N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z #

View Quote (having the necklace, black wig on and orange PVC catsuit on) Whose you're mommy?
View Quote Cotton Candy Glob: [as Shaggy and Scooby jump on him and eat him] NOOO! I'll give you cavities!
View Quote Phonograph: I like big butts and I cannot lie! You other brothers can't deny! When a girl-- [Shaggy turns it off while coughing after he puts his head in the machine that exploded]
View Quote Black Knight Ghost: On your knees, knave.
Fred: Can't you see we're talking?
Black Knight Ghost: [repeated Fred line at the high school clubhouse] Talking is for wimps.
Fred: You can't fool me with that macho fa├žade. You're just afraid to show your sensitive side.
Black Knight Ghost: Ohh, you've touched my inner child... AND HE'S REALLY MAD!
View Quote Boy on bike #1: Hey! Nice job last night...
Both boys on bikes: Losers!
Daphne: [to the gang] Quick, we need to think of a comeback.
Boy on bike #2: What dorks!
Daphne: [to the boys] Hey! Shut up!
View Quote Daphne: Guys, come on! Remember what I told you?
Shaggy: Never pick your nose in public?
Daphne: [beat] No... but that's good, too.
Scooby: Image is everything.
Daphne: Yes! Image is everything. The whole city is watching, so try to keep a brave face. They're costumes.
View Quote Fred: Yo, Metalhead!
Black Knight Ghost: Yes?
Fred: Bring it! [Black Knight Ghost Hits Fred with shield] He brought it all right.
View Quote Shaggy: [after accidentally being transformed into a woman] I've got a chick's body!
Scooby: [accidentally turns into the Tasmanian Devil] I'm the Tasmanian Devil!
View Quote Shaggy: The only time we've done something right is when we accidentally plowed into the Snow Ghost, because we accidentally glued our feet to rocket-powered roller skates.
Scooby: Yeah! Eight stupid times!
Shaggy: Let's face it Scoob. We'll never anymore than our old goofy selves. [sad] I wish once, just once, I could do the right thing on purpose. You know Scoob, like be a hero, and save the day...But who are we kidding, right? [throws rock into lake which hits Captain Cutler's helmet and makes a hollow noise] Captain Cutler's ghost. CAPTAIN CUTLER'S GHOST!!!!!!!!!!!
View Quote Tough Shaggy: Check out my pecs, little man!
Smart Scooby: Hush now, buffoon. This is a highly combustible synthesis.
Tough Shaggy: A what?
Smart Scooby: I'm going to transform us back!
Tough Shaggy: No way, geek! I'm gonna stay this way FOREVEEEER! [throws formula into the wall]
Smart Scooby: NOOOOO!
View Quote Velma: [hands Shaggy the control panel] Here Shaggy, take this.
Shaggy: Why are you giving this to me? [hands it back to her]
Velma: [hands it back to Shaggy] I'll distract those skeletal screwballs, you and Scooby get this to the Monster Hive.
Shaggy: Us?! [looks at Scooby]
Velma: Yes, you're faster than me. Once there, just plug it into the base, [points to a button on the control panel] and push this button. I fixed it so it'll destroy all the monsters.
Shaggy: [slides down a wall] But... but we can't.
Scooby: You mean we all screw-ups?
Shaggy: I mean, we tried being heroes like you guys, but we're not, okay? We're just not!
Scooby: No way!
Velma: [surprised] Like me? [kneels next to Shaggy] That's funny... I've always wanted to be like you guys. [Shaggy and Scooby look at each other in confusion] You guys are so free. You're never afraid to be who you really are. Whether you're fearful, or joyful, or... hungry. I think you've been heroes all along. You just haven't known it.
View Quote Velma: Mr. Wickles, we need to ask you a few questions about your ties to recent monster attacks.
Jeremiah Wickles: I don't know nothing about no monsters.
Daphne: Well, then how come there was randomonium on the floor of your mansion?
Jeremiah Wickles: There's- there- there's randomonium all over the place! Look it! I come home with it in my shorts!
Fred: Are you continuing the work of your old pal Jonathan Jacobo?
Jeremiah Wickles: "Old pal"? Jacobo? We hated each other! And in the prison cafeteria, he used to steal my tater tots! And he got the lead in My Fair Lady.
Velma: Then why did we find the monster book in your library?
Jeremiah Wickles: Wait a second... You're the runts what vandalized my home! Which one of you stole my toilet brush?!
View Quote NED!
View Quote [about Shaggy's behavior] He stole my thing that I say!
View Quote [after being electrocuted and blown up] Oh, crap!