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Cube 2: Hypercube

Cube 2: Hypercube quotes

24 total quotes

Mrs. Paley
Simon Grady

View Quote Jerry: Sixty thousand, six hundred and fifty nine rooms? Christ.
Kate: This place must be huge.
Mrs. Paley: Oh yes, yes. In a hypercube, there could be sixty million rooms.
Jerry: She could be right.
Simon: There's a comforting thought.
View Quote Jerry: Well, I signed a confidentiality agreement.
Simon: Given our current situation, I'd say it's null and void! Jesus Christ!
View Quote Julia: Hey, is this your jacket?
Max: No.
Julia: Well then how did I…oh, I must have had more to drink last night than I thought.
View Quote Julia: What's wrong? What the hell? Where am I?
Max: That's the million dollar question.
View Quote Kate: Are you okay? Did you hit your head?
Max: Yeah. I slipped. It's the wall…it wiggled.
Kate: Are you sure you're okay?
View Quote Kate: I thought that you said you'd been wandering these rooms for hours.
Jerry: Yeah, that's the weird thing, isn't it. Each one of these rooms has six of these doors or portals, but no matter how many different doors or portals I go through I always wound up in the same three rooms. Until now.
View Quote Kate: Let's just say we are in this…hypercube, whatever. Does this diagram show us how to get out?
Jerry: Well, uh, no. You see, a hypercube isn't supposed to be real; it's just a theoretical construct.
Kate: Well that makes me feel better.
View Quote Kate: Look, I know this seems hopeless…
Sasha: It is hopeless!
Kate: No it's not! I'm going to figure this out.
Sasha: Figure it out. Trust me, precious, if I haven't figured it out, you sure as shit aren't going to.
View Quote Max: What are you so scared of, anyway?
Simon: I just saw my ****ing head taken off by something or other, how's that for starters?
View Quote Simon: Alright, let's get some real answers.
Jerry: His answer was suicide. Not exactly a comforting thought.
View Quote Simon: So here's the deal. I'm a private investigator. I'm on a case. Missing persons.
Jerry: I think given our current situation this counts as irony.
View Quote Don't be so stupid, Kate. You know time works differently in this place.
View Quote God, you know, I wish I was just…smarter.
View Quote He's a high-tech genius whose morals make Muammar Kadafi look like Mother Teresa!
View Quote I figure he knows something, something that he didn't want anyone to know. That's usually why people are tortured.