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Beyond the Sea (2004)

Beyond the Sea (2004) quotes

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Bobby Darin

View Quote You know, I was right about you. You're gonna be easy to love. Memories are like moonbeams; we do with them what we want. [at the Cocoanut Grove while perfoming "Mack the Knife", Bobby notices his younger self backstage]
Bobby Darin: Stop! Stop! Richie, stop! Hold it! Hold it! [the band stops playing. Silence] Okay, I wanna start over. I wanna do it again.
Steve "Boom Boom" Blauner: You gotta be kidding me. That was perfect.
Bobby Darin: No, I wanna do it again. I can do it better.
Steve "Boom Boom" Blauner: Do you know how long it takes to set this up?
Band member: Yeah, I don't know how much more my chops can take today, boss.
Bobby Darin: [angrily] Well, maybe when you start playing it right, we can all call it a day. But when you play it sloppy like you've been doing all afternoon! Then were gonna do it again! And again! And again! Until we get it right!
Dick Behrke: Bobby, the guys are getting tired, that's all.
Bobby Darin: How do you think I feel?
View Quote Bobby Darin: Hey kid! come here.
Delivery guy: What's up?
Bobby Darin: I just got a question. Could you do me a favor?
[Bobby starts to walk around him]
Bobby Darin: Would you look at me?
Delivery guy: What?
Bobby Darin: Just look at me. Do you know me?
Delivery guy: What?
Bobby Darin: Do you recognize me?
Delivery guy: What are you talking about?
Bobby Darin: Do I look familiar to you?
Delivery guy: No! You don't. I don't know you. Would you leave me alone, you crazy bastard. I got things to do.
Bobby Darin: Thanks pal!
[walks over to Ahmet]
Bobby Darin: Ahmet, when the delivery guy knows me, then I'm a star.
View Quote Bobby Darin: It's OK, I'm not gonna hurt you. Watch. My momma used to tell me a story when I was a kid that in the Middle Ages, one of the knights in King Arthur's court, he laid down his sword between himself and Guinevere, and he promised that he would never cross over to the other side.
Sandra Dee: Really?
Bobby Darin: I am laying down this sword between us. That's my side of the bed, and that's yours, and I will never cross over. Ever. I don't care if we don't touch for a thousand nights. Only you can cross over to my side. Only you.
View Quote Bobby Darin: So part of Momma's plan was....
Little Bobby: Wait a minute. Wait a minute.
Bobby Darin: What?
Little Bobby: You didn't go dancing down the street like that.
Bobby Darin: I know, it's a fantasy sequence.
Little Bobby: But it's not real.
Bobby Darin: Forget real. Listen kid, memories are like moonbeams; we do with them what we want. (winks)
Little Bobby: Oh, okay then. Go on. I'll be around if you need me.
View Quote Bobby Darin: When did you meet Nina? What year?
Charlie Cassotto Maffia: I don't know, nineteen thirty something.
Bobby Darin: Do you know who my father is, Charlie?
Charlie Cassotto Maffia: No, Bobby. I don't know.
Bobby Darin: I wish I knew who he was.
Charlie Cassotto Maffia: Look, Bobby, I know I ain't no college boy, but I always felt like I was your father.
Bobby Darin: Charlie, you've been more than a father to me, you know that. I just wish I knew.
Charlie Cassotto Maffia: Well, you stay out here much longer, Dodd's gonna be saying the same thing about you. Now, you may not know who your father is, but you got two mothers out of the deal and both of them were great. Have you seen how hard it's been for her? Not to be able to tell anybody that you're her son? You ought'a find yourself, get back on the stage. You are Bobby Darin.
Bobby Darin: Yeah, that's who I thought I was.
Charlie Cassotto Maffia: Okay, okay. Walden Robert Cassotto.
Bobby Darin: No I'm not, Charlie. I'm not even him.
Charlie Cassotto Maffia: Well, maybe you're both.
View Quote Charlie Cassotto Maffia: You don't look so good.
Bobby Darin: Well to tell you the truth, Charlie. I don't feel so hot. I gotta go under the knife again, that's why we're taking off early. I've got blood poisoning, its catching up.
Charlie Cassotto Maffia: Look, we don't have to do this. We can call it off.
Bobby Darin: Charlie, I gotta get ready now.
Charlie Cassotto Maffia: I gotta go make sure Nina's at a good table.
Bobby Darin: Charlie, I wouldn't have gone this far without you.
Charlie Cassotto Maffia: Kid, you're a runaway train. Just get through tonight.
Bobby Darin: Yeah, always leaving one more, Charlie.
View Quote Mary Douvan: [after Sandra and Bobby get engaged] I wished you had concentrated more on Rock Hudson.
