where we started, huh?
Jack: Let her go. You don't need her. You have the money. Take it and walk. Come on. Just take it and walk. You don't need her. [yelling] COME ON, JUST TAKE YOUR GODDAMN MONEY AND WALK!
Payne: Stay right there! Stay right there. I'll do it. I'll do it. I'll let go. Oh, yeah. You still don't get it, do you, Jack, huh? The beauty of it. A bomb is made to explode. That's its meaning. Its purpose. Your life is empty because you spend it trying to stop the bomb from becoming. And for who? For what? Do you know what a bomb is, Jack, that doesn't explode? It is a cheap gold watch, buddy.
Jack: You're crazy! You're ****ing crazy!
Payne: Oh, no. Poor people are crazy, Jack. I'm eccentric. [to Annie] Get the money. Let's go. Come on! Let's go! Move it! Move it! [to Jack] You stay! Move it! Move it! [shoves Annie towards a service door] In the door! In that door, now! Bye, Jack— Punk! [shuts the door]
View Quote [Payne is holding Harry hostage in the parking garage at gunpoint with explosives strapped to his chest.]
Payne: End of the line. This day has been real disappointing, I don't mind saying.
Jack: Why, 'cause you didn't get to kill everyone?
Payne: There will come a time, boy, when you'll wish you'd never met me.
Jack: Mister, I'm already there.
View Quote [The bus has just entered LAX]
Briggs: He's just entered the airport.
Norwood: The airport? There's thousands of people there.
Mac: [laughs] That's my boy, Jack. He should be able to circle the runways and buy us some time. The choppers can't fly in there, it's restricted airspace.
Briggs: He's headed for the end of the field.
Norwood: That must be Bravo Tango, an emergency runway.
Mac: Yeah, let's hope it's built. Let's move!