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[Sidney answers a cell phone at the police station]
Sidney Prescott: Hello?
Sidney Prescott: Hello?
Sidney Prescott: Who is this?
Sidney Prescott: Who is this?
Sidney Prescott: Um, who's calling?
Sidney Prescott: Um, who's calling?
Sidney Prescott: Gale, Dewey, whoever, call me back. I can only hear myself.
Phone Voice: I only hear you, too, Sidney.
[Sidney's eyes widen]
Sidney Prescott: Who is this?
Phone Voice: The question isn't who I am. The question is: Who's with me? [Sidney hears yells and cries for help from Dewey and Gale, causing Sidney to jump] Don't do it. If you do one thing to attract attention to yourself, one thing, I'll kill them both. Now, do you have somewhere we can be... alone?
Sidney Prescott: Yes.
Phone Voice: Yeah. Go there. [Sidney goes into the staff room] Oh, it's hard being friends with you, Sidney. When you're friends with Sidney, you die. Well, these friends don't have to, Sidney. It's up to you.
Sidney Prescott: How do I know their voices are...?
Phone Voice: Are real? How do you know you're not hearing things? How do you know I'm not someone in your head? Somewhere, you know. [More yells are heard from Dewey and Gale] Or do you?
Sidney Prescott: You're dead.
Phone Voice: I don't want them. I want you. It's simple. You show yourself, they survive. You run, they die! Don't you wanna know, Sidney, who killed her? Don't you wanna know who killed your mother?
Sidney Prescott: Where?
Phone Voice: She'd have been so happy, Sidney, to know we'd be together.
Sidney Prescott: Where?!
Phone Voice: I'll call you when you're on your way.
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