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Bobby Darin quotes

View Quote [voice over] Momma was right about music. It opened a whole new world to me, outside of time and illness. The world I could live in.
View Quote [voice over] Soon I would be old enough to head to New York, but momma had one more lesson to teach.
View Quote [voice over] So I had a hot head, a weak heart and even a worse stage name. Walden Robert Cassotto isn't exactly a name you can see in a marquee. Well, maybe for one night only and one of the things that most performers were doing back then was to find a great stage name and then one day, I saw it, the perfect name. Just blinking, Darin. Darin. Bobby Darin. And no sooner did I change my name and I got my first gig on television. Unfortunately, I didn't know the lyrics to the song I decided to sing, so I had to devise my own method to get through it on live television. Didn't win me many fans. But it didn't finish me either. My record company was giving me one last chance to make a hit.
View Quote I gotta prove I can sing, I want it all. I want the major leagues. I want nightclubs, Vegas, movies, TV. This album will make it happen all fast, faster than you can imagine.
View Quote Let's go make movies!
View Quote [voice over] Sandy and I just got off on the wrong foot. If I could just get her away from her mother. I mean just imagine: Bobby Darin and Sandra Dee. That's it. I'm gonna start all over, like we've never met. Only this time, I'll romance her the best way I know.
View Quote [to Sandra Dee] You know, I was right about you. You're gonna be easy to love.
View Quote May I have this dance, Miss Sandra Dee?
View Quote [voice over] So I did stay at home for a while, the nineteen sixties rushed by like a locomotive, while Dodd grew up like a moose. Sandy and I made a couple of movies together, but they were all dogs. The music scene was changing as dramatically as the country. Nightclubs were out and big venues like stadiums were in. I was suddenly irrelevant, my stage literally disappearing. I tried to write new music and got involved in politics because we were now a country at war. But the fact was I was a balding chart singer who hadn't had a hit in years and who should be dead.
View Quote I may not be uh... performing for a while, I'm gonna take a little break. And as a result, I may not get a chance to publicly do something that I wanted to do for a very long time. And that is to... introduce to you... the woman who raised me. My mother, Nina Cassotto Maffia.
View Quote I wanna do a song that has been specially written for tonight. [Dick Behrke begins playing the piano] Its uh, lyrics have been changed. It was an old Bob Hope number actually. But we'd like to do it for you tonight as our way of closing and saying good night. [jokingly] As soon as Richie's finished with that thing he's composing over there. [Richie and the audience laugh] It goes something like this... [begins singing "The Curtain Falls"]
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