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Lou: I got gas, Bennie.
Bennie: Yeah...tell me about it.
Lou: No kiddin', Bennie. I got gas.
Bennie: Ya get the special?
Lou: Fah from it... [wistles as Amy enters the diner] ...Enter the dame.
Bennie: There's one in every story.
Lou: Ten bucks says she's looking for a handout.
Bennie: Twenty bucks says not here she don't find one.
Lou: She's looking for her mark.
[Amy sits next to Norville]
Lou: She finds him.
Bennie: She sits down and orders a light lunch. [Amy orders lunch from the waitress] How will she pay for this lunch?
Lou: She looks in her purse...
[Amy holds her wallet upside down]
Bennie: No money.
Lou: The mark notices.
Bennie: He's not noticing, Bennie.
Lou: Maybe he's wise.
Bennie: He don't look wise. Plan two: Here come the waterworks.
[Amy begins to cry]
Lou Yellowstone.
Bennie: Old Faithful.
Lou: Hello, Niagara.
[Amy elbow Norville]
Bennie: He notices. He's concerned.
Lou: She explains her predicament, and...
Both: ...Enter the light lunch.
[The waitress serves Amy's lunch as Amy continues to talk to Norville]
Bennie: She's got other problems, of course.
Lou: There's illness in the family.
Bennie: Her mother needs an operation...
Lou: Adenoids.
Bennie: [with Amy] Lumbago. Oh, that gag's got whiskers on it.
Lou: She's losing him, Bennie.
Bennie: Maybe he's wise.
Lou: He don't look wise.
[Norville turns to leave]
Bennie: How does she pull this out?
Lou: She better think fast.
Bennie: She isn't.
[Amy places her hand on her forehead]
Both: She is!
[Amy faints so that Norville has no choice but to catch her and holds her awkwardly, looking around for help]
Lou: She's good, Bennie.
Bennie: She's damn good, Lou.
Waitress: [interrupts] Can I get you boys anything else?
Bennie: Bromo.
Lou: Bromo.

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