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Nina Cassotto Maffia: I heard you were going into politics. You still thinkin' about doing that?
Bobby Darin: Well, I'm considering it. I mean, they've asked me.
Nina Cassotto Maffia: Well, you know how the papers try and smear people with things from their past when, you know, they're gonna run for an office?
Bobby Darin: Mm-hm. Yeah. So what?
Nina Cassotto Maffia: There's something about your past that I think it's finally time for you to know.
Bobby Darin: What are you talking about?
Nina Cassotto Maffia: It's about Polly. She wasn't who you thought she was, Bobby.
Bobby Darin: She was the best mother in the whole goddamn world. What are you talking about?
Nina Cassotto Maffia: She was a great mother because she was my mother, so I know it's true.
Bobby Darin: Than you take that back!
Nina Cassotto Maffia: No, she was a wonderful person and a wonderful mother. But what I think you really need now is the truth. The truth about your mother. And the truth is... Polly was not your mother. Sam was not your father. You ain't my brother, Bobby. [pause] We swore that we would never let you find out. Polly was my mother. Not yours. [pause] She was your grandmother. Sweetheart... [tearfully] I'm not your sister. [pause] Bobby, I'm your mother.
Polly Cassotto: We made a pact that we would never tell you.
Little Bobby: Is she kidding?
Polly Cassotto: She got pregnant when she was seventeen.
Nina Cassotto Maffia: [tearfully] It's true, Bobby. I didn't want you to be a bastard, so I gave you to momma, so that way no one could call you one.
Polly Cassotto: She couldn't give you up for adoption.
Nina Cassotto Maffia: When I went off to the hospital, when it was time for you to be born. Momma moved us to the Bronx where we didn't know nobody. And then when I came back, we said you were her baby, not mine. But that way I could keep you.
Little Bobby: Do you realise what you're saying to me?
Polly Cassotto: We did it to protect you, Bobby.
Nina Cassotto Maffia: You need me now. I can really be here for you. You're lost. You can finally have the mother that you never really had.
Little Bobby: Who was my father?
Nina Cassotto Maffia: Oh, Bobby. I was dating a lot of guys back then.
Little Bobby: [angrily] Who was my father?!
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