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Legally Blonde

Legally Blonde quotes

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View Quote Warner Huntington III: Pooh Bear, just get in the car.
Elle: No. [starts walking away, sniffling]
Warner Huntington III: You're gonna ruin your shoes.
Elle: [defeated] Okay. [gets in car]
View Quote Warner Huntington III: You got into Harvard Law?
Elle: What? Like, it's hard?
View Quote Warner: Elle, if I'm gonna be a senator by the time I'm 30, I need to marry a Jackie, not a Marilyn.
Elle: So, you're breaking up with me because I'm too... blonde?
Warner: No, that's not entirely true—
Elle: Then what? My boobs are too big?
[Everyone in the restaurant hears this and turns to their table]
Warner: [whispers] Your boobs are fine.
View Quote (In the checkout line at an electronics store, Emmett encounters Elle, dressed in a Playboy bunny suit, waiting to buy a laptop.)
Emmett: (clears throat)
Elle: Don't ask.
Emmett: Wasn't gonna.
View Quote [After being escorted into the courtroom by the bailiff, Brooke smiles at Callahan intently after learning the truth from Emmett.]
Callahan: What are you so happy about? You're on trial for murder.
Brooke: Get up.
Callahan: What?
Brooke: You're fired. I have new representation.
Callahan: Who?!
[Callahan is shocked when Elle returns to the courtroom escorted by Dorky Dave.]
View Quote [After watching Elle's video essay, many of the Harvard's faculty looked a bit dismayed, especially the head of admissions]
Admissions Rep 1: She does have a 4.0 from CULA and she got a 179 on LSATs.
Head of Admissions: Fashion major?
Admissions Rep 1: Well, sir, we've never had one before and aren't we always looking for diversity?
[Another Admissions representative looks through Elle's portfolio]
Admissions Rep 2: Her list of extra-curricular activities is impressive.
Head of Admissions: She was in a Ricky Martin video.
Admissions Rep 1: Clearly, she's interested in music.
Head of Admissions: She also designed a line of faux-fur panties for her sorority's charity project.
Admissions Rep 1: Uh-huh, she's a friend to the animals as well as a philanthropist.
Head of Admissions: Elle Woods. [pauses] Welcome to Harvard.
View Quote [Elle is looking at a magazine and sees a picture of Warner's older brother and his fiancée]
Elle: Oh, my God! Do you know who this is?
Old Lady: No.
Elle: That’s Warner's older brother.
Old Lady: Who?
[Elle reads article about Warner's brother and his fiancée]
Elle: This is the type of girl Warner wants to marry. This is what I need to become to be serious.
Old Lady: What? Practically deformed?
Elle: No... a law student.
View Quote [Elle is presiding at her sorority meeting]
Elle: It has come to my attention that the maintenance staff is switching our toilet paper from Charmin.... to generic! All those opposed to chafing, please say "Aye".
Entire Sorority Group: Aye.
View Quote [Elle is waiting in line at the water fountain, where Enrique Salvatore is taking too long. Elle taps her foot impatiently.]
Enrique Salvatore: Don't stomp your little last season Prada shoes at me, honey.
Elle: These aren't last season.... [looks down, gasps, and runs back into court room] He's gay! Enrique is gay!
View Quote [Emmett and Vivian are visiting Brooke in jail. When Vivian makes a rude comment about Elle and Callahan, Emmett is displeased with her unprofessional behavior, as he knew the whole truth about Callahan's advances on Elle.]
Emmett: (to Vivian) You have no idea what you're talking about.
Brooke: What's going on?
Emmett: Elle quit. Callahan hit on her so she quit.
Brooke: Oh, my god. S****bag.
Vivian: (realizes her mistake in wrongfully accusing Elle of something she didn't do) Oh, God.
Brooke: What?
Vivian: I feel so terrible, I made a huge mistake.
Emmett: Well, there's something we can do about it.