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Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco

Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco quotes

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View Quote Bando: [upon discovering Delilah with Chance] But Delilah, I thought... What about me?
Chance: Who are you?
Bando: I'm her... I mean, I was gonna be her--
Sledge: Ah, Bando, face it. You ain't nothin' but a hound dog!
Delilah: Bando, I told you. You and I are just friends.
Bando: Huh?! But Delilah--
Chance: What? Catch a clue, Opie.
Bando: [growling] Why, you little...!
Chance: [barking] Maybe someone should take you for a walk, pal!
Riley: Bando, knock it off!
Bando: [putting his head to the ground] Sorry, Riley. I wasn't trying to start something. I'm done. I'm calm. [under his breath] Stupid lost dog comes along, tryin' to steal my woman. Home-wrecker!
View Quote Chance: It's a thing of beauty when Chance is on duty!
Sassy: Speaking of "doody", I thought I smelled something. Yuck.
Chance: Hey, what's your problem? Bad fur day?
Sassy: I'll tell you what's bad, oh fragrant one - I saw suitcases.
Chance: Why is that bad?
Sassy: It means the family is leaving. Though who could blame them, the way you smell!
View Quote Delilah: Hi.
Chance: Don't you "hi" me! First, you chase me, then you try to kill me, then you... kiss me? What's the game?
Delilah: Game? I don't have a game. Look, I was only chasing you because your friends back in the alley asked me to, okay?
Chance: My friends, huh? So tell me, what are my friends' names?
Delilah: Shadow and Sassy.
Chance: Huh! Lucky guess. Okay, show me the secret paw shake.
Delilah: Secret paw shake? They didn't show me any secret paw shake.
Chance: Aha! They didn't, huh? Good, because there ain't one. Now explain that kiss.
Delilah: Kiss? That was no kiss. Friendly lick, maybe.
Chance: Friendly? Boy, is that an understatement.
Delilah: Okay, let's try this again. I'm Delilah, Chance.
Chance: Delilah Chance? Wow, your last name is the same as my first name!
Delilah: Boy, good thing you're cute.
View Quote Ralph: What's going on? [sees Riley's Gang, Shadow and Sassy] You'd almost think they're trying to... trying to stop us here.
Jack: Heh. I'd like to see 'em try. [looking through binoculars]
Shadow: Okay, get ready, Sassy.
Sassy: Shadow, I was born ready.
Jack: Run 'em over.
Ralph: Jack, that's about another $100 worth of dog out there--
Jack: Don't you understand what's happening here, Ralph? They're turning against us!
Ralph: What?
Jack: We gotta show 'em who's boss. We gotta run 'em down like the dogs they are!
Ralph: Jack, I ca... I can't do that.
Jack: [takes the cigarette and blows] Show 'em, Ralph! Show 'em who's boss! [Jack and Ralph fight for control of "The Blood Red Van"]
View Quote Sassy: Canines, the feline's still hungry!
Shadow: We're all still hungry, Sassy.
Chance: Better get used to it, babe. This is the city. Only the strong survive.
Sassy: Well, then you're a goner.
View Quote Sassy: Shadow, that plane left without us. And Hope was on it.
Shadow: So was Peter.
Sassy: So now what are we gonna do?
Shadow: Let me think... They probably don't even know we're gone.
Sassy: [looking at Chance] And guess whose fault it is.
Chance: Oh, so this is my fault? I just saved us from the Bad Place!
Sassy: No, you just got us lost AGAIN!
Shadow: Like it or not, you two, we're gonna have to find our way back home.
Chance: Home? You remember what happened before? Huge mountains, stinky skunks, porcupines - not me, pops!
View Quote [After Riley's gang save Shadow and Sassy from Ashcan and Pete]
Shadow: [to Riley] That was some nice fighting, stranger.
Ashcan: This ain't over yet, goldie! Watch your back!
Pete: Yeah, your back!
Riley: I hope you're not making threats, Trashcan.
Spike: Unless you wanna wake up at the vet!
Sledge: With a thermometer under your tail!
Riley: [barking] Now beat it!
View Quote [Arriving at Riley's abandoned warehouse]
Riley: Well, this is it. Home sweet home. Hey, it's nothing fancy, but the price is right, and nobody bothers us. So you guys can stay as long as you like.
Shadow: Thanks, Riley. You're very kind.
Sassy: Right, if he's so kind, why doesn't he help us find that bridge?
Shadow: We can't leave until we find Chance.
