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Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang quotes

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Caractacus Potts
Child Catcher
Grandpa Potts

View Quote Blimp Pilot: We're still losing height!
Baron Bomburst: There has to be something else we can throw out!!!
Second Spy: But there's nothing else we can throw out...!!?
First Spy: There's nothing else... (Chuckles nervously)
(All the men look at the spies in ideal. They look to the Baron who nods in agreement and they grab the first spy and throw him out)
Grandpa Potts: You just dropped someone!!!
(The men then restrain the second spy and throw him out)
First Spy: (swimming desperately in the ocean as the second spy splashes in the ocean) Come back! Come back! (The men chuckle and wave goodbye to the spies as the blimp takes off back in the air) Come back!!!
Second Spy: What do we do now?
First Spy: Start swimming!
Second Spy: I don't swim!
First Spy: Then start drowning! [swims away]
View Quote Caractacus Potts: And after that, Vulgaria became a free country and all the children laughed and played in the sunshine, and they were very, very happy. And Chitty flew high over the mountains back to England, everyone safe and sound, and...
Jemimah: And Daddy and Truly were married.
Jeremy: And lived happily ever after.
Jemimah: Yes!
Truly Scrumptious: Is that how the story ends?
Caractacus Potts: [pauses] It's getting late. We'd better be getting back. [gets out to restart the car]
View Quote Caractacus Potts: Do you think Coggins might do a deal, so much a week?
Grandpa: Coggins? That lives down the road? Sure. He wouldn't light your pipe if his house was on fire.
View Quote Caractacus Potts: How was India, Grandpa?
Grandpa: India? I'll tell you how India was. I got up this morning and I shot an elephant in my pajamas.
Grandpa, Caractacus, Jemimah, and Jeremy: How an elephant got in my pajamas, I shall never know.
Grandpa: You've heard it before.
[They all laugh]
View Quote Caractacus Potts: The nerve of that woman! Coming in here and telling me how to raise my children! Do I need someone telling me how to raise my children? Do I? Where is my cardigan?
Jemimah: Under your jacket.
Caractacus Potts: Under-. Yes. Self-righteous busy body. Well, she won't be bothering us anymore.
Jemimah: But I liked her.
Jeremy: So did I. She was very pretty.
Caractacus Potts: She certainly was. Do you think your father's a crackpot?
Jeremy: Your cardigan's inside out.
Caractacus Potts: What? Oh. Do you think I'm a lunatic? Wasting my time on a lot of silly inventions?
Jemimah: But they aren't silly! They're wonderful!
Jeremy: Nobody else can think of them.
Caractacus Potts: That's right! That is right! Nobody else can think of them.
View Quote Caractacus Potts: Truly! I'm sorry about the children. I hope they didn't embarrass you.
Truly Scrumptious: In what way?
Caractacus Potts: Why, that silly joke about us getting married. Well, you know how kids are.
Truly Scrumptious: Yes, I understand.
Caractacus Potts: Well, I don't think they realize how ridiculous that would be.
Truly Scrumptious: Ridiculous?
Caractacus Potts: Well, yes. Well, the factory, and your father and all. It's a different world, Truly.
Truly Scrumptious: You know, if I said something like that, you'd call me a snob.
Caractacus Potts: [realizes his mistake] What? I didn't mean sn...
Truly Scrumptious: [offended] Goodbye!
View Quote Caractacus Potts: You see I've invented these sweets.
Lord Scrumptious' Secretary: Oh really? Name?
Caractacus Potts: Uh...Whistling Sweets.
Lord Scrumptious' Secretary: Mr. Whistling Sweets. (writes it down)
Caractacus Potts: (laughs) Mr. Whistling Sweets!! Uh no. I'm... uh... Potts.
Lord Scrumptious' Secretary: Hmmm... (writes it down)
View Quote Jemimah: He's awful!
Jeremy: He's terrible!
Caractacus Potts: Not only that, he isn't even nice!
View Quote Junkman: What is this heap of old iron doin' here?
Bill Coggins: Old iron?
Junkman: I'll give ya ten bob for it.
Bill Coggins: Please do not be daft. This was once such a great car; it won the British Grand Prix three years running.
Junkman: (chuckles greedily) So it's a car eh it? (touches the broken wheel)
Jeremy: Certainly it is a car!
Jemimah Potts: It's a racing car and we're winning!
Jeremy: And you are in the way!
Junkman: (rudely) And you are in the way of a belt wrapped around your ear young man, if I have any more of your lip!! All right. I will give ya 15 bob for it.
Bill Coggins: Make it 30 and she is yours.
Jemimah: (shocked) Mr. Coggins, you are not selling her, are you!?
Junkman: (furiously) Of course he's goin' to sell her!! Whattaya think he is runnin' here?! A children's playground or something?!! All right 30 bob. I will pick her up Wednesday.
View Quote Peter: Sir, have you come to help us? [Catactacus walks over to him] Are you going to help us out of here?
Caractacus Potts: [kneels in front of him] What's your name, son?
Peter: Peter, sir.
Caractacus Potts: [compassionately] Well Peter, you shouldn't be afraid. [Truly, the Toymaker, and the children listen with interest] Even in a terrible place like this. Because there's always hope. That's what I always tell my children when they're...afraid.
View Quote Truly Scrumptious: [after Potts kisses her] Well, Mr. Potts!
Caractacus Potts: What's wrong?
Truly Scrumptious: Now you'll have to marry me!
[They laugh as they head for the car.]
View Quote Truly Scrumptious: Well! I've never been...
Caractacus Potts: Spoken to like that? Well, maybe it's about time!
View Quote Truly Scrumptious: Wh-what are you going to do?
Caractacus Potts: I'm going to carry you.
Truly Scrumptious: Oh dear. Must you?
Caractacus Potts: Well, unless you'd rather ride piggyback.
View Quote Truly Scrumptious: What an unusual car.
Jeremy: Daddy made it.
Truly Scrumptious: [laughs] Oh? And it actually goes?
Jemimah: It's called Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.
Truly Scrumptious: That's a curious name for a motorcar.
Jemimah: But that's the sound it makes. Listen.
View Quote Truly Scrumptious: What's your name?
Jemimah: I'm Jemimah.
Jeremy: And I'm Jeremy.
Jemimah: What's yours?
Truly Scrumptious: Truly.
Jemimah: That's a very pretty name.
Truly Scrumptious: Now, where is your house?
Jeremy: Oh, we don't live in a house.
Jemimah: We live a castle. On top of a hill.
Truly Scrumptious: [laughs] A castle? I didn't know there were any castles around here.
Jemimah: Well, it isn't a castle exactly.
Jeremy: That's what Daddy calls it. He says King Alfred used to live there hundreds of years ago.
Truly Scrumptious: And does your Daddy know you aren't in school?
Jemimah: Oh, he won't mind. He never does.
Jeremy: Anyway, he's awful busy.
Truly Scrumptious: Is he? Well, he'll have to find time to see me because I have a few things to say to him.