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Lesbian Vampire Killers

Lesbian Vampire Killers quotes

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Carmilla the Vampire Queen
Jimmy McLaren

View Quote (about Jimmy's hiking idea) That... is one of the shittiest ideas for a holiday I have ever heard!
View Quote (after Fletch destroys his phone)What was that for?
View Quote (after the final battle) Completely ****ing unbelivable!
View Quote (when the lesbian vampires are hovering at the door) So, all we need to do really is sit tight and wait 'til morning. I mean, it's not like we're going to say Hey, lesbian vampires, come into our cottage, is it? (realizes what he's done has invited them inside) Ah, shit.
View Quote Jimmy: I have an idea. Fletch: Does it involve girls? Jimmy: An idea. Fletch: DOES IT INVOLVE GIRLS? Jimmy: Let's go hiking! Fletch: (bursts out laughing:) THAT... is one of the most depressingly shittiest ideas for a holiday I have ever heard! (opening narration)
Narrator: At the dawn of the Roman era, our hamlet was beseiged by a beast. A creature from the deepest pits of Hades, born of the hatred of men, and the lust for women. Its name, Carmilla. Jimmy: Wherever it lands on the map, we'll go!
(he throws his dart which lands somewhere in Suffolk)
Fletch: (goes up to look) How do you pronounce that? Crags-wich? Crag-wich? Jimmy: I'll tell you what it is, it's called an A-D-V-N-T-U-R-E, my friend. Lotte: Do you like Carmilla? Jimmy: Uh, I dunno. Is that who it is? Lotte: Yes, Carmilla, the Vampire Queen. Jimmy: Vampire Queen? Lotte: Yes, but according to beliefs she's much more than your average vampire. She's rumoured to be over two thousand years old. Jimmy: So you believe in all that Dungeons & Dragons jumbo? Lotte: Oh, my family were very superstitious.
View Quote to Trudi That doesn't even make the slighest bit of sense!
View Quote Did you punch a girl?
View Quote If you strike me down, you shall bring about a curse to your daughters, and your daughters' daughters! And when I am struck down I shall rise again, more powerful than you can ever imagine!
View Quote It is time.
View Quote Let's go hiking.
View Quote Maybe it's just... that I don't like kids, y'know.
View Quote McLadden...
View Quote She has a pure spirit.
View Quote So... what're five beautiful girls like you doing out on a night like this?
View Quote The name's Fletch.