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Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows quotes

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Dr. John Watson
Irene Adler
Professor James Moriarty
Sebastian Moran
Sherlock Holmes

View Quote [Holmes and Watson have fled the henchmen by hiding in another train compartment after traversing via the exterior]
Sherlock Holmes: Lie down with me, Watson.
Dr. John Watson: Why?!
Sherlock Holmes: I insist. [Watson lies on the floor next to Holmes, as the henchmen a few doors down assemble a Vickers machine gun]
Dr. John Watson: [irritably] What are we doing down here?
Sherlock Holmes: [lights a pipe] We are waiting... I am smoking. [The soldiers open up, bullets riddling all of the compartments of the train and the walls, and debris raining down on Holmes and Watson] Patiently waiting!
Dr. John Watson: For what?
Sherlock Holmes: Your window of opportunity. [When the machine gun jams due to the lipstick , Watson jumps up and aims his pistol through the blasted bullet holes] Make it count! [Watson fires, his shot hitting a henchman who has primed a grenade. In shock, the thug drops it into his satchel, by which time the other henchman cycles the bolt and once again opens fire] I said make it count! How many windows must I provide!?
View Quote [Holmes interviews Simza]
Madame Simza Heron: If you have a specific question, hold it in your mind.
Sherlock Holmes: Hmm. [Simza picks up her cards] Um... [points to his head to indicate that he is holding a question down in his mind] Hold it.
Madame Simza Heron: Let me know when you're ready.
Sherlock Holmes: Actually, I'd prefer to read your fortune. [takes Simza's cards and flips through them] Temperance. [sets a card down on the table] Inverted. Indicative of volatility. A woman who has recently taken comfort in drink. From what does she seek solace? What does she not wish to see?
Madame Simza Heron: A fool embarassing himself?
Sherlock Holmes: [smirks] Ah, yes. The fool. [puts down another card that says "Le Fou"] Someone has been led astray, involved in something without their knowledge.
Madame Simza Heron: Not bad, but, um, you have to make me believe you. I have to see it in your eyes.
Sherlock Holmes: Right, I can do better. [sets another card down] The two of cups: a powerful bond. But between whom? A brother and sister, perhaps? [Simza looks at Holmes, realizing what his words mean] And I see a name. Yes, it's.... "Rene".
Madame Simza Heron: What do you want?
Sherlock Holmes: The Devil. [Places a Devil card on top of the other cards]
Madame Simza Heron: Why are we playing this game? [Holmes pulls out of his jacket the letter he snatched from Irene at the auction house; Simza examines it] Where did you get this?
Sherlock Holmes: I stole it from a woman at an auction room, but I believe it was intended for you. [Simza unfolds the paper inside the envelope, revealing a sketch of Rene's face; Simza reads the letter on the other side]
Madame Simza Heron: [subtitled French] "Sim, my love. Remember my face, as you will never see it again. That is the price I must pay to change the course of history. I have finally found my purpose in life-"
Sherlock Holmes: Found my purpose in life. So, the question I've been holding is, "What purpose is Rene fulfilling?" [Simza looks up from the letter]
Madame Simza Heron: Time is up. I have other clients. [Holmes gets up and starts to leave, but suddenly goes over to Simza and whispers in her ear]
Sherlock Holmes: Though you may not have detected the whisp of astrachan fur snagged on a nail over my left shoulder. You couldn't have failed to notice the overpowering aroma of herring pickled in vodka, in tandem with a truly unfortunate body odor. There's a man concealed in the rafters above us: a Cossack - renowned for their infeasible acrobatic abilities, and are notorious for moonlighting as assassins. So it's safe to presume that your next client is here to kill you. [smiles] Anything else? [Simza does not answer] No? [Holmes starts to leave, but suddenly turns around and pulls out an umbrella]
Sherlock Holmes: [voice-over; in slow-motion] First, pillage the nest. [He hooks the umbrella handle around the Cossack's knee and pulls on it, causing him to fall out of his hiding place] Clip wings. [Holmes strikes the assassin a blow with the umbrella that knocks a throwing knife out of his hand and twists it] Now, blunt his beak. [delivers hammer blows to each side of the face, then ducks to avoid a return blow] Crack eggs. [delivers a kick to the groin; the assassin pulls out a knife] Scramble. [Holmes knocks the knife aside] Pinch of salt. [jabs the umbrella into the chest, then deflects another oncoming knife] Touch of pepper. [jabs the assassin with the tip of the umbrella] Flip the omelet. [performs a judo throw that causes the assassin to flip over and land on his back] Additional seasoning required. [The assassin tries to stand up but gets a good blow to the face] Breakfast is served. [Back in real time, Holmes starts to do the above, but just as he gets to "clip wings", Simza throws knives that lodge themselves in the Cossack's chest; he falls through the curtain]
Sherlock Holmes: Come with me. I need you alive. Now! [They leave the room just as the Cossack's eyes open, revealing that he is wearing protective lining]
View Quote [Holmes, Watson and Simza are on a rooftop opposite the hotel where a bombing has occurred]
Dr. John Watson: [holding his stick like it's a rifle] He took the shot from here, using a tripod, and a shooting stick. [close-up as Moran sets up his rifle]
Sherlock Holmes: And realized there was a better position. There's a faint scrape where he dragged his tripod and set it up here. 600 yards. [close-up of Moran dragging his rifle and screwing a silencer onto the end of the barrel]
Dr. John Watson: 650.
