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View Quote We're going to need more pilots. (Jake Pentecost: We have them.)
View Quote You pilot Gipsy Avenger?
View Quote You...(realizing the first drift of Newton with the Precursors)...Precursors.
View Quote [narrating] My generation, we were born into war. Giant monsters attacked our world. We called them, "Kaiju". They came from the Breach, a gateway to another dimension, at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. Sent by an alien race, Precursors. We fought back, building our own monsters..."Jaegers". Giant robots, so big they needed two pilots. My father was one of them. He sacrificed himself to help save the world. not my father. It’s been 10 years since we won the war... And closed the Breach. Most of this world has been rebuilt. But some cities cannot do it. And the world is still picking up the pieces. Some of us live better on broken boats. And living in a half-lived mansion, much better than a bad apartment. And to live here you have to be creative. You have to cheat others to get breakfast. And a new pastry. And for the fraud, you know how to do it? You create a different value on the stuff. The Pacific Defense Corps usually look the other way. So long as you do not break the law. For example ... Jaeger Metal Disposal Commission. Santa Monica, California. Big risk means great results. And no one gets more money than taking Jaeger technology. Some crazy people try to build their own Jaeger. But they need us to make it. So ... if you can steal in place that no one else can steal ... You can live like a king.