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The Awful Truth

The Awful Truth quotes

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Daniel Leeson
Jerry Warriner
Lola Warriner
Lucy Warriner

View Quote (You) can't have a happy married life if you're always going to be suspicious of each other...No one's interested in my night's adventure except Jerry and he knows it's innocent, just as well as he knows that, well, that he just got back from Florida.
View Quote Armand Duvalle: [about Jerry] He's free of all mean suspicion. Yes, he has more the Continental mind.
View Quote Attorney: [on the phone] Now, now Lucy, don't do anything in haste that you might regret later. Marriage is a beautiful thing. [to his wife] Please be quiet, will you?...Please shut your mouth!...Will you shut your big mouth! I'll eat when I get good and ready and if you don't like it, you know what you can do, so shut up!
View Quote Barbara: [to Jerry, after Lucy answers his phone] Have you made up your mind who the woman is?
View Quote Judge: If the divorce is not further contested, it will become final 90 days from this date. The plaintiff and the defendant will then be at liberty to make other marriages if such be their desire.
View Quote Judge: The custody of the dog will depend upon his own desire.
View Quote Armand: Well, in all fairness, you should permit me to remain and explain ourselves.
Lucy: Well, American women aren't accustomed to gallantry, Armand. I appreciate your offer, but maybe you had better go.
Armand: Oh, pardon me, Mrs. Warriner, you misunderstand. I am a voice teacher, am I not? For one year, she has been my pupil. And from time to time, I pat her on the back. I mean, I congratulate her on her development. Do I express myself?
Jerry: Yes, you've been doing all right.
Armand: But now my position must be considered. I have never yet been in a scandal.
Jerry: Never been caught, huh?
Armand: No. I am a great teacher, not a great lover.
Lucy: That's right, Armand. No one could ever accuse you of being a great lover. That is, I mean to say, well, well who's to say whether you are or not. It's all so silly, but maybe you had better go.
View Quote Aunt Patsy: Imagine you living right across the hall from us all of this time. [to Lucy] He's a stranger in town. He'd take it as being real neighborly of us if we show him some of the bright spots.
Daniel: We're here on a visit. I'm in oil, you know.
Aunt Patsy: Marinated, so to speak.
Daniel: [laughing] Say, that's a good one. I gotta remember to tell that to my mother.
Aunt Patsy: Mr. Leeson. Won't you tell us something about Oklahoma?
Daniel: Well, Oklahoma's pretty swell. I got quite a ranch down there. I'd like to have you see it sometime, Mrs. Warriner...I got cattle and horses and chickens and alfalfa.
View Quote Aunt Patsy: You know dozens of men who would turn handsprings at the chance to take you out. Here I've got you all dressed up, ready to go out and you weaken and refuse...I want to go where there's life, and I don't mean plant life. I want to go to the theatre, you know, and go places later and step around and do things...I don't need an escort to get a drink. I'm going down to the bar and see Joe. Bartender or no bartender, he's still a man. Maybe he knocks off early.
Lucy: Oh, Patty, you wouldn't!
Aunt Patsy: I wouldn't, eh? You're talking to a desperate woman. [Mr. Smith jumps up next to Lucy on the couch] Too bad he can't wear a top-hat.
View Quote Daniel: Are you sure you don't like that fella?
Lucy: Like him? You saw the way I treated him, didn't you?
Daniel: That's what I mean. Back on my ranch, I got a little red rooster and a little brown hen and they fight all the time too, but every once in a while they make up again and they're right friendly.
View Quote Daniel: I think I'm in love.
Mrs. Leeson: You keep your mind off women...She won't want to meet me. She knows that any other woman could see right through her.
View Quote Jerry: [about Dixie Belle] I just met her.
Lucy: I guess it was easier to her to change her name than for her whole family to change theirs.
Daniel: That'd go great out West.
Lucy: It seemed to go pretty well with the cowboy here.
Jerry: Do you want to change the subject?
View Quote Jerry: [about Mr. Smith] Hey, is he getting enough to eat lately? He doesn't look very well.
Lucy: Well, you don't look so hot yourself.
View Quote Jerry: Ah, so you're gonna live in Ok-la-ho-ma, eh Lucy? How I envy you. Ever since I was a small boy, that name has been filled with magic for me. Ok-la-ho-ma!
Daniel: We're gonna live right in Oklahoma City!
Jerry: Not Oklahoma City itself? Lucy, you lucky girl! No more running around to nightspots. No more prowling around in New York shops. I shall think of you every time a new show opens and say to myself, 'She's well out of it.'
Daniel: New York's all right for a visit but I wouldn't want to live here.
Lucy: I know I'll enjoy Oklahoma City.
Jerry: Well, of course. And if it should get dull, you can always go over to Tul-sa for the weekend. I think a big change like that does one good, don't you?
View Quote Jerry: I think Barbara and I will be very happy together.
Lucy: Let's drink to our future. Here's hoping you and Barbara will be very happy - which I doubt very we go down life's highway, you going your way and I going my way. I think champagne is so fitting to round out our romance. I remember the first drink we ever had together. You in your very best manner said, 'It must be champagne.' And then you offered a toast, you remember?...Being a woman, I do... You said, 'Lend an ear I implore you. This comes from my heart. I'll always adore you. Til death do us part.' Remember?...Oh dear, well, it was pretty swell, I mean, while it lasted, but uh, all beautiful things must end, so, I guess we may as well call it a day.