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Speed (1994)

Speed (1994) quotes

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Howard Payne
Jack Traven

View Quote Annie: What is that smell?
Jack: It's gas.
Annie: We're leaking gas?
Jack: We are now.
Annie: What, you thought you needed another challenge or something?
View Quote Annie: You didn't leave me. I can't believe it... you didn't leave me.
Jack: Didn't have anywhere to be just then. [they kiss] I have to warn you, I've heard relationships based on intense experiences never work.
Annie: OK. We'll have to base it on sex then.
Jack: Whatever you say, ma'am.
[they continue kissing, but with more passion as a crowd gathers]
View Quote Harry: Alright, pop quiz. Airport, gunman with a hostage. He's using her for cover. He's almost to a plane. You're one hundred feet away. [Jack doesn't respond] Jack?
Jack: Shoot the hostage.
Harry: What?
Jack: Take her out of the equation. Go for the good wound and he can't get to the plane with her. Clear shot.
Harry: You're deeply nuts, you know that? "Shoot the hostage." [chuckles]
Jack: Harry, this is wrong. He's gonna blow it anyway.
Harry: Why?
Jack: I don't know. Gut feeling.
Harry: Well, right now Mac outranks your gut, so we sit.
Jack: How much do you think that elevator weighs?
Harry: Jack, come on.
Jack: Maybe we can do something about those hostages.
Harry: We're not gonna shoot 'em, right?
[Harry and Jack move to the roof where there is a small service crane]
Jack: No, we just take them out of the equation.
View Quote Jack: [notices Annie's "Arizona Wildcats" sweatshirt] I'll be damned... You go to the University of Arizona?
Annie: Yeah, so?
Jack: Good football team.
Annie: Yeah, I guess so. I don't really know.
Jack: Arizona Wildcats.
Annie: Right.
Jack: He can see you.
Annie: What?
Jack: He can see you.
Annie: He can see me—?
Jack: Just keep looking straight ahead. [Looking around, Jack finally sees a hidden camera over the dashboard overlooking the whole bus] He called you a wildcat before, I didn't even pick up on it. The bastard's got a camera right in your face. He can see the whole bus. He's been playing me from minute one.
Annie: Yeah, well, he can see me, but can he hear me?
Jack: It doesn't look like it. He's just watching you.
View Quote Jack: [over phone] Where do we start?
Harry: All right, check the speedometer. Has it been ****ed with, or loosened, or any wires? See any wires, anything?
Jack: [to Annie] Excuse me, ma'am. [looking under the speedometer] No, it's clean.
Annie: Huh?
Harry: All right, then it's gonna be under the bus. Probably it was rigged to one of the axles.
Jack: I can't get under the bus right now, Harry. It's kind of in motion.
Helen: Excuse me? Excuse me!
Jack: Hold on.
Sam: [gasping] There's an access panel... in the floor... underneath you, man.
Jack: [opens the floor access panel] All right, Harry, we're in. Passenger relay. Sir. [hands the phone to Stephens] take this. I want you to tell him what I see. [looking through the hatch at the bomb] Okay, we got a wad! Pretty big!
Stephens: There's a pretty big wad.
Jack: Brass fittings...
Stephens: Brass fittings.
Jack: ...I think I can reach the circuit wire.
Stephens: He can reach the circuit wire.
Harry: No! No, no! Don't! Don't do that! That's a decoy, classic.
Stephens: That's a classic decoy.
Harry: What else?
Stephens: What else?
Jack: Hold on.
Stephens: Hold on.
[Looking further under the bus, Jack sees that the bomb is rigged to a gold wristwatch]
Jack: **** me!
Stephens: Oh, darn.
Jack: [takes the phone back] Harry, there's enough C-4 on this thing to put a hole in the world.
Harry: Okay, all right. Just stay calm. What else?
Jack: Three triggers. One on the axle I can't really see, a cellular remote, and a timer running off a wristwatch.
Harry: A watch? What kind of watch?
Jack: Gold. Gold band, fairly cheesy.
View Quote Jack: [shouting at Sam from car] Hey! I'm a cop!
Sam: What?
Jack: I'm a cop! [waves his badge] LAPD! There's a bomb on your bus!
Tuneman: There's a— What?! ****!
Jack: There's a bomb on your bus!
Tuneman: Watch the road!
View Quote Jack: Harry! Tell me good news, man.
Payne: Oh, I'm sorry, Jack. He didn't make it.
Jack: You ****!
Payne: It was the watch that led him to me, wasn't it? Huh? It seemed a little hammy to me to build a bomb out of my precious retirement gift, but, you know, I figured a sign that said "Howard Payne" would be pushing it.
Jack: I'm gonna rip your ****ing spine out, I swear to God.
Payne: You're gonna do exactly as you're told! Jack, we both know he was the brains of your particular operation. You can't beat me, you're gonna pay me every dollar. Otherwise, you, the wildcat, and every innocent person on that bus, are gonna end up just like your friend. You paying attention? Jack, you listening to me? Jack? Jack!
