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Joseph: King of Dreams

Joseph: King of Dreams quotes

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View Quote Issachar: [when Joseph wants to help with the sheep] Wait, you have to be very careful. You might cut your hands on the soft fur.
Joseph: [playfully] Get away!
[the rest of Joseph's brothers laugh]
View Quote Jacob: This is how you take charge? I trusted you to watch after Joseph. But you abandoned my son, *my son!*
Judah: Aren't we your sons too?
View Quote Joseph: [to Asenath] They're my brothers.
Asenath: [shocked] What?
Joseph: They sold me. They sold me into slavery. They took me away from my home. I never got to say goodbye to my mother. I never got to see my father grow old. [almost in tears]
Asenath: Joseph, I didn't know. You're here now. You have a home. A wife who loves you. Everything you could want.
Joseph: No. Not everything.
View Quote Joseph: The three vines signify three days. In three days, Pharaoh will bring you back to the palace, a free man.
Butler: If only it were true.
Joseph: It is true. And when you're free, tell Pharaoh about my gift. Please, promise me.
View Quote Joseph: Will you forgive me, for thinking I was some miracle from God?
Judah: But you are a miracle. God sent you to save our family and all of Egypt. And you did.
View Quote Pharaoh: I'm told you only need to hear a dream and you can explain it.
Joseph: Not me, Your Excellency. The explanation comes from God.
View Quote Potiphar: You there! Have you cleaned this entire courtyard by yourself?
Joseph: Yes.
Potiphar's Wife: He's a hard worker. [whispering to Potiphar] Maybe we could put him to better use at the banquet hall.
Potiphar: My wife thinks you should work for her. What do you say?
Joseph: I cannot say. A slave is not his own master.
Potiphar: Well said.
View Quote Simeon: [referring to Joseph's dream] Yes, who did the wolf get this time?
Joseph: You can laugh, but this time it was about all of you.
Judah: Oh, please. You must tell us our future, great Joseph.
Simeon: [sarcastic] Should I be scared?
View Quote And when you're free, tell Pharaoh about my gift. Please. Promise me.
View Quote Because I will not make my father suffer... again.
View Quote Because you are a miracle child. For you, things are different.
View Quote Hey, what are you doing?! Let me go! You do understand! Who are you?!
View Quote I've had enough of this stupid game!
View Quote Jacob, even God rested on the seventh day. He'll find his future soon enough. Let him be with his brothers.
View Quote No, no, no, no, don't take my-- [grunts]