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Around the World in 80 Days (2004)

Around the World in 80 Days (2004) quotes

34 total quotes

Lord Kelvin
Monique La Roche
Phileas Fogg

View Quote [A man is screaming in Chinese in the jail cell with Fogg, Passepartout and Monique who are also locked up]
Phillias Fogg: What's he saying?
Passepartout: He's saying "please let me go, I'm bored".
Phillias Fogg: Why is he in prison?
[Passepartout asks the man the question in Chinese, The man replies in Chinese]
Passepartout: Urinating in public.
Phillias Fogg: Charming. At least he had the decency to be forthcoming about it. Is there anything you've told me that's even remotely true?
Passepartout: I really can sing. [sings Frere Jacques]
View Quote [After Inspector Fix's failed first attempt to stop Fogg]
Lord Kelvin: Dang that nincompoop, Fix. What's the point in hiring a corrupt police officer if he can't even abuse the law properly?! Kitchener!
Colonel Kitchener: Sire?
Lord Kelvin: Tell Inspector Fix to pack his bags, he's going on a little trip.
View Quote [Looking at paintings in an art school]
Phileas: That painting is highly inaccurate.
Monique: It's not supposed to be accurate. The artist views reality through imagination rather than simply recording it. It is called impressionism.
Phileas: Well, um, I'm not "impressed". Trees are not violet, grass is not charcoal, and a man cannot...
[He is silent for a moment, gazing at Monique's painting of a nude man beside a bird in the sky]
Monique: You feel something. You dream of flying. Or of naked men.
Phileas: Sometimes.
Monique: [smiling] Ah.
Phileas: [stammering] The flying! N-N-Not the men.
View Quote [Monique, Phileas and Passepartout are disguised as women in India]
Phileas Fogg: I feel faint.
Monique La Roche: Phileas, women are not that weak.
Phileas Fogg: No, but I am.
View Quote [about Passepartout hitting buildings and statues of Paris while hanging on the rope of the balloon] Very impressive. I'd have let go by now.
View Quote [after drinking too much Chinese liquor] I am going to be abominably ill.
View Quote [referring to General Fang] A female General?! What sort of pathetic man takes orders from a woman? [The camera pans out to show a picture of Queen Victoria]
View Quote [upon seeing General Fang's knife shoe embedded in his red book of rules] Yes, well... rules are made to be broken. Or... stabbed by a... spikey shoe.
View Quote And with this draft to develop new applications for copper wire, Dr Ramsey invented this. [displays a Slinky made of copper, then starts speaking with a dark voice] Needless to say, the Royal Academy of Science declared this crackpot "mentally incompetent" and he was duly dispatched to a lunatic asylum.
View Quote Here comes Mr. Grumpy... and the Leather-ettes.
View Quote I am a British citizen, I have nothing to fear! [Gunshot goes off in background] Except bullets.
View Quote I travelled the world for inspiration, and found it in a man who lives what he dreams.
View Quote It's not supposed to be accurate. The artist views reality through imagination rather than simply recording it. It is called impressionism.
View Quote Oh, boo-hoo! So what if I did try to kill Phileas Fogg? What are you gutless peons going to do about it?! I hold all the power! I run everything! So which of you half-wits is going to stop me? You?! You?! You?! [Little girl: "The Queen!"] The Queen?! [laughing] Oh, the Queen! That inbred, antiquated old cow! [as Queen Victoria arrives behind him, looking unamused] The only way she could stop me is if she sat on me! With her big, fat royal bottom! [laughs more, then stops nervously] She's behind me, isn't she?
View Quote This is the Royal Academy of Science! We don't need to prove anything! Besides, by the time you get out of jail, you'll have lost this wager.