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Defendor quotes

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Defendor/Arthur Poppington
Kat Debrofkowitz
Paul Carter

View Quote Arthur: Doctor, when I put Kat's dad into the garbage, was that wrong?
Dr. Park: There are probably better ways to deal with people like that.
Arthur: So it was wrong?
Dr. Park: I'm not sure, Arthur.
View Quote Arthur: Moon…
Kat: What are you saying?
Arthur: I'll see you… on the moon.
View Quote Arthur: Well, you spend all of my money on drugs.
Kat: Yeah, and...?
Arthur: Well, you should spend it on a typewriter, like Lois Lane.
Kat: Well guess what? I'm not Lois Lane, and you're not ****ing Superman. So go jack off on some other fantasy, all right?
View Quote Arthur: Why do you smoke that stuff?
Kat: Why do you dress up like a superhero?
Arthur: Mmm… 'cause superheroes aren't stupid. They're not afraid. And when I'm Defendor I'm not Arthur anymore. I'm a million times better than Arthur.
Kat: Well, when I smoke that stuff, I'm not afraid or stupid. I'm not me either. It's the same.
View Quote Dooney: Who the **** are you supposed to be?
Defendor: Your worst nightmare.
View Quote Dooney: Who writes your dialogue? Superman?
Defendor: No. I write it myself.
Dooney: You know what? You need a good ghost writer. Somebody with talent.
Defendor: No. You need a ghost writer. 'Cause that's what you're going to be after I pulverize you.
View Quote Kat: Here. You can even have your comic back, too. First issue. You think it's worth something? You're wrong. Some geek offered me four bucks for it. Apparently Strontium 90 and the Hellhound Gang sucks balls.
Arthur: You shouldn't take other people's stuff.
Kat: Oh, really? Thanks for the tip. Should I suck your **** now?
View Quote Kat: I don't need anybody's help.
Arthur: Everybody needs help. [in Defendor voice] Even superheroes.
View Quote Kat: I shot him, Arthur! I shot Dooney in the balls.
Arthur: Good girl.
View Quote Paul: God, he thinks he's a superhero! That's why he's all beat up like that. He-he dresses up in tights and calls himself Defendor, with a big "D" on his chest and a cape!
Arthur: No. Capes are for flying. I don't… I don't fly.
View Quote Do you remember when you saved Jack's life? I'll never forget what you did that day. You were just a regular guy doing something remarkable. You don't need a costume. Ordinary people, they do extraordinary things all the time. You're always going to be that hero, Arthur, just by being yourself.
View Quote Look out, termites. It's squishing time.
View Quote When you break the law, you're a punk. When you break the law with a badge, you're a punk with a badge. I don't strike officers. Punks? Different story.
View Quote You keep getting shit-kicked. You gotta not do that. What kind of superhero gets beat up all the time?