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View Quote (to Margaret (Carrie's Mom)) (gets thrown in the closet by Margaret) OW, MAMA!
View Quote (to Sue) Why not? I've been hurt in my whole life.
View Quote Carrie: Momma, before you say anything else, I've been asked to prom. Momma, I've been asked to prom.
Margaret: Oh, God, Why?
Carrie: It's next Saturday and he's a very nice boy, and he'll come in and meet you before and he promised to have me home by 10:30.
Margaret: No, no, no, no.
Carrie White: I've already accepted. [Margret is stunned.] I know this scares you, it scares me too. The other kids... they... they... think I'm weird, but I don't wanna be, I have to try and be a whole person before it's too late.
[Margret holds Carrie's head with her hands and smiles. Carrie smiles back.]
Margaret: He'll hurt you.
[Carrie frowns and moves her head out of Margret's hands]
Carrie: No, Momma, no, Momma, th-there are bad people but not Tommy, he's good, you'll like him, he's a very nice boy.
Margaret: Boys, boys, after the blood... comes the boys, sniffing, slobbering like dogs!
Carrie: Stop it, Mamma!
Margaret: He's gonna- he's gonna paw at you, until he finds out where that blood smell comes from. He's gonna take you Carrie, in his car, out to the wilderness, out where its cold and the roadhouses are and the whiskey!
Carrie: Stop being so crazy!
Margaret: Y-you tell that boy you're not going!
Carrie: No!
Margaret: We'll move from here, we're never gonna stop moving.
Carrie: No, Momma!
Margaret: You're gonna go to your closet and you're gonna pray, you're gonna get in there and you're gonna pray for forgiveness!
Carrie: No, never again, Momma... [Carrie's stress telepathically lifts the furniture in the living room. Margaret screams and falls to her knees along with all the furniture in the living room; Carrie is shocked as Margret looks up at her daughter in shock.] Momma, stand up. [Margret is still stunned and stares at Carrie] Momma, stand up! [she telekinetically lifts Margaret two feet above the ground. Margaret screams and cries, looking at the ground in fright.] Momma, I'm going.
Margaret: Witch.
Carrie: I'm not a witch, Momma. There are no witches.
Margret: The devil's got her now.
Carrie: It's not the devil, Momma, there are other people out there like me that can do what I can do.
Margret: You poor child, don't you know? Don't you know he's working through you?
Carrie: Momma, it's inherited, it was passed down from grandma and it skipped you.
Margret: No, no, no.
Carrie: Y-you know that.
Margret: No, no, no.
Carrie: Or maybe it came from daddy.
Margaret: He gave me a cancer, I thought you were cancer.
[Carrie lifts Margret's body further and Margaret screams.]
Carrie: Momma, that's awful, don't say that! [Margaret starts muttering prayers] You pray for all you want, Momma, but I'm going, and nothing's gonna stop me. [she drops Margaret to the ground as she cries in relief and fear] And I don't wanna talk about it anymore.
Taglines (Slogans)[edit]
View Quote [Chris and her classmates are exercising intensely as detention]
Chris: She can't do this to us.
Sue: Just let it go, Chris, we're almost done.
Chris: Then every day this week? All because of Carrie White? [she stops] Like hell I will.
Miss Desjardin: Keep moving, Hargensen, keep moving or you're not going to prom.
Chris: **** you! This is child abuse!
Miss Desjardin: What did you just say to me?!
Chris: I'm not gonna move another goddamn inch because Carrie White had her period and was too stupid to know what it was!
Sue: What?
Miss Desjardin: You're suspended, you're outta prom and you're out of my class, now!
Chris: No!
Miss Desjardin: "No?!"
Chris: You can't decide that! [to the girls] She can't do this to us!
Miss Desjardin: Goodbye, Chris. The rest of you, keep at it.
Chris: Someone could die of dehydration, [to Tina] Tina, you have a heart condition, right? [to the girls] If we all stick together, they're not going to suspend all of us, they're not going to keep us all from prom, there would be no prom! Nick? Lizzie?
Miss Desjardin: Let's go, ladies!
Chris: Heather, this is bullshit! We didn't do anything wrong!
Miss Desjardin: Alright, let's go!
Chris: Right, Sue? You're with me on this, right? Come on. [tries to get Sue to join her]
Miss Desjardin: Sue.
[Sue releases her arm from Chris' grip and refuses]
Sue: [to the girls] Come on.
[Sue and the other girls now continue their sprints]
Miss Desjardin: Keep going, ladies.
Chris: This isn't over... This isn't over by a long shot. [walks away sad in tears]
View Quote (last words) COME ON!!!
View Quote (last words) Help... me.
View Quote [after his classmates and Mr. Ulmann saw his cuss in the class] I said "awesome". I just thought what Carrie read was "awesome" didn't you Mr. Ulmann?
View Quote [last words] What the hell!
View Quote [to Chris] Are you gonna get him a boutonniere? Or are you just gonna pin a bloody tampon to his lapel?
View Quote [to Margaret before she uses her telekinesis on the knives at her.] I'm sorry!
View Quote [to Margaret when she was locked in the closet by Margaret] LET ME-! LET ME GO, LET ME OUT, (screams 2 times), HELP, GOD, YOU SUCK!
View Quote [to the girls] While your running, I'd like you all to think long and hard... about what it would be like to be Carrie White.
View Quote [to the girls] You all did a shitty thing yesterday. A really shitty thing. And one of you had the audacity to post a video.
View Quote [touching Sue's Belly] It's a girl.
View Quote [when she gives birth to her daughter] HELP ME!