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Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs quotes

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View Quote 3 months ago. I woke up one morning married to a pineapple. An ugly pineapple! [sighs] But I loved her.
View Quote Buck: ...Through the Plates of Woe.
Crash and Eddie: Whoa...
View Quote Buck: [eats the sand then spits it out] Yeah, um. Mommy Dinosaur carrying her three babies and some floppy green thing.
Manny: Yeah, we're friends with the floppy green thing.
Diego: You got all that from the tracks?
View Quote Buck: [stopping Manny and the herd from moving on] Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Whoa! What, you-you think this is some sort of tropical getaway? You can't protect your mate, mate. What are you gonna do with those-those flimsy tusks when you run into the Beast? I call him... RUDY.
Manny: Oh, good. Good. I was worried it was something intimidating, like "Sheldon" or "Tim".
Crash: Wait. You mean there's something bigger than Mommy Dinosaur?
Buck: Aye.
Eddie: "Eye"?
Buck: Aye-aye! He's the one that gave me this! [pointing to his missing eye, which is covered in a patch]
Eddie: Whoa! He gave you that patch...?!
Crash: ...For free?! That's so cool!
Eddie: Yeah! [starts shaking Crash] Maybe he'll give us one, too! [Crash and Eddie both laugh and high-five] [while Crash is humming along] Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo!
Manny: [to a dumbfounded Buck] Welcome to my world.
Buck: Abandon all hope. Ye who enters there...
Manny: Alright, we get it! Doom and despair, yada, yada, yada.
[Scrat is still stuck from the sticky tar hanging on a tree, he walks slowly to the ground from the tree to get the acorn and breaks tree and rolls and gets the acorn and Scratte rolls the tree. And Scrat tries to get unstuck, but is stopped by Scratte and she grab the acorn slowly, Scrat whimpers, Scratte smiles and giggles, grabs the acorn and rips off Scrat’s belly. Scrat screaming]
Crash: It sounds like a Jungle of Misery of me.
Ellie: Hold on.
Manny: Why. What’s wrong. Peaches.
View Quote Buck: Everybody stop! (sniffs the air) I smell something. (stabs a tuft of fur with his knife, and smells it] It smells like a buzzard's butt fell off... (smells the fur again) ...And then got sprayed on by a bunch of skunks!
Diego: Florida.
Buck: Mammals, we have ourselves a crime scene! A tuft of plum... half eaten carcass... hunk of... ugh, no! Broccoli. Here's what I think happened: Dinosaur attacks Sid, Sid fights back with piece of broccoli. Leaving dinosaur... a vegetable.
Diego: Are you nuts? Sid's not violent... or coordinated.
Manny: Yeah and where's the dinosaur?
Buck: All right, all right. Good point. Theory 2: Sid is eating broccoli, dinosaur eats Sid, dinosaur steps on broccoli. Leaving broccoli... a vegetable.
Manny: Buck, when exactly did you lose your mind?
Buck: [thinks a moment] Hmm... 3 months ago. I woke up one morning married to a pineapple! [makes a face] An ugly pineapple! [sighs] But I loved her.
View Quote Buck: Oh, well. The Buck stops here.
Manny: We couldn't have done it without you.
Buck: Well. obviously. But good times just the sa-- [a gust of wind blows behind him) We're not alone, are we? (red eyes open in the cave; everybody gasps and Buck gets in front of them; Buck smirks) Hello, Rudy. (a huge albino dinosaur named, Rudy, comes out of the cave and shown his real height; Rudy roars) (to the mammals) RUN!!! (Rudy goes after the herd, until he hears Buck) Over here you colossal fossil! Looking for something? [Rudy licks his lips and realized that Buck's blade is his dino tooth] Why don't you come and get it? To the cave, go!
View Quote Buck: What are you doing here?
Ellie: Our friend was taken by a dinosaur.
Buck: Well... he's dead. Welcome to my world! Now, uh, go home. Off you pop!
Ellie: Not without Sid.
Manny: Ellie, wait, maybe the deranged hermit has a point.
Ellie: Manny, we came this far, we're gonna find him.
View Quote Crash: [spotting Sid on the lava river] Look, He's right there!
Buck : Roger.
Eddie: No, Sid!
Buck : I know, Roger.
Crash: Why don't we get Sid first, and then we go back for Roger?
Buck : Uh... Never mind.
View Quote Crash: Dude, you're awesome! You're like the brother I never had!
Eddie: Me, too!
View Quote Diego: [to Manny, about possibly staying] This is my kind of place.
Buck: [pick up a rock like it's a cellphone] Hello? No... No I can't talk right now... Yeah, no, I'm trying to recover a dead sloth. [sticks his knife in a tree and gives the "1 minute please" finger] No, they're following ME! I know, they think I'M crazy! [looks at Diego and Manny] O-Okay... We're going into the Chasm of Death, I'm going to loose you. [quietly] Yeah, I love you, too. Goodbye. Goodbye. Goodbye! [throws the rock aside] Okay, follow me!
Manny: [to Diego] That's YOU in 3 weeks.
View Quote Eddie: Do you think the beast would find Sid?
Crash: Or more importantly, us?
Buck: Rudy? Are you joking? He's relentless! He knows all! Sees all! Eats all! So that's a "yes". [Crash points to a scary face] Hey! Get off my lawn! Go on, shoo! [the face, which is really a giant butterfly, flies away] I knew that guy when he was a caterpillar. You know, before he came out.
View Quote Eddie: So, how did they come up with Chasm of Death?
Buck: We tried "Big Smelly Crack". But, uh, that just made everybody giggle.
View Quote Ellie: [seeing the T-Rex] I thought those guys were extinct!
Manny: Well, then that is one angry fossil, Sid!
Sid: Come on, inside, inside.
View Quote Manny: [as Sid guards the three baby Tyrannosaurs from the mother] Sid! Give them to her! She's their mother!
Sid: How do I know she's their mother?!
Manny: What do you want, a birth certificate?! SHE'S A DINOSAUR!
Sid: Well, I put the blood, sweat and tears to raise them!
Manny: For a day! Give them back, you lunatic!
Sid: [to Momma T-Rex] Look, these are my kids! You've have to go through me to get them! [Momma T-Rex carries them away]
Ellie: Sid!
Manny: Sid!
Sid: HELP!
[scene cuts to Diego walking alone. The Gazelle he was pursuing earlier sprints past him in a panic.]
Gazelle: RUN!
Diego: Don’t you have anything better to do? WHOA! [He narrowly avoids being stomped on by Momma T-Rex. He watches as the dino stomps off carrying Sid in her mouth]
Sid: Help!
Diego: Sid?
View Quote Manny: Guys don't talk to guys about guy problems. They just... punch each other on the shoulder.
Ellie: That's stupid!
Manny: To a girl! To a guy that's, like, 6 months of therapy!