Sandra Dee: Rock Hudson is a very nice man, Mother, but I'm not in love with him.
Mary Douvan: He still would have made a better husband than that "BOBBY DARIN"!
View Quote Nina Cassotto Maffia: I heard you were going into politics. You still thinkin' about doing that?
Bobby Darin: Well, I'm considering it. I mean, they've asked me.
Nina Cassotto Maffia: Well, you know how the papers try and smear people with things from their past when, you know, they're gonna run for an office?
Bobby Darin: Mm-hm. Yeah. So what?
Nina Cassotto Maffia: There's something about your past that I think it's finally time for you to know.
Bobby Darin: What are you talking about?
Nina Cassotto Maffia: It's about Polly. She wasn't who you thought she was, Bobby.
Bobby Darin: She was the best mother in the whole goddamn world. What are you talking about?
Nina Cassotto Maffia: She was a great mother because she was my mother, so I know it's true.
Bobby Darin: Than you take that back!
Nina Cassotto Maffia: No, she was a wonderful person and a wonderful mother. But what I think you really need now is the truth. The truth about your mother. And the truth is... Polly was not your mother. Sam was not your father. You ain't my brother, Bobby. [pause] We swore that we would never let you find out. Polly was my mother. Not yours. [pause] She was your grandmother. Sweetheart... [tearfully] I'm not your sister. [pause] Bobby, I'm your mother.
Polly Cassotto: We made a pact that we would never tell you.
Little Bobby: Is she kidding?
Polly Cassotto: She got pregnant when she was seventeen.
Nina Cassotto Maffia: [tearfully] It's true, Bobby. I didn't want you to be a bastard, so I gave you to momma, so that way no one could call you one.
Polly Cassotto: She couldn't give you up for adoption.
Nina Cassotto Maffia: When I went off to the hospital, when it was time for you to be born. Momma moved us to the Bronx where we didn't know nobody. And then when I came back, we said you were her baby, not mine. But that way I could keep you.
Little Bobby: Do you realise what you're saying to me?
Polly Cassotto: We did it to protect you, Bobby.
Nina Cassotto Maffia: You need me now. I can really be here for you. You're lost. You can finally have the mother that you never really had.
Little Bobby: Who was my father?
Nina Cassotto Maffia: Oh, Bobby. I was dating a lot of guys back then.
Little Bobby: [angrily] Who was my father?!
View Quote Polly Cassotto: [playing the piano. To young Bobby] You know, before your sister was born. This is what your momma did for a living. Music opened a whole new world to me. No matter how bad I feel. No matter how sad or sick I am, I just touch these keys. Like magic, I always seem to feel better. I've always known you had talent, Bobby. This piano is for you. Charlie worked hard for it. See God wouldn't've made you suffer so much if you weren't gonna make up for it later. [sings] How happy you can be. Up a Lazy River with me.
View Quote Steve "Boom Boom" Blauner: [interrupting a tender moment] Bobby! Whoa, sorry. But I was right about the war picture. Get your speech ready 'cause as soon as this tour is over, you're going to the Oscars, pal. You just got nominated.
Bobby Darin: [shouting] Hallelujah! Yes! Yes!
Sandra Dee: Oh, Christ.
View Quote [after filming a scene on the set of Come September]
Sandra Dee: I have never worked with anyone so unprofessional in my life. I mean, have you even acted before?
Bobby Darin: Well, I'm learning, but let me tell you something, Blondie, you're not exactly Audrey Hepburn.
View Quote [on the set of Captain Newman M.D.]
Sandra Dee: What's he talking about?
Bobby Darin: The tour, baby.
Sandra Dee: Honey, I'm not done finishing my movie yet.
Bobby Darin: Well that's okay, you and Dodd can join when you're done.
Sandra Dee: I'm not bringing the baby on the road.
Bobby Darin: Well, then leave him with the nanny, that's why we hired her.
Sandra Dee: I don't want Dodd to be raised by the nanny.
Bobby Darin: He's not going to be raised by the nanny and what am I going to do on the road? Who am I going to sing to if you're not there?
View Quote [to Sandra Dee] You know, I was right about you. You're gonna be easy to love.
View Quote [voice over] Momma was right about music. It opened a whole new world to me, outside of time and illness. The world I could live in.
View Quote [voice over] Sandy and I just got off on the wrong foot. If I could just get her away from her mother. I mean just imagine: Bobby Darin and Sandra Dee. That's it. I'm gonna start all over, like we've never met. Only this time, I'll romance her the best way I know.