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View Quote Newton Geiszler: You think this is over, huh? You think you saved your crappy little world?! We're gonna keep coming! We are never going to stop! And sooner or later, YOUR LUCK IS GOING TO RUN OUT!!!.
Jake Pentecost: No. The things in your head? Precursors? Tell 'em we're not afraid. Tell 'em next time, they won't need to worry about coming for us. Cause we're gonna come for them.
View Quote All Jaegers, advance and fire everything you've got! On my command! (All Jaegers lock and loaded to attack the Mega-Kaiju) GO!
View Quote Everyone else seemed to be a little preoccupied with the killer drones your boss just set up!
View Quote Gipsy to Command, you reading this?
View Quote He said a lot of things. I’m not a hero like he was.
View Quote How'd they get into our world?
View Quote I DON'T CARE! You know, when I first joined the Corp, I was just like you. Worse, I was nobody. But that woman we laid to rest today, Mako Mori. She said: Whoever you are, the minute you enter this program, you join a family. And no matter what they do, no matter how stupid they may act sometimes, you forgive them and you move on. So you start believing that, in here. And you'll start believing in a Jaeger.
View Quote It means..."yes"!
View Quote Jake, your father always said "he wanted you to be a pilot".
View Quote Join the Jaeger Uprising.
View Quote Pilots of Obsidian Fury, get the hell out of your Conn-Pod! (opens Obsidian Fury's faceplate; to Nate) What the hell is that?! (revealing a secondary Kaiju Brain inside Obsidian Fury's Conn-Pod)
View Quote Precursors didn't do this. (Pause) Humans did.
View Quote Scrapper!
View Quote This is your chance to make things right.
View Quote Told you she's not a "Toy"!