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Legion (2010)

Legion (2010) quotes

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View Quote Bob: (aiming the gun at Michael) Take one more step and I'll drop you right there.
Michael: Is that how you greet all your customers?
Bob: Mister, after what we've been through you're lucky we don't shoot you first and greet you later.
View Quote Bob: You best not be smoking again. Not in your condition.
Charlie: Bob, see where I'm at right now? Can my condition really get any worse? - Besides, you ain't one to talk.
Bob: (walking to the back of the diner) What? I quit two years ago.
Charlie: Yeah? So why are you still carrying that fancy lighter around for, then?
Bob: It's a gift from my ex-wife. I'm sentimental. I wanna remember how much I hate her guts.
View Quote Bob: You better start talking.
Michael: The last time God lost faith in man he sent a flood. This time, he sent what you see outside.
Percy: Are you saying this is the Apocalypse?
Michael: I'm saying this is an extermination. Those things outside are just vessels. They're possessed. The weakest willed are the easiest to turn.
View Quote Charlie: Why do you have so much faith in me, Jeep? God knows I've never given you or anybody a reason to. Or is it just that you don't have any other hard-luck cases to follow around, is that it?
Jeep: (acidly) No. You're not the only one who’s had it hard around here, okay? Let me know when you stop feeling sorry for yourself.
View Quote Charlie: You do too much worrying. About this place. About your dad. About me.
Jeep: You're the only thing I like to worry about.
Charlie: See what I mean? You're worried about a girl that's eight months pregnant and it isn't your baby. It's enough to give anybody nightmares.
Jeep: Go ahead and make fun of me. Everybody else does.
View Quote Gabriel: (after he is spared by Michael) I wouldn't have shown you such mercy.
Michael: That is why you failed Him.
View Quote Gladys Foster: But what about the baby?
Charlie: I got it under control.
Gladys Foster: But it's gonna burn.
Charlie: (startled) What did you just say?
Gladys Foster: I said, your ****ing baby is going to burn.
View Quote Kyle: Are there any phones around here that actually work?
Charlie: Bob will probably let you use the diner phone if you ask him nice. Maybe pay him a little something.
View Quote Michael: Find the Prophets. Learn to read the instructions.
Jeep: Prophets? What Prophets? What instructions?
View Quote Michael: I knew HE'd send you, Gabriel. You were always so eager to please Him.
Gabriel: Unlike you... the rebellious son. (looking to Michael's back) Your wings. They would have helped you now.
Michael: To not feel that burden is a dream.
Gabriel: You think you can defy Him and not pay the price?
Michael: The child lives... It doesn't matter what happens to me.
Gabriel: Yours is a fools sacrifice, Michael. You can help them run but they won't escape.
Michael: I'm not running anymore.
View Quote Percy: (about the tv) Lord as my witness, Bob, one of these days that thing's gonna hit you back.
Bob: (hitting the tv again) What are you talking about, Percy? We got a special relationship here.
Percy: Yeah, they got names for that kind of relationship.
View Quote Percy: I don't know what book you've been reading but in my version the angels are good guys.
Michael: Well the truth, I'm afraid, is never that simple.
View Quote Sandra: Gladys, I---
Gladys Foster: Shut up, you stupid ****ing ****! All you do is complain, complain, complain!
View Quote [Michael tells that attackers are possessed by angels]
Jeep: How do you know so much about them?
Michael: Because until last night, I was on their side.
Jeep: So you're saying...
Bob: Yeah, that's right. Yesterday I was ****ing Santa Claus. I mean, you know this is crazy, right? I mean, I don't even believe in God.
Michael: Well that's just fine, Bob, he doesn't believe in you either. He doesn't believe in any of this anymore.
Percy: I knew this day was coming, I just didn't think I'd be around to see it.
Bob: Oh, come on, Percy! What are we even talking about this for?! Angels and possessed people! It's not real!
Percy: Have you looked outside, Bob? I mean, those people aren't exactly our regular customers!
View Quote (about Gladys) I can't believe she was still standing after Percy hit her with that frying pan.