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Lucy Warriner quotes

View Quote Well, if we haven't had the most terrible time. Armand's car broke down last night a million miles from nowhere and we had to stay at the nastiest little inn you ever saw. No modern conveniences at all. It was dreadful. We were on our way home from the Junior Prom. A pupil of Armand's invited us. And, oh well, it's a long story.
View Quote (You) can't have a happy married life if you're always going to be suspicious of each other...No one's interested in my night's adventure except Jerry and he knows it's innocent, just as well as he knows that, well, that he just got back from Florida.
View Quote And then somehow, all of a sudden, the three of us were having lunch together. The man, and Mr. Smith [their dog], and I. And then things began to happen rather swiftly. And finally I said, well I think we'd better get married. And we did. And that way, we were able to give Mr. Smith a better home and live happily ever after. Until now.
View Quote Put a light in the window if it's yes, two if it's no, and if you can't make up your minds, just pull down the shade.
View Quote Jerry's always had the most fantastic way of getting into scrapes. Oh, we've had some grand laughs together. [about Daniel] I can't marry him because I'm still in love with that crazy lunatic and there's nothing I can do about it...I tried to forget Jerry.
View Quote [about Jerry] I'm convinced he must care about me or he wouldn't do the funny things he does.
View Quote [to Jerry, about Barbara] Tell her I'd love to meet her. Tell her to wear boxing gloves.
View Quote [to Barbara] I've seen your pictures in the paper and I've wondered what you look like.
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