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Drop Dead Fred

Drop Dead Fred quotes

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View Quote Elizabeth: Annabelle, is that her name? Oh god, I didn't know that. All I know is what you did with her, on our sofa. Charles: Oh Lizzie, I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself. I've been smitten by Annabelle, I've been bewitched by her. I have been pounded flat on the anvil of love like a piece of veal with a salad on top.
View Quote Elizabeth: Charles, this is really important to me. Charles: Lizzie, lizzie, let's not go through all this goodbye, I never want to see you again, because we will wanna see each other again. I mean two years, we're not going to throw away two years, are we? Elizabeth: It was three years, in June.
View Quote Elizabeth: I have some bad news for you. Janie: More? Elizabeth: Well, remember your house? Janie: Yeah. Elizabeth: It, it sank.
View Quote Elizabeth: I heard you, you said Annabelle. Charles: If I said 'Oh, Annabelle' isn't it better that I said 'Oh Annabelle' and was here with you, than to say 'Oh, Lizzie' and be somewhere else with Annabelle.
View Quote Elizabeth: I'm so sorry, your honour, I lost my money, my car, my husband. Judge: All in one lunch hour?
View Quote Fred: Expecting Charles. Well that's important. I'd beter go then. There's just one little problem, Charles isn't coming. Elizabeth: what do you mean? Fred: I wrote the note. Hahahahaha, haven't got a husband, haven't got a husband! Got a stupid haircut!
View Quote Janie: I did this self actualising course this week and basically they taught us that pain is your friend, it's your humanity, pain makes you interesting. Elizabeth: Janie.. Janie: Look at Elvis. Elizabeth: Yeah, but didn't Elvis kill himself? Janie: Yes, but before that he was very, very interesting.
View Quote Mickey: We were all a little afraid of your mother. Elizabeth: Not Fred, he always stood up for me. Mickey: Well that's what friends are for, even imaginary ones.
View Quote Mother (A vision of her appears at the door in front of Elizabeth and Fred, stopping them in their tracks): Just where do you think you're going?! Fred (to Elizabeth): Just forget her. Just say the magic words. Elizabeth: (tonelessly): I'm not afraid of you. Mother (Not buying it): You can't go in there. Elizabeth (louder): I'M NOT AFRAID OF YOU!!! Fred: Finally, The magic words! (The imaginary Polly looks shocked as she disappears in a flash of light and fire.)
View Quote Nigel: (confused for a minute, then pleased to hear about Drop Dead Fred) Honey, why do you call him Drop Dead Fred? Young Elizabeth: (sweetly) Because that's his name, daddy, and Drop Dead Fred is going to teach me how to cook today. (This makes Nigel very happy to know about Drop Dead Fred and the cooking as Lizzie continues) Young Elizabeth: (continuing) I'm going to need flour and sugar and honey and vodka and a pair of your pants. We're making pants pie. Ouch! Polly: (confused) Vodka and pants pie, huh? God knows what else? Nigel: (arguing with Polly) But she's only a kid, Polly. Young Elizabeth: Daddy, how about we throw Mommy out the window? It won't hurt her. She will land right in the Gladiolies. (then she gets tickled by Nigel) Nigel: (laughing) You shouldn't say things like that about your mother, or she might cut your head off. Polly: (sobbing, kind of upset at her daughter) Very funny, Elizabeth! Sometimes I think I don't love you as much as I used to. Young Elizabeth: (arguing with her mother) But, Mom, Drop Dead Fred does. Polly: (angrily scolding Elizabeth and not believing her) No more Drop Dead Fred! Period!
View Quote Young Elizabeth: (carrying a bowl of sugar) Sugar? Drop Dead Fred: Yeah. (Lizzie pours sugar on the mud pie)
View Quote Young Elizabeth: Did they live happily ever after? Mother: Of course, Elizabeth. Young Elizabeth: How do you know? Mother: Because, she was a good little girl. If she had been naughty, the prince would have run away. Young Elizabeth: What a pile of shit.
View Quote Deleted Scene Young Elizabeth: (sobbing, jumping off her chair and running to her father) Dad! Daddy, I have some bad news. Figelather: Lizzie, what's with all this fuss about? Young Elizabeth: (sobbing) Something's wrong with Drop Dead Fred. Figelather: (gasps) Young Elizabeth: (continuing while sobbing) He is my friend, but Mom took him away from me. Nigel: (hugging her by holding her on his lap, trying to comfort her) Don't worry, sweetheart, give me a chance. I'm sure he'll be okay. (Lizzie nods her head even in sobs, hugging her father back) (while Nigel comforts Lizzie, Polly finds the tape to wind Drop Dead Fred's prison, ignoring Lizzie's sobs and Nigel's claims that it's not right) Pollyother: (ordering Nigel) Nigel, do it. Figelather: (refusing to agree with Polly) No, I won't, I don't want anything to do it! It's not right! Polly: Alright, I'll do it. (winding up Fred's prison while Lizzie wipes her tears away after Nigel kisses her and then goes to Polly) Father: (repeating, arguing with Polly) It's not RIGHT! Polly: (arguing with Nigel) Now what would you know about raising a child?! Nigel: (getting his jacket) Apparently nothing! (before walking out to the door to his car to work) Polly (sternly to Elizabeth after winding up Drop Dead Fred's prison after her husband has gone off to work): Elizabeth, if you ever touch this again, I'm gonna throw it in the trash. And you know what will happen next? He will be crushed to death. (as Polly goes upstairs to put Drop Dead Fred's prison away in a place where Lizzie is not to find it again, Lizzie looks as if she will cry, she controls herself, wiping her tears away, lets out only a sigh, gets up and goes to the kitchen to clean up the mess she and Drop Dead Fred made.)
View Quote Young Elizabeth (writing a letter to Fred with a green crayon because green is his favorite color): Dear Drop Dead Fred, you were my only friend, but she took you away from me. I know I'll see you again. someday. [Cut back to the present] Fred: If you come back, I promise, we'll run away together. See that? "Pro-mise." I found that when I was hiding in the stupid garden shed. Elizabeth: That's right, that's where I hid it. But you never answered it. (Fred takes the letter and folds it up delicately, putting it in his pocket.) You just disappeared... And when you did, all the... the... life... and, um... the spirit... (she starts to cry while regaining the memory) and... the... Fred: (hesitantly) Fred? Elizabeth: Yeah! Fred! It all just went out of me! (She dabs her eyes with a tissue) Oh, I should have never let my mother know how much she could hurt me... Once she knew how, she knew that she could do it all the time... And she did. So I never showed her my real feelings again.