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The Last Picture Show

The Last Picture Show quotes

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Duane Jackson
Jacy Farrow
Ruth Popper
Sam the Lion
Sonny Crawford

View Quote 121 to 14. Must be pretty near a record...I reckon ya all need glasses.
View Quote Andy Fanner: [to Sonny and Duane, about Sam] Keeled over on one of the snooker tables. Had a stroke. He left you the poolhall, Sonny. What do you think about that? He left Genevieve the cafe. That's the only thing he done that made any sense. Left the picture show to old Miss Mosey. Hell, she's too far gone to even run a popcorn machine. And the craziest thing of all. He left a thousand dollars to Joe Bob Blanton, the preacher's boy.
View Quote Coach Popper: You gotta be men like the rest of us - ain't none of you pretty enough to be women...If you'all didn't jack off so damn much, maybe you could stay in shape.
View Quote Gene Farrow: Think I worked like a dog all my life so my daughter could end up in a poolhall?
View Quote Lois Farrow: [to Jacy] Just remember, beautiful, everything gets old if you do it often enough. So if you wanna find out about monotony real quick, marry Duane.
View Quote Abilene: [on the phone] Hello.
Lois: Abilene, you asleep?
Abilene: No.
Lois: You like company?
Abilene: Well, I thought I'd drive out, see how my well was coming.
Lois: Drill hard. You're better at oil wells anyway.
View Quote Bobby: You a virgin?
Jacy: I guess I am.
Bobby: Too bad.
Jacy: I don't wanna be, though.
Bobby: I don't blame ya. Come see me when you're not.
View Quote Charlene: We've been goin' steady a year tonight.
Sonny: Yeah? Seems like a lot longer.
Charlene: You shoulda got me some anniversary present.
Sonny: You can have another stick of gum - that's all I got on me.
View Quote Chester: Boy, we finally got us a team. Didn't back in your day, did they, Sonny?
Sonny: No, we wasn't much good.
Chester: Well, you just never learned the fundamentals. You know, blockin' and tacklin'. Not like this team.
View Quote Duane: [about Jacy] I ain't over her yet, you's the damndest thing...That's the only reason you and I got into it that time. Reckon she likes it down in Dallas?
Sonny: It's hard to say. Maybe she does. Reckon you and her woulda got it all straightened out if I hadn'ta butted in?
Duane: Aw, now. No. They'd've annulled me too, even if we had. You all, uh, never even got to the motel?
Sonny: No.
View Quote Duane: [on the phone] Hi Jacy, it's Duane.
Jacy: What's on your feeble mind Duane?
Duane: Just go with me once more.
Jacy: You find somebody else to pester. I've got a new boyfriend and I can't be talking to you...I guess I've just been wantin' to go with him all along and didn't realize it.
View Quote Genevieve: I don't know. You and Duane - both in a boardinghouse - him with a mother, and you with a father. Don't seem right. And your dad's takin' too many pills, you know...But then I'm no one to talk. I never did get on with Mama - I still don't.
Sonny: Say, I hear Dan's goin' back to work soon. I guess you'll be quittin' before long.
Genevieve: Honey, we got four thousand dollars worth of doctor bills to pay. I will probably be makin' cheeseburgers for your grandkids.
View Quote Genevieve: She (Charlene) doesn't have a good disposition - what are you blue about then?
Sonny: Ain't nobody to go with in this town. Jacy's the only pretty girl in school and Duane's got her.
Genevieve: I'd call that his tough luck...Jacy'll bring him more misery than she'll ever be worth.
View Quote Jackie Lee French: [to Lois, who has just kissed her date, Abilene] I oughta slap your face.
Lois: Well, why don't you just kiss my ass?
View Quote Jacy: Oh Duane, hurry. What's wrong, honey?
Duane: Uh, I don't know.
Jacy: That tickles. You know I can't stand to be tickled. Well, what's the matter? Aren't you gonna do it?
Duane: I don't know what's wrong.
Jacy: What do you mean? How could anything be wrong? Just go on and do it. Oh! What's the matter with you?
Duane: I don't know. I don't know. Somethin's happened.
Jacy: Well, get off a minute, for goodness sake. You might fall and mash me. It's 'cause you and Sonny went down to Mexico. No telling what you got down there. I just hate you. I don't know why I ever went with you. Put some clothes on! You think I wanna sit around here and look at you nekkid? I might never get to not be a virgin. I think you're the meanest boy I ever saw. My mother was dead right about you. You better not tell one soul - you just pretend it was wonderful.