Sassy: Why not?
Shadow: You know you miss him.
Sassy: Okay, I miss his stupid jokes, and his stupid face, and his stupid... stupid-ness!
Shadow: Oh, Sassy, stop it.
Sassy: And I'm "stupidly" starting to worry about him!
View Quote [As Chance rushes into the game and steals the ball]
Sparky Michaels: What's this? It seems that a crazed fan has run onto the field and taken the ball away! Ever seen anything like it?
Lucky Lasorda: Not me. How about you, Uecker?
Trixie Uecker: Never. And let me tell you, it's a sad day for the sport of baseball - and all of canine kind - when something like this happens.
Lucky Lasorda: I am just sickened.
Sparky Michaels: Well, I know none of us likes to hear the "B" word, but that is one bad dog!
View Quote [Ashcan and Pete hang out in the junkyard]
Ashcan: [chewing a stuffed rabbit] Mmm! Who said I'm too old for stuffed animals?
Pete: Hey boss, I got somethin'.
Ashcan: Yeah? Too bad there's no cure.
Pete: [lifts a huge bone] Look at this. It must be the biggest bone I ever seen in my life.
Ashcan: Hey, let me see that!
Pete: It must be from a horse. Or a rhinoceros. Or a prehistoric mastodon.
Ashcan: [climbs off the couch and takes the bone] Good job, Pete. You found my bone.
Pete: Your bone, boss?
Ashcan: Sure, I hid it here yesterday.
Pete: Man, just my luck...
Ashcan: Oh, great! You missed 'em!
Pete: You missed 'em?
Ashcan: Ah, shut up.
View Quote [Chance reunites with Shadow and Sassy]
Chance: Hey guys, do you miss me?
Shadow : Well, I can't speak for Sassy.
Sassy: Of course I did. [to Chance] Chance, you saved our lives.
Chance: Piece of cake.
Sassy: I'm sure one day I'll regret saying this, but... thank you, [shouting] AND WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG?!??!?
View Quote [In an alleyway, Shadow drags a cardboard box along]
Sassy: Why are you dragging that? I didn't hear anybody shout "fetch".
Shadow: Say hello to your home away from home, Sass.
Sassy: That?! It's filthy! My litter box is cleaner! And I don't have anything to sleep in.
Shadow: What, no cat's pajamas?
Sassy: Oh, you're a riot, Shadow.
View Quote [On their way to the airport]
Chance: So guys, where do you think they're taking us?
Sassy : I don't know about us, but I know where they're taking you.
Chance: Well, I don't know this much, I mean it wouldn't be any place bad, or they would've given us those dumb tranquilizers.
Bob: Hey Peter? Did you give the animals the tranquilizers?
Chance, Shadow and Sassy: Uh-oh!
Chance: We're doomed!
Shadow: Calm down, nobody's doomed.
Chance: Oh yeah? Well, let ask you something old timer, why did they shove those little green kibbles down our throats? If you're smart like me, you can get rid of it.
Sassy: Get rid of it? How?
Chance: Easy. You just work on a nice-sized hairball, and then you think of a big [Gags]! [Vomits up what's left of a ball and belches]
Sassy: [Disgusted] How pleasant.
Chance: Hey, I've been looking for that ball.
Chance: [singing] 99 cans of dog food on the wall, 99 cans of dog fooooood - everybody!
Chance, Shadow and Sassy: [singing] If one of those cans should happen to fall, 98 cans of dog/cat food on the wall.
Chance: Cats only!
Sassy: Oh, I hate this song!
View Quote [Three dogs are commentating on Jamie's baseball game]
Chance: Huh? What's this? Who are you guys?
Sparky Michaels: I'm Sparky Michaels.
Lucky Lasorda: I'm Lucky Lasorda.
Trixie Uecker: And I'm Trixie Uecker, and we're broadcasting here!
Lucky Lasorda: Yeah, so move your tail, buddy.
Chance: You're broadcasting the game? Huh! Sassy tells me to get a life?
Sparky Michaels: [watching Jamie play] All right, here's the pitch. A hard chopper to Seaver. He picks it up and fires to first! Boy, that kid looks great this year!
Lucky Lasorda: He must've been practicing that throw in the off-season.
Chance: Yep, and you're looking at the pooch he's been practicing with.
Trixie Uecker: That's fascinating, really. Now get your tail off the field!
View Quote [After being dazed by Chance] Oh, I don't feel well... I am going to hurt you.