Jack: Yeah...
Payne: Good. Now you tell them that the drop point is Pershing Square. There's a garbage can on the northeast corner. You drop the bags and leave. I don't show until all your people are gone. It's gettin' on to 11AM, Jack, and I think it's gonna be a very pretty day! [Payne laughs maniacally and hangs up]
View Quote Jack: How are you doing? You all right?
Annie: [shakes her head] Mm-mm.
Jack: What can I do?
Annie: When that bomb went off...
Jack: I know.
Annie: ...I thought that was it. I thought that was the bomb, and I was dead. And when I saw her body fall under the bus, it was like...
Jack: You were glad you were still alive.
Annie: [nods] Mm-hmm. I'm so sorry.
Jack: Don't be. You should be glad. We all are. It doesn't mean you don't care.
Annie: [crying] I know, but she was so scared!
Jack: She was scared. She was a nice lady who didn't deserve to get killed. But, Annie, if she'd gotten off, it would've killed us all. He's the asshole, Annie. The guy who put us here. Remember that, okay?
Annie: Big asshole.
View Quote Jack: Ma'am, you did very well. Actually, you were incredible. I've never seen driving like that.
Annie: Annie.
Jack: What?
Annie: It's my name. Annie.
Jack: Annie.
Annie: As opposed to "ma'am". [smiles]
Jack: Okay.
Annie: So, why is all this happening? I mean, what did we do, bomb the guy's country or something?
Jack: No, it's just a guy who wants money.
Annie: I don't buy that. It's not a very good way to make money. So, um... what is this guy's deal?
Jack: A while back, he held some people for ransom. It went sour, and now he's a little pissed at me.
Annie: What does that have to do with us?
Jack: Nothing. It's a game. If he gets the money he wins, if the bus blows up he wins.
Annie: What if you win?
Jack: Then tomorrow we'll play another one.
Annie: But I'm not available to drive tomorrow. Busy.
View Quote Jack: Miss, can you handle this bus?
Annie: Oh, sure. It's just like driving a really big Pinto.
Jack: I need to know. Can you handle this bus?
Annie: I'm fine, I'm fine. Just tell me what the plan is. Is there a plan?
Jack: Just for you to drive. We're okay for now. Just keep us above 50.
Annie: Good plan. So, you're a cop, right?
Jack: That's right.
Annie: Well, I should probably tell you that I'm taking the bus because I had my driver's license revoked.
Jack: What for?
Annie: Speeding.
View Quote Jack: Stop! LAPD! Get out of the car!
Tuneman: Man, this is my car, I own this car, it's not stolen!
Jack: [draws his gun] It is now. Move over!
Tuneman: ****! Man, you scratch this puppy, and you and me are gonna have words, you understand?
View Quote Jack: Tell me again, Harry. Why did I take this job?
Harry: Aw, come on. Thirty more years of this, you get a tiny pension and a cheap gold watch.
Jack: Cool.
View Quote Mac: Alright, gentlemen. What we have here are 13 passengers in an express elevator, below floor 30. Bomb's already taken out cables. Bomber wants $3 million, or he blows the emergency brakes.
Harry: What's our clock?
Norwood: He gave one hour. [checking his watch] That leaves us 23 minutes exactly.
Briggs: Anything else that'll keep this elevator from falling?
Jack: Yeah, the basement.
Mac: The city would like to avoid that event, Officer Traven.
Harry: We can't just unload the passengers?
Mac: This is an express elevator, gentlemen. The only way in or out is through access panels. The bomber's also wired the hatch to trigger the bomb, which seats him in the crazy but not stupid section.
Jack: Sir, Harry volunteers to examine the device.
Harry: [scoffs] Yeah, right.
Mac: Fine. The two of you check it out.
Norwood: The nearest access panel's on the 32nd floor in the lobby.
Mac: I want reports only. We're in a holding pattern. Worthy and Briggs, I want you to secure the base area. No one in or out. Everyone else, I want you to affirm building evac. MOVE!
View Quote Mac: Let's get these passengers off the bus.
Jack: We can't do it, sir.
Mac: There's no time for stunts, Traven. We gotta get these people out of harm's way.
Jack: I got orders! We move these people, he'll see. [points to the news choppers overhead] Remember— crazy, not stupid.
View Quote News Anchor: [on TV] We are following the progress of what is turning out to be a harrowing and amazing story as a city bus, rigged to explode if it slows down, races around literally in circles at the Los Angeles Airport. The two dead are a female passenger and the driver of another bus, both blown up by the bomber. The other people in jeopardy are, of course the passengers held hostage at the whim of a madman.
Payne: "The whim of a madman"! [laughs] I like that.