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Evil Masked Figure/Heather Jasper-Howe/Dr. Jonathan Jacobo quotes

View Quote MYSTERY INCORPORATED! This is only the first rung on the ladder of your demise. And this time, Mystery Inc. you will be the ones unmasked as the buffoons you truly are!
View Quote Mystery Incorporated! Once again, you have proven useless before my power. Because of you: soon Coolsville will be MINE!!!!
View Quote [to the monsters] Stop them! Destroy the city if you have to, but bring me that control panel! With it, they can destroy everything I set out to do.
View Quote [to Scooby-Doo] Soon, your friends will be dead and Coolsville destroyed. My revenge will be final and there's nothing you can do about it!
View Quote All Fred Jones had to say was: (Fred: I think Coolsville sucks!) [Fred bangs his head on the steering wheel] In light of the city's recent chaos... Jones' response was disheartening to many fans who have supported Mystery Inc. over the years. Perhaps, it's time for the crime solving gang to ship up or shape out. This is Heather Jasper-Howe for Investigative Probe reporting.
View Quote [to Daphne] Who are you kidding? Don't think I don't know your game. What do you do for the gang, really? Velma's the smart one. Fred's the leader. All you are is a pretty little face.
View Quote [to Daphne] Oh, now I see what you do for the gang. You're in charge of incoherent babbling.
View Quote [to Daphne] Darn it! Thanks a lot! The scoop of the night! Gone! Can't you do anything right? Ned, get your camera and follow me!
View Quote So long, SUCKERS!!! [he falls into the water] Help me, suckers!
View Quote [to Jeremiah Wickles] I was an excellent Eliza! You were too acty!
View Quote [to Jeremiah Wickles] You kept saying you felt puffy!
View Quote I would’ve gotten away with it, if it weren't for those meddling kids and their dumb dog!!!
View Quote [to Ned] Of course, dummkopf.
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