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View Quote (After Gipsy Avenger kills the Mega-Kaiju) NO! NO! (grunt) Okay, ya know what? Plan B, always a plan B. (Nate punches him unconscious)
View Quote (After Jules saves Nate from the collapsing Titan Redeemer) Really? Now?!
View Quote (after knocking out Newton) Anyone who's listening, this is Ranger Lambert. Be advised, we just got ourselves a Newt.
View Quote (after Newton merges Raijin, Shrikethorn and Hakuja into a Mega-Kaiju) Well, he's pretty big.
View Quote (During a Jaeger and Kaiju fight in Tokyo) Okay, going with giant robots again? REAL original, guys. I am not impressed. I am not impressed.
View Quote (to Jake and Nate) Get to Gipsy, go! All pilots, man your Jaegers and engage hostiles!
View Quote (upon seeing Jake for the first time) You gotta be kidding me.
View Quote (as he grabbed Hermann by the throat when his friend tries to help him go back to his senses) HE IS NOT STRONG ENOUGH! NONE OF YOU ARE STRONG ENOUGH!!!
View Quote (Japanase language) "Kiss my ass."
View Quote (Trying to speak Chinese language) Dammit! Why can I get this language?
View Quote Amara Namami: She jumped me!
Viktoriya Malikova: She doesn't belong here!
Nate Lambert: I DON'T CARE! You know, when I first joined the Corp, I was just like you. Worse, I was nobody. But that woman we laid to rest today, Mako Mori. She said: Whoever you are, the minute you enter this program, you join a family. And no matter what they do, no matter how stupid they may act sometimes, you forgive them and you move on. So you start believing that, in here. And you'll start believing in a Jaeger.
View Quote Amara Namani/Jake Pentecost: Hang on!
Amara Namani/Jake Pentecost: I am hanging on!
Amara Namani/Jake Pentecost: Hang tighter!
View Quote Hermann Gottlieb: What did you just do?
Newton Geiszler: What I've been planning the last ten years...I'm ending the world.
View Quote Jake Pentecost: Ready for this?
Nate Lambert: No. You?
Jake Pentecost: No.
View Quote Nate Lambert: Take out his legs! We gotta get outta here!
Jake Pentecost: Plasma cannon!
Nate Lambert: Think we pissed him off.
Jake Pentecost: Good. You remember our old move?
Nate Lambert: Hell yeah.
Jake Pentecost: He looks hurt.
Nate Lambert: Go for its power core!