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Scream 3

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Roman Bridger

View Quote Cotton Weary: So, why don't you tell me, who you are?
Female Voice: Oooh. You're naughty boy, Cotton. Now, what would your girlfriend say?
Cotton Weary: What makes you think I have a girlfriend?
[Changes the voice]
Phone Voice: I know you do. I'm right outside her bathroom door.
Cotton Weary: Who is this?
Phone Voice: She's in the shower. She's got a nice little ... voice. Let's come in for a closer look. Oh, she's very pretty, Cotton. A step up from Maureen Prescott. Speaking of which, let's play a little game. Answer right, your girlfriend lives. Answer wrong, she dies. Where's Maureen's daughter Sidney?
Cotton Weary: Who the **** is this?
Phone Voice: Somebody who kills to know where Sidney Prescott is. One chance, Cotton. You've got connections, where is she?
Cotton Weary: You listen me, you ****ing psycho: You lay a finger on Christine, I swear to god, I'll kill you.
Phone Voice: Wrong answer.
View Quote Dewey: Is that a threat, Detective?
Detective Kincaid: When it's a threat, you'll know it.
Dewey: Was that a threat?
View Quote Sidney Prescott: Hey, Detective. What's your favorite scary movie?
Detective Kincaid My life.
Sidney Prescott: Mine, too.
Maureen: Sid [Sidney turns around from behind and Maureen wearing a white ghost] Give mommy a kiss, little makeup.
Sidney: NO!!
Maureen: [she tries to grab Sidney] SIDNEY!! [Sidney jumps out of the window into the roof and falls into the green glass] [turns on the lights]
Dewey: [comes into the movie set] SID! [running over to Sidney to be crying] Sid, you okay? [Sidney sits up] What happened?
Sidney: [still crying] The killer is in the house and he's upstairs! [she looks at the window]
View Quote [Dewey held gunpoint at a still-not dead Roman.]
Deputy Dewey Riley: Be careful, Sid. Randy said the killer is always superhuman.
Sidney Prescott: Yeah, well, he wasn't superhuman, Dewey. He wasn't superhuman at all.
[Roman gets up and begins to lunges at them. Dewey tries to shoot him, but Roman is still wearing his bulletproof vest as Dewey tries to shoot him.]
Roman Bridger: ****ing kill me! You can't ****ing kill me!!
Sidney Prescott: Head! Head! HEAD, DEWEY!
Deputy Dewey Riley: [turns to Sidney.] What?!
Sidney Prescott: HEAD! Shoot him in the head!
[Dewey shoots Roman's head.]
Deputy Dewey Riley: Thanks.
Sidney Prescott: No, problem.
View Quote [Roman finds a weapon]
Sidney Prescott: Hey! [Lifting up the killer's knife] Lose something?
Roman Bridger: Found something. [Shooting Sidney with Mark's gun, but she is wearing a bulletproof vest]
View Quote [Sarah answers the ringing phone]
Sarah: Director's office.
Roman Bridger: Sarah, it's Roman. I'm sorry I'm running late. I'm still on the 405. I'm about 10 minutes away.
Sarah: Oh, it's no problem. I'm just looking at your music video awards.
Roman Bridger: Uh, look, since I got you on the phone, let's talk about your character, okay?
Sarah: What character? I'm Candy, the chick who gets killed second. I'm only in two scenes.
Roman Bridger: You're not happy with your part.
Sarah: I'm not happy that I am 35 playing a 21 year-old. I'm not happy that I have to die naked. And I'm not happy that my character is too stupid to have a gun in the house after her boyfriend's been cut into fish sticks.
Roman Bridger: Mm-hm. Mm-hm. Great, okay. So let's run the lines.
Sarah: Fine.
Roman Bridger: Page 28. Candy's big moment.
Sarah: Page 28. "Ring-ring. Hello?"
Roman Bridger: "Hello?"
Sarah: "Who's this?"
Roman Bridger: "Who's this?"
Sarah: "This is Candy. Hang on, let me get some clothes." See? I don't understand why I have to start the scene in the shower. The whole shower thing's been done. Vertigo. Hello? And I mean, my boyfriend just died. Why am I showering?
