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Deleted Scene Young Elizabeth: (sobbing, jumping off her chair and running to her father) Dad! Daddy, I have some bad news. Figelather: Lizzie, what's with all this fuss about? Young Elizabeth: (sobbing) Something's wrong with Drop Dead Fred. Figelather: (gasps) Young Elizabeth: (continuing while sobbing) He is my friend, but Mom took him away from me. Nigel: (hugging her by holding her on his lap, trying to comfort her) Don't worry, sweetheart, give me a chance. I'm sure he'll be okay. (Lizzie nods her head even in sobs, hugging her father back) (while Nigel comforts Lizzie, Polly finds the tape to wind Drop Dead Fred's prison, ignoring Lizzie's sobs and Nigel's claims that it's not right) Pollyother: (ordering Nigel) Nigel, do it. Figelather: (refusing to agree with Polly) No, I won't, I don't want anything to do it! It's not right! Polly: Alright, I'll do it. (winding up Fred's prison while Lizzie wipes her tears away after Nigel kisses her and then goes to Polly) Father: (repeating, arguing with Polly) It's not RIGHT! Polly: (arguing with Nigel) Now what would you know about raising a child?! Nigel: (getting his jacket) Apparently nothing! (before walking out to the door to his car to work) Polly (sternly to Elizabeth after winding up Drop Dead Fred's prison after her husband has gone off to work): Elizabeth, if you ever touch this again, I'm gonna throw it in the trash. And you know what will happen next? He will be crushed to death. (as Polly goes upstairs to put Drop Dead Fred's prison away in a place where Lizzie is not to find it again, Lizzie looks as if she will cry, she controls herself, wiping her tears away, lets out only a sigh, gets up and goes to the kitchen to clean up the mess she and Drop Dead Fred made.)

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