Sherlock Holmes: Not to mention the 7 or 8 mph wind.
Dr. John Watson: He would've needed a wind gauge. Which he placed here. [points to some faint scratch marks on the railing]
Sherlock Holmes: And put a cigarette down here. [points to a spot on the decorum with a small spot]
Madame Simza Heron: Can anyone shoot that far?
Dr. John Watson: Not more than half a dozen men in all of Europe.
View Quote [Mary has been thrown off the train into the river]
Mycroft Holmes: Over here, Madam! I believe congratulations are in order, Mrs. Watson. [Mary swims] I'm the other Holmes.
Mary Watson: You mean there's two of you? Oh, how marvelous! Can this evening can any better? [Mycroft helps her on-board]
View Quote [Watson is about to reach for all of his winnings]
Dr. John Watson: All mine? [Holmes crashes through the window and knocks Watson's winnings off the betting table. He looks up and sees Simza chasing the Cossack one floor above and takes off. Watson looks around and suddenly realizes that he is surrounded by opportunistic gamblers] Now wait a minute. [A brawl breaks out as everyone tries to grab the scattered money]
View Quote [Watson opens the door to Holmes’ study, to find himself in a lush jungle filled with wildlife]
Dr. John Watson: [deadpan] Your hedge needs trimming!
Sherlock Holmes: [out of sight, barely audible] Where am I?
Dr. John Watson: I don’t care where you are, as long as you're ready.
Sherlock Holmes: I'm waiting.
Dr. John Watson: I’m not gonna play this game. Remember, I have to catch the last [is immediately struck by a dart from behind, but it doesn't do him any harm; he turns] train.
Sherlock Holmes: [still out of sight] Oh! Oh! That's you dead, I'm afraid.
Dr. John Watson: You win [sits down and observes the room surreptitiously] I lose. [disappears behind a newspaper] Game over. [another dart hits the newspaper, Watson quickly puts it down again]
Sherlock Holmes: Still don't see me? [reveals himself to have been standing in front of a pillar and a bookshelf wearing camoflauge, laughs, and steps into the middle of the room] Quel surprise! [takes off the hood of his disguise]
Dr. John Watson: I'm not going out with you dressed like that.
Sherlock Holmes: Would you prefer it if I joined you in the fashion faux pas wearing fine military dress with that heinous handmade scarf? Clearly an early attempt of your fiancé.
Dr. John Watson: Oh, how I've missed you, Holmes.
Sherlock Holmes: Have you? Why, I've barely noticed your absence. Then again I'm knee-deep in research. Extracting fluids from the adrenal glands of sheep and designing my own urban camouflage. All the while verging on a decisive breakthrough in the single most important case of my career, perhaps of all time.
View Quote [throttling Holmes] Did you kill my wife?! Did-you-just-kill-my-wife?!
View Quote [to Holmes, performing CPR on him] I know you can hear me, you selfish bastard!
View Quote After we conclude our business here, I shall endeavor to find the most creative of endings for your friend and his wife.
View Quote Bishop to Bishop eight, discovered check and incidentally, mate.
View Quote Come now, did you think you are the only one who can play this game?
View Quote His advantage: my injury. My advantage: his rage.
View Quote I'm on my honeymoon!
View Quote If we can stop him, we shall prevent the collapse of Western civilization... No pressure.
View Quote Let's not waste anymore of each other's time...we both know how this ends.