Roman Bridger: [sighs] Why don't we just read the scene? "Candy. Nice name. Is that like Candy Cane or Candy Apple?"
Sarah: Whatever. "Come on, who is this? I think you have the wrong number."
Roman Bridger: "But you know my favorite name?"
Sarah: "I'm hanging up right now."
Roman Bridger: "It's Sarah."
Sarah: [confused] Roman, that's not the line.
Roman Bridger: It is in my script.
Sarah: Has there been another goddamn rewrite? How the **** are we supposed to learn our lines when there's a new script every 15 minutes?
Roman Bridger: It's not just a new script. It's a new movie.
Sarah: What? What movie?
Roman Bridger: My movie.
[Roman's voice suddenly changes]
Phone Voice: And it's called Sarah Gets Skewered Like a ****ing Pig! [Sarah's eyes widen] Still in character, Sarah?
View Quote [Sidney answers a cell phone at the police station]
Sidney Prescott: Hello?
Sidney Prescott: Hello?
Sidney Prescott: Who is this?
Sidney Prescott: Who is this?
Sidney Prescott: Um, who's calling?
Sidney Prescott: Um, who's calling?
Sidney Prescott: Gale, Dewey, whoever, call me back. I can only hear myself.
Phone Voice: I only hear you, too, Sidney.
[Sidney's eyes widen]
Sidney Prescott: Who is this?
Phone Voice: The question isn't who I am. The question is: Who's with me? [Sidney hears yells and cries for help from Dewey and Gale, causing Sidney to jump] Don't do it. If you do one thing to attract attention to yourself, one thing, I'll kill them both. Now, do you have somewhere we can be... alone?
Sidney Prescott: Yes.
Phone Voice: Yeah. Go there. [Sidney goes into the staff room] Oh, it's hard being friends with you, Sidney. When you're friends with Sidney, you die. Well, these friends don't have to, Sidney. It's up to you.
Sidney Prescott: How do I know their voices are...?
Phone Voice: Are real? How do you know you're not hearing things? How do you know I'm not someone in your head? Somewhere, you know. [More yells are heard from Dewey and Gale] Or do you?
Sidney Prescott: You're dead.
Phone Voice: I don't want them. I want you. It's simple. You show yourself, they survive. You run, they die! Don't you wanna know, Sidney, who killed her? Don't you wanna know who killed your mother?
Sidney Prescott: Where?
Phone Voice: She'd have been so happy, Sidney, to know we'd be together.
Sidney Prescott: Where?!
Phone Voice: I'll call you when you're on your way.
View Quote [Sidney has reached the house where Ghostface is holding Dewey and Gale hostage. Her cell phone rings. She answers it]
Sidney Prescott: What?
Phone Voice: You follow directions well, Sidney. Now, welcome to the final act. See that metal detector? Use it. [Sidney picks up a metal detector] All over, Sidney. Everywhere. [Sidney scans herself] Everywhere. The other leg, too. [Sidney scans her other leg, causing the detector to beep] Show it to me. [She takes out a gun] Throw it in the pool. [She does so] Now, come inside, Sidney.
Sidney Prescott: No ****ing way. How do I know they're not dead already?
Phone Voice: They're right inside, waiting for you. Look for yourself. [Sidney sees Dewey and Gale tied up and walks over to them] Now that we're all here, the party can begin.
View Quote [Sidney is confronted by a person in a white, blood-stained cloth, speaking in Maureen's voice]
Maureen: Sid... Sid... come in here... please. It's just me, Sid. Oh, I was so pretty. Everybody loved me. Have you missed me, Sidney? Would you like to hold me one last time? What's the matter? What are you staring at? Don't you remember your-
[Her voice changes]
Phone Voice: Mother?
[The person takes off the cloth, revealing himself to be Ghostface, who locks the doors so Sidney cannot escape]
Ghostface: [Speaking in the Phone Voice] You're not going anywhere, Sidney. It's time you came to terms with me and with Mother. Maybe you never knew her at all, Sidney. Maybe you just can't get past the surface of things. [Reveals his chest is bulletproof]
Sidney Prescott: Who the hell are you?
