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Bring It On

Bring It On quotes

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View Quote Complaining Girl: How many cheers do we actually have to memorize? Do we get paid for this? Do I have to provide my own uniform? [after a few more people] Oh, and I see you guys are wearing red. That just does not work for me. [after a few more people] Do I really have to wear those little underwear things,'cause I don't like wearing underwear.
Torrance: Thanks.

Whitney: She puts the "itch" in "witch."
Courtney: She puts the "whore" in "horrifying."
View Quote Darcy: Remember, they give extra points for alacrity and effulgence.
Kasey: Did we... bring those?
View Quote Jan: Everyone comes to see you ladies anyway.
Missy: 'Cause we're such fine athletes.
Jan: Oh, live with it! You'll be fighting off major oglers while we're defending our sexuality.
Missy: What is your sexuality?
Les: Well, Jan's straight, while I'm... controversial.
Missy Are you trying to tell me you speak ****?
Les: Oh, fluently.
View Quote Les: You know, people are saying that your ambition broke Carver's leg.
Torrance: When really it was the angle at which she slammed into the ground.
View Quote Missy: Forget Cliff. He's an idiot.
Torrance: He's your brother. You don't see him the way I do.
Missy: Yeah, and that's a good thing. 'Cause that would be a crime.
View Quote Missy: I don't know what's scarier: neurotic cheerleaders, or the pressure to win. I could make a killing selling something like "Diet Prozac".
View Quote Sparky Polastri: I am a choreographer. It's what I do. You are cheerleaders. Cheerleaders are dancers who have gone ****ed. What you do is a tiny, pathetic subset of dancing. I will attempt to transform your stiff, robotic routines into poetry written with the human body. Follow me or perish, sweater-monkeys.
View Quote Sparky: I want you to think of what you ate today. Got it? Now cut that in half. This is called a diet, people, everyone start one today! Darcy, you should stop eating. You see, when you skip a meal, your body feeds off its fat stores. And if you skip enough, maybe your body will eat your ass!
Courtney: Why does everyone have to go on a diet?
Sparky: Because! In cheerleading we throw people into the air. And fat people don't go as high.
View Quote Torrance: Courtney, this isn't a democracy, it's a cheer-ocracy. I'm sorry, I'm overruling you.
Courtney: You are being a cheer-tator, Torrance, and a pain in my ass!
View Quote Torrance: They humiliated us — on our own turf!
Missy: [sarcastically] We might have to have a rumble!
View Quote Torrance: What the hell is up? I go out on a limb for you and you just bail?!
Missy: I'm not about stealing here!
Torrance: What are you talking about?
Missy: You ripped off those cheers!
Torrance: Listen Missy, our cheers are 100% original, count the trophies.
Missy: Well, your trophies are bullshit because you're sad-ass liars.
Torrance: Okay, that's it. Get off the car I'm gonna kick your ass!
Missy: Oh really, [pauses for a second]. You're in for rude awakening, get in.
Torrance: What?! No way.
Missy: For real, get in.
View Quote [An increasingly frantic Torrance tries to reach her boyfriend at college, while her kid brother plays video games and enjoys her suffering.]
Torrance: Get OUT of here!
Justin: This is the living room. It's public domain.
Justin: It's not my fault you're in love with a big gay cheerleader who won't return your phone calls.
Torrance: Aaaron is not gay!
Justin: Oh, what — so somebody just made him become a cheerleader?
Torrance: He's just... busy!
Justin: Yeah. Busy scamming on guys!
View Quote [Cliff's sister is washing cars in a bikini.]
Cliff: What are you doing?
Missy: Making money from guys oogling my goodies.
Cliff: Oh... oh, I didn't need to hear that. That was an overshare.
[Missy has called Torrance over.]
Missy: [to Cliff] Let's just get this over with. [to Torrance] My brother wants to check out your rack.
[Missy walks away; there's a moment of awkward silence.]
Cliff: You know, I begged my parents for a brother.
Torrance: He'd look a little ridiculous in that bikini, now wouldn't he?
View Quote [Opening scene: A pep-rally style cheerleading performance.]
Big Red: I'm sexy! I'm cute! I'm popular to boot!
I'm bitchin'. Great hair, the boys all love to stare. I'm wanted, I'm hot, I'm everything you're not. I'm pretty, I'm cool. I dominate this school. Who am I? Just guess. Guys wanna touch my chest. I'm rockin, I smile, and many think I'm vile. I'm flying, I jump. You can look but don't you hump! Whoo!
I'm major! I roar! I swear I'm not a whore!
We cheer, and we lead, we act like we're on speed! Hate us 'cause we're beautiful, well we don't like you either! We're cheerleaders! We are cheerleaders! Roll call!
Big Red: Call me Big Red!
Whitney: I'm Wh-Wh-Whitney
Courtney: C-C-C-Courtney! Roar!
Darcy: Dude, it's Darcy!
Carver: I'm big bad Carver! Yeah!
Kasey: Just call me Kasey!
Big Red: I'm still Big Red. I sizzle! I scorch! But now I pass the torch! The ballots, are in! And one girl had to win. She's perky, she's fun! And now she's number 1! K-kick it Torrance! T-T-T-Torrance!
Torrance: I'm strong and I'm loud! I'm gonna make you proud! I'm T-T-Torrance! Your captain Torrance!
Toros Cheer Squad: Let's go, Toros! We are the Toros! The mighty, mighty Toros! We're so terrific! WE MUST BE TOROS!
View Quote [Torrance goes to the apartment of her boyfriend Aaron]
Torrance: Is this a bad time?
Aaron: Yeah I worked on this project... and I'm....
Torrance: [butting in] Yeah you sound super busy.. I guess that's it, you were too busy to believe in me! No no but wait, you weren't too busy to sell me out to Courtney and Whitney were you? I'm confused. Well, I hope you're not too busy to hear this. Kiss my ass Aaron. It's over!
[Torrance opens the door and found a woman in lingerie on Aaron's bed.]
Torrance: You're a great cheerleader Aaron. It's just that maybe you're not exactly boyfriend material. Buh-bye!