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The Lego Ninjago Movie

The Lego Ninjago Movie quotes

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Lloyd Garmadon
Lord Garmadon
Master Wu

View Quote Chad: You wanna hear our new cheer?
Cheerleaders: #L, L, O, Y, D! His dad is bad, and so is he! Boo, Lloyd! Boo, Lloyd!#
Chad: #Boo, Lloyd!#
Lloyd: (sarcastically) Great chant. I'll bet you got a number one hit on your hands.
View Quote (After the escape from Garmadon's former generals)
Garmadon: L-loyd, are you okay?
Lloyd: (panicking) Yeah, yeah, I think it's my arm! Is it, is it bad?
(Garmadon turns Lloyd's left side toward Garmadon to show him, though there is no arm)
Garmadon: (jumping back in alarm) Whoa!
Lloyd: Is it bad, I don't wanna look. On scale of one to ten, how bad is it?
Garmadon: Oh, I'd say it's about a seven... point... arm ripped off.
View Quote (Lloyd takes off his ninja mask, revealing to his dad and and his army that he is the green ninja)
Garmadon: L-loyd?
Lloyd: That's right! It's me! Your son! And it's Lloyd, Dad!
Garmadon: No, no. L-L-O-Y-D. I named you.
Lloyd: You ruined my life!
Garmadon: How could I ruin your life? I wasn't even there.
(Lloyd kicks the Ultimate Weapon out of Garmadon's hands, making it fall into the ground and destroying it, then he turns back at him)
Lloyd: I wish you weren't my father. (He leaves)
View Quote A true ninja knows when to fight, and when to become one with the elements.
View Quote Citizens of Ninjago, get ready to welcome your new overlord!
View Quote Dude, give me a hug, man. Give me a birthday hug! I´m so in harvesting
View Quote Get out of Ninjago, Garmadon!
View Quote Hello, fellow teenager.
View Quote How else would you explain it, L-loyd? You weren't there.
View Quote I believe in each of you!
View Quote I mean, my mom is weird, and collects seashells. Your dad levels cities and attacks innocent people. So, they've all got their quirks, you know.
View Quote I wish you weren't my father.
View Quote It's okay, Lloyd, nobody's parents are perfect.
View Quote Let's rock!
View Quote Man, my Mom is on my case all the time. She's all, (makes dialup internet noises), and I'm like, "Lay off, Mom! I'm just a teenager."