Ghostface: The other half of you. I searched for a mother, too, an actress named Rina Reynolds, tried to find her my whole life. And four years ago, I actually tracked her down, knocked at her door, thinking she'd welcome me with open arms. But she had a new life and a new name: Maureen Prescott! You were the only child she claimed, Sidney. She shut me out in the cold forever! Her own son.
[Takes off the mask to reveal himself as Roman]
Roman Bridger: Roman Bridger, director. [Uses voice changer]
Roman Bridger/Phone Voice: And brother.
Roman Bridger: She slammed the door in my face, Sid. She said I was "Rina's" child and Rina was dead... and then it struck me. What a good idea, so I watched her. I made a little movie, a little family film. Seems Maureen -"Mom"- she really got around. I mean Cotton was one thing; everybody knew about that. But Billy's father - that was the key. Your boyfriend didn't like seeing his daddy in my film too much. He didn't like it at all. And once I supplied the motivation, all the kid needed was a few pointers. Have a partner to sell out in case you got caught, find someone to frame, it was like he was making a movie.
Sidney Prescott: You. This is all because of you.
Roman Bridger: I'm a director, Sidney. I direct. I had no idea they were gonna make a film of their own. What a film it turned out to be, huh? I mean, introducing Sidney the Victim, Sidney the Survivor, SIDNEY THE STAR!
Sidney Prescott: Fine, you got what you wanted: hero and villain face-to-face. Well, you know what happens now? The villain dies!
Roman Bridger: Exactly! But I'm not the villain, Sid. You are. [Brings out a captured John Milton] Here he is, the man who gave away your mother's innocence. Huh? What he did to her made her a slut, didn't it? Huh? She never recovered from that night, right here in this room. They ****ed her three ways from Sunday, ruined her life. Ruined yours, too, didn't it, Sid? You hate him, Sid? Come on, I know you do. I'm sure you do.
[Brings out an answering machine that speaks in Sidney's voice]
Sidney Prescott: I know who you are. I know what happened to my mother, and I want you to understand, I'm gonna make you pay!
Roman Bridger: That's what the police are gonna find on Milton's answering machine, right next to his lifeless, mutilated corpse. [John mumbles] What? Can't hear ya.
John Milton: You don't have to do this, Roman. Just tell me what you want. I can make it happen. Any picture. Name your budget. Script approval. Final cut!
Roman Bridger: I already have it.
[He slits John's throat]
Sidney Prescott: No! God! You spineless bastard!
Roman Bridger: No, Sid, that would be you! You did it all. You did it! You call them all, even your closest... friends. Living in total isolation, the pressure of another movie about you, the discovery that Milton destroyed Mommy dearest, you finally just SNAPPED! And who's our hero, huh? The sole survivor. Who's the one who bravely faced down the psychopath and killed her with her own knife?! You're gonna pay for the life you stole from me, Sid. For the mother, and for the family, and for the stardom, and...GODDAMN IT! EVERYTHING YOU HAVE THAT SHOULD'VE BEEN MINE!
Sidney Prescott: God, why don't stop your whining and get on with it! I've heard this shit before!
Roman Bridger: STOP!
Sidney Prescott: Do you know why you kill people, Roman? Do you?
Roman Bridger: I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT!
Sidney Prescott: Because you choose to! There is no one else to blame!
Roman Bridger: GOD ****ING DAMN IT!
Sidney Prescott: Why don't you take some ****ing responsibility?!
Roman Bridger: **** YOU!!!
Sidney Prescott: **** YOU!
View Quote [last words] ****ing kill me! You can't ****ing kill me!
View Quote I had no idea they were going to make a film of their own. I mean, introducing: Sidney, the victim. Sidney, the survivor. Sidney, the star!
View Quote I only hear you, too, Sid.
View Quote I searched for a mother too. An actress named Rena Reynolds. Tried to find her my whole life. And four years ago, I actually tracked her down. Knocked at her door thinking she'd welcome me with open arms, but she had a new life and a new name: Maureen Prescott. You were the only child she claimed, Sidney. She shut me out in the cold forever, her own son...Roman Bridger, director (in GhostFace's voice) and brother.
View Quote I'm a director, Sid. I direct.
View Quote It's called 'Sarah gets skewered like a ****ing pig!' Still in character, Sarah?"