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Last House on the Left, The (2009)

Last House on the Left, The (2009) quotes

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Emma Collingwood
John Collingwood

View Quote Emma: John.
John: What?
Emma: [holding Mari's necklace] This was in the kitchen.
John: Okay. What?
Emma: The kid... the kid put it there. John, Mari was wearing this when she left. She was wearing this when she left today.
View Quote Emma: Justin, sweetie, would you like some hot chocolate?
Krug: Well if he doesn't, it'd be a first. What do you say, Justin?
Emma: Yeah?
Justin: [reluctantly] Yes, please.
View Quote Francis: [while John stitches his nose] Aw, that ****ing hurts!
Krug: Oh man up, Frank.
View Quote John: Hi.
Krug: What is this? I can't move.
John: You're paralyzed from the neck down. [shows him his knife.] I didn't have any rope, or duct tape. [grabs the broken microwave.]
Krug: Hey, what are you doing? Doc? [John puts Krug's head in microwave] What the **** are you doing?
John: [calmly] You're going to be fine. [turns on microwave and walks away]
Krug: [weakly] Wait... hey... wait!
[Krug screams as his head explodes]
About The Last House on the Left (2009 film)[edit]
View Quote John: You know, you should probably just sleep here tonight.
Krug: Oh, well, no, We couldn't do that...
John: I don't think you have much choice.
Krug: We just don't want to impose, is all.
Emma: Well, it's really not a problem. We have a guest house, so-
Krug: [putting his arm around Justin] Well, whatever you think. Whatever's easiest.
Francis: Yeah, we're very easy.
View Quote Justin: [to Mari] Sorry, they weren't supposed to be back.
Krug: What? That's your excuse?
Justin: Sorry.
Krug: [sitting next to Justin] Justin, you gotta start putting other people's needs ahead of your own. You knew not to bring anybody back here, but you did it anyway, didn't you?
Justin: Yeah, because...
Krug: [imitating Justin] You guys weren't supposed to be here! Blah blah blah blah. But you did it. It can't be undone. Now you got to take responsibility for that action. It's as simple as that. You know how we do that?
View Quote Justin: Can I get a pack of cigarettes?
Paige: Can I get some ID?
Justin: Can you just give me a pass?
Paige: Justin, I would if I ruled the world, but...
Justin: What if you help me, I help you?
Paige: And how are you going to help me?
Justin: Look, you know, I've got some premium grade-A shit back at the motel.
Paige: Really?
Justin: Yeah. You can see for yourself.
View Quote Justin: Dad, look, I was just trying to liquidate some of the-
Krug: Liquidate. Wow. Is that my word or yours?
Justin: Mine... but... am I wrong?
Krug: No, Justin, you're not wrong.
View Quote Justin: Dad, what is-? [Krug punches him in the stomach]
Krug: [throws a newspaper at him] We made the first page, that's what's going on! We figured they'd have my face on there sooner or later. Now they got Sadie's to boot. Can you believe it, Paige? Mari?
View Quote Krug: [upon seeing Justin aiming a gun at him] What are you doing?!
Justin: Ending this.
Krug: Well, you sure picked a hell of a time to grow some balls. Glad to see you too. Now, look. I'm not mad, alright? Just don't do anything stupid- [Justin pulls the trigger, but the gun is out of bullets. Krug, enraged, knocks the gun away and lunges at him.] My son. I loved you. I took care of you! [slowly stabs him in the stomach with fire poker]
Justin: [hurt] Loved?
Krug: [covering Justin's mouth] You don't get to talk now!
Justin: **** you!
[Emma appears with a fire extinguisher, and sprays it at Krug. John regains consciousness and hits Krug with a fire poker. Krug slowly gets up, but Emma knocks him unconscious with a fire extinguisher.]
View Quote Krug: Do you want to hear what I did to Mari? I bet you do. Pervert. You want to hear how tight your little homecoming queen was?
John: No. I want to hear you beg for your ****ing life.
View Quote Krug: So, do you guys live here permanently?
Emma: Oh, no. We actually live in the city.
Sadie: How many houses do you have?
Emma: [uncomfortable] So what are you guys doing out here anyways? This is kind of in the middle of nowhere. Are you on a family vacation? Or-
Krug: Well it's kind of embarrassing, actually. My dad used to take Francis and me to this lake every summer; do some fishing, go camping. Now that he's gone, those memories are all I really have left of him. Basically I'm just trying to do the same thing for Justin here
Emma: I think that's important. It's nice making memories.
Krug: [laughing] Don't know if I want to remember today.
Emma: You might, you never know. You're all safe, you're together - That's what counts.
Krug: Amen, Emma. Amen.
View Quote Krug: You ready to be a man?
Justin: What?
Krug: [referring to the girls] Pick one. Or both.
View Quote Mari: Um, where's your mom?
Justin: She's dead.
Mari: I'm sorry.
Justin: It's alright.
Mari: When did she... die?
Justin: It was a while ago.
Paige: Probably enough death talk. Do you want to move on to a happier subject?
Mari: Sure.
Justin: [to Mari] Someone die?
Mari: My brother, about a year ago.
Justin: What was his name?
Mari: Ben.
Justin: Sorry.
View Quote Morton: [telling joke to Giles] So the next week, he's even hornier. And this time, he's got twenty bucks instead of ten. He goes back to the whorehouse, he slaps down the twenty, and tells the madam he needs to get off, but he ain't going to screw no goddamn chicken this time. She says it still ain't much, but she can help. She tells him to go to the room at the top of the stairs. This time there's just a bunch of guys jerking off, but one of the jerk off guys assures him "Oh hey, it's cool, it's cool" and he waves him over to this whole toilet they're all looking through-
[Giles laughs]
Krug: Oh, can we stop please? I really gotta take a piss.
Morton: **** you.