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[Chris and her classmates are exercising intensely as detention]
Chris: She can't do this to us.
Sue: Just let it go, Chris, we're almost done.
Chris: Then every day this week? All because of Carrie White? [she stops] Like hell I will.
Miss Desjardin: Keep moving, Hargensen, keep moving or you're not going to prom.
Chris: **** you! This is child abuse!
Miss Desjardin: What did you just say to me?!
Chris: I'm not gonna move another goddamn inch because Carrie White had her period and was too stupid to know what it was!
Sue: What?
Miss Desjardin: You're suspended, you're outta prom and you're out of my class, now!
Chris: No!
Miss Desjardin: "No?!"
Chris: You can't decide that! [to the girls] She can't do this to us!
Miss Desjardin: Goodbye, Chris. The rest of you, keep at it.
Chris: Someone could die of dehydration, [to Tina] Tina, you have a heart condition, right? [to the girls] If we all stick together, they're not going to suspend all of us, they're not going to keep us all from prom, there would be no prom! Nick? Lizzie?
Miss Desjardin: Let's go, ladies!
Chris: Heather, this is bullshit! We didn't do anything wrong!
Miss Desjardin: Alright, let's go!
Chris: Right, Sue? You're with me on this, right? Come on. [tries to get Sue to join her]
Miss Desjardin: Sue.
[Sue releases her arm from Chris' grip and refuses]
Sue: [to the girls] Come on.
[Sue and the other girls now continue their sprints]
Miss Desjardin: Keep going, ladies.
Chris: This isn't over... This isn't over by a long shot. [walks away sad in tears]
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