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The English Patient

The English Patient quotes

81 total quotes

Count Laszlo de Almásy
David Caravaggio
Geoffrey Clifton
Katharine Clifton
Kirpal Singh (Kip)

View Quote Katharine: Why did you hate me?
Almásy: What?
Katharine: Don't you know you drove everybody mad?
Almásy: Shh, don't talk.
Katharine: You speak so many bloody languages and you never wanted to talk.
Almásy: You're wearing the thimble.
Katharine: Of course, you idiot. I always wear it; I've always worn it... I've always loved you.
View Quote Man in desert party: (verify) How do you explain… to someone who's never been here… feelings that seem quite wrong.
British officer: (verify) How do you know you're not German if you don't remember anything?
View Quote Muller: [interrogating Caravaggio] Look here, for every name you give me, I'll let you keep a finger. You give me something, and you'll keep something.
Caravaggio: Don't cut me.
Muller: Are thumbs fingers? [to Lieutenant]
Muller: Ist ein Daumen ein Finger?
Interrogation Room Soldier: [phone rings] Telefon.
Muller: I'm sick of this room. I'm sick of this heat! And I'm sick of this damn telephone!
[hangs it up]
View Quote Officer: May I see your papers sir?
Almásy: I'm sorry, I'm not making sense— forgive me— I, I'm—I've been walking, and I've-there's a woman badly injured at the Gilf Kebir,—the Cave of Swimmers. I'm a member of the Royal Geographical Society.
Officer: Could you spell your name sir?
Almásy: I have been walking for three days, I do not want to spell my name!
View Quote Dec. 22nd [1938] — Betrayals during war are childlike compared with our betrayals during peace. New lovers are nervous and tender, but smash everything. For the heart is an organ of fire. For the heart is an organ of fire— I love that. I believe that. [Reading Almásy's note on the Christmas firecracker]
View Quote A very… plum… plum.
View Quote A woman should never learn to sew, and if she can she shouldn't admit to it. [to Almásy]
View Quote Am I 'K' in your book? I think I must be. [to Almásy]
View Quote Am I a terrible coward to ask how much water we have? [to Almásy]
View Quote And that would be unconscionable, I suppose, to feel any obligation? Yes. Of course it would. [to Almásy]
View Quote Ask him. Ask your saint who he is. Ask him who he's killed. [to Hana]
View Quote Condensed milk - one of the truly great inventions. [to Hana]
View Quote Could I ask you, please, to paste you paintings into my book? I should like to have them. I *should be honored. [to Katharine]
View Quote Do you think you are the only one who feels anything? Is that what you think? [to Almásy]
View Quote Every night I cut out my heart. But in the morning it was full again. [to Katharine]