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Chicago (2002)

Chicago (2002) quotes

52 total quotes

Amos Hart
Billy Flynn
Roxie Hart
Velma Kelly

View Quote (In a Southern accent) I was born on a beautiful Southern convent... (In a normal voice) Oh, holy shit! I'm never gonna get this straight!!!
View Quote (Velma just sung "I Can't Do It Alone") So where was the part where you blew her brains out??
View Quote (After Roxie turns down her idea of doing a double act together saying "It'll never work./'Cause I hate you!") There's only one business in the world where that's no problem at all.....(raises eyebrow and grins slyly...leads into Nowadays)
View Quote Amos: Laugh, why would they laugh?
Billy: 'Cause they can count. Can you count?
View Quote Bailiff: Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?
Velma: And then some.
View Quote Billy: (Roxie has claimed to be pregnant and has been examined) Well, is she or isn't she?
Doctor: (flustered) She is.
Billy: I see. And would you swear to that in court?
Doctor: Yes.
Billy: Good. Button your fly.
View Quote Billy: I object! My client has never held a diary! And even if she did, this would be... invasion of privacy, and violation of the fourth amendment, and,and, and... and illegal search without a warrant!
Roxie: (outraged) Yeah! And she broke the lock!
View Quote Billy: I OBJECT!!
Judge: Sustained.
Harrison: Your Honor, I haven't asked a question yet!
View Quote Billy: Miss Kelly, did you make a deal with Assistant D.A. Harrison to drop all charges against you in exchange for your testimony?
Velma: Why, sure. I'm not a complete idiot.
View Quote Mama: You'll be staying in E Block. Murderess' Row, we like to call it.
Roxie: Oh... is that nicer?
View Quote Ms.Sunshine: Are you sorry?
Roxie: Are you kidding?
View Quote Reporter: Would you like to give us a word or two?
Kitty: I'll give you three - GO TO HELL!
View Quote Roxie: But he was trying to burgle me!
Harrison: From what I hear, he's been 'burgling' you three times a week for the past month.
View Quote Roxie: God, that's beautiful!
Billy: Cut out God; stay where you're better acquainted.
View Quote Roxie: It'll never work.
Velma: Why not?
Roxie: Because I hate you.
Velma: There's only one business where that's no problem at all.