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View Quote Coach Punch Cherkov: What's the capital of Thailand?
Guru Pitka: Bangkok.
Coach Punch Cherkov: Exactly. [punches Pitka in the crotch, Pitka hunches down then doubles over covering his crotch]
Guru Pitka: Omar Sharif, my BALLS! OH-HOH! (drops to the ground) My balls!, AUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Coach Punch Cherkov: Stay down, bitch.
Guru Pitka: Okay.
View Quote Although I was raised here in India, I was born in America, which is where our journey begins. It's the story of a hockey player, named Darren Roanoke. My most resistant student, who became my greatest teacher... Or some such bullshit, I don't know.
View Quote BIBLE - Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earthâ„¢
View Quote Break the pickle...tickle, tickle.
View Quote Dick Pants... send him in.
View Quote Ding Dong. Did someone order the special Quebec pizza huh? You know, like in the porno.
View Quote Dis is my day of lucky!
View Quote Does it hurt when you do that? Don't do that.
View Quote Don't look at me with that tone of voice or I will punch you in the shirt!
View Quote Don't peck my ****ing eyes!
View Quote Go Speedy. Ride like a cowboy.
View Quote Good distraction frees us from emotional pain. Bad distraction gives you a mouth full of whizz.
View Quote Guru Pitka had a farm. EIEIO. And in that farm he did no harm. EIEIO.â„¢
View Quote I don't know what you're talking about. (coughs up feathers)
View Quote I have two tattoos. One of them is DRAMA tattoo and the other is a picture of daffy duck pushing a lawn mower through my pubes.