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Inspector Gadget 2

Inspector Gadget 2 quotes

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Dr. Claw
Inspector Gadget
Multiple Characters

View Quote Chief Quimby: GADGET!!
View Quote Chief Quimby: Mom's tough love. (to Gadget) This is your last warning, Gadget. Stick to solving real crimes.
View Quote Baxter: Good night, Gadget. See you on Monday.
Inspector Gadget: Good night, Baxter.
Penny: 'Night, Baxter. Come on, Brain.
View Quote Baxter: What's wrong, inspector?
Inspector Gadget: I getting a glitch attack.
View Quote Brick: Dr. Claw, it's Gadget.
Dr. Claw: Not again.
Penny: Oh, Uncle Gadget.
Dr. Claw: Not to worry. Time for Gadget to go out with a bang.
View Quote Brick: He's on the roof!
McKibble: On the roof?
Penny: Uncle Gadget, help!
Dr. Claw: McKibble, get him off!
McKibble: Take some of this, Gadget!
View Quote Brick: He's still after us!
Dr. Claw: McKibble, lose him.
View Quote Chief Quimby: Gadget, I told you specifically not to go to the stakeout.
Inspector Gadget: That's not truly accurate, chief. You told me not to get within a 100 yards of the stakeout and I posted myself exactly 101 yards away.
G2: Then how did you manage to tangle up with me inside the warehouse?
View Quote Chief Quimby: Mom's tough love. This your last warning, Gadget. Stick to solving real crimes.
Inspector Gadget: Chief, there are no criminals left. They're all in Riverton prison.
View Quote Chief Quimby: Where is he?! GADGET! You put my mother in jail for drag racing?
Inspector Gadget: And driving without a license. You always said, chief, no one is above the law.
Chief Quimby: That's what you said last week when you arrest that group of girl rangers for selling cookies.
Inspector Gadget: Those cookies were three days of expiration date.
(Chief Quimby gets his hand with bubble gum)
Chief Quimby: You are this close to be put on probation, Gadget. Now, let's get my mother out. Heaven knows what's happening to her down there with all those lowlifes.
View Quote Dr. Claw: As I was saying, the third item to complete my superweapon...
Brick: I know this one. The ruby.
Dr. Claw: Yes, but a big ruby say about 15000 karats.
McKibble: Your Clawsomeness, where we gonna find a rock that big?
Dr. Claw: At the Riverton Museum. The ruby will be unload by the Rajah of India Wednesday night at the Mayor's fundraising. We will go for a visit and have a fundraising of our own.
View Quote Dr. Claw: Brick, retrieve my darts. McKibble, serve my tea.
McKibble: I don't see why we gotta retrieve your darts and serve your tea.
Brick: Yeah!
McKibble: We're vicious minions, not valets.
(Dr. Claw pinches McKibble's nose)
McKibble: One sugar or two?
Dr. Claw: Two.
Brick: Here, boss. Dr. Claw, the place is a dump. What happened to your multi-million evil high-rising headquarters?
Dr. Claw: What do you think happened to it?! When Gadget arrested me, the police confiscated all my assets but if I have to pull the crime of the century, I'll be back on top again.
View Quote Dr. Claw: It's Gadget again! There's only one way to get rid of the pest. McKibble, run him over.
McKibble: Runover roadkill coming right up!
View Quote Dr. Claw: That's why you are gentlemen and I'm an evil genius.
Brick: He's got a point.
McKibble: Yeah.
Dr. Claw: We are going to build the ultimate superweapon but haven't got much time. We need to be ready in ten days because next Thursday at exactly 9:23 am, the Ex-1 force satellite would be directly over Riverton. And by then, we need to steal ion fuel cells, a protoid laser, and a ruby. Plus, a few miscellaneous knicknacks.
Brick: Yum. I love knicknacks.
View Quote G2: Inspector, I just wanted to say I may have been a bit premature in my eariler evauluation of your abilities.
Inspector Gadget: Well, that's very bit of you, G2.
G2: I was wrong to think of you as inept, clumsy, imbecilic...
Inspector Gadget: Don't mention it.
G2: Obsolete, simple-minded, malfunctioning...
Inspector Gadget: Yes, yes, I get the picture.
G2: Anyway, I look forward to more teamwork in the future.
(Inspector Gadget and G2 shake hands and they have glowing hearts in their hats. They kiss and Inspector Gadget's hat is shooting fireworks)