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Multiple Characters quotes

View Quote Man: Beware the moon, lads!
View Quote Little boy: A naked American man stole my balloons.
View Quote Truck driver: Here, lads, East Proctor and all about are the moors. I go east here.
Jack: Yes, well thank you very much for the ride, sir. You have lovely sheep.
Truck driver: Boys, keep off the moors. Stay on the road. Good luck to you.
View Quote [recalling what the driver told them]
David: Keep off the moors.
Jack: And stay on the road.
[they look down to see that they have wandered off the road]
David: Woops.
View Quote Jack: Do you think she'll meet me in Rome?
David: I think Debbie Klein is a mediocre person with a good body.
Jack: Debbie is not mediocre and she has one of the great bodies of all time.
David: She's a jerk.
Jack: You're talking about the woman I love.
David: I'm talking about a girl you want to ****, so give me a break.
Jack: Well, anyway, do you think she'll be there?
David: I don't know.
Jack: [like an announcer] Rendezvous in Rome starring Jack Goodman and Debbie Klein. The love affair that shocked Europe! See torrid lovemaking at its most explicit! See Jack and Debbie expose their lust in the sacred halls of the Vatican! Never has the screen dared....
David: If you don't stop, I'm going to kill you.
Jack: I have to make love to her. It's very simple. She has no choice really.
David: It just fascinates me that you can spend so much energy on someone so dull.
Jack: There is nothing dull about that body.
David: We've known Debbie what, since the eighth grade? How many years of foreplay is that?
Jack: She says she "likes me too much".
[David laughs]
View Quote Jack: The Slaughtered Lamb?
David: Of course, The Slaughtered Lamb. Why else would they have a severed fox head on a spear as their symbol?
Jack: That's a wolf's head.
David: Of course, The Slaughtered Lamb. Why else would they have a severed wolf's head on a spear as their symbol?
Jack: That's not a spear. It's a pike.
David: A severed wolf's head on a pike as their symbol.
Jack: David, before we go in there I want you to know that - no matter what happens to us - it's your fault.
David: I assume full responsibility.
Jack: Okay.
David: Shall we?
View Quote Jack: [as it begins to rain] Say, David....
David: I'm well aware of how pleasant the weather is in Rome at the present time thank you.
View Quote Dr. Hirsch: Did you get a good look at the man who attacked you?
David: I've told you, it wasn't a man. It was an animal. A big wolf or something. A rabid dog.
Dr. Hirsch: Yes.
David: Look, Dr. Hirsch, I know I've been traumatized, but Jack was torn apart. I saw him. A man can't do that to someone with his bare hands.
Dr. Hirsch: You'd be surprised what horrors a man is capable of.
David: Did you see Jack?
Dr. Hirsch: No. In fact, your wounds were cleaned and dressed before you arrived here.
David: Did you talk to the police in East Proctor? Did the cops go to The Slaughtered Lamb?
Dr. Hirsch: I really don't know.
David: Then why the hell are you so quick to disbelieve me? You yourself said it must have taken incredible strength to tear apart a person like that.
Dr. Hirsch: David, please. The police are satisfied. I'm certain that if a monster were out roaming northern England we'd have seen it on the telly.
David: You really think I'm crazy, don't you?
Dr. Hirsch: Believe me. The Hound of the Baskervilles was an invention of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's. And if you'd read the bloody book, you'd find that Holmes discovered your hound of hell a fraud, a fake. [pause] Now really, David. You're far too intelligent to go on this way. When you return to America I want you to seek out a competent psychiatrist or psychologist or something and stop this nonsense. You'll be leaving this hospital in three or four days, please remain sane. At least until you are no longer our responsibility.
View Quote David: I keep having these really terrible dreams. They are getting worse and I can't seem to stop them.
Alex: David, your dreams will stop. You'll leave England and your bad memories; and then this will all fade away.
David: Will you come with me?
Alex: What?
David: [smiling] I'm serious. You don't know me and I know nothing about you. We have a perfect relationship.
Alex: Now, David, I said I would keep you company, but I meant right here and now.
David: Will you think about it?
Alex: How did we get from your ba dreams to my taking a holiday with a patient?
David: [smiles] Not just a patient -- me.
Alex: You're being awfully forward, aren't you?
David: Forgive me, I'm trying to cheer myself up and an affair with a beautiful nurse seemed like just the thing to do it.
Alex: [smiles] All I am to you is a sex fantasy then?
David: Now I'm embarrassed.
Alex: Good. I thought for a moment I was the only embarrassed one in the room.
View Quote Jack: David, now I know this may be hard for you, but I have to warn you.
David: Warn me? Will you get out of here, you meat loaf?
Jack: I'm a grisly sight, it's true; but I love you and that's why I'm here. You've got to know.
David: If you love me so much, Jack you'll realize how disconcerting it is to share one's breakfast with the living dead!
Jack: We were attacked by a werewolf.
David: I'm not listening! [covers ears]
Jack: On the moors, we were attacked by a lycanthrope, a werewolf.
David: Shut up, you zombie!
Jack: I was murdered, an unnatural death, and now I walk the earth in limbo until the werewolf's curse is lifted.
David: What's wrong with you? Shut up!
Jack: The wolf's bloodline must be severed; the last remaining werewolf must be destroyed.
David: Will you be quiet?!
Jack: It's you David.
David: What?!
Jack: You survived and now you shall continue the curse.
David: What are you talking about? I won't accept this! Get out! Goddamnit!
Jack: Remember what that guy at The Slaughtered Lamb said? `Beware the moon.'
David: Stop it, Jack.
Jack: Beware the moon. The full moon, David. You've got two days.
David: Jack, please go away. Please go away.
Jack: You'll stalk the streets of London a creature of the night.
David: You're talking like Boris Karloff! It's movie dialogue!
Jack: David, please believe me. You will kill people, David. You've got to stop the bloodshed before it begins.
David: Nurse!
Jack: Listen to me! Take your own life, David. It's our only chance.
David: Nurse!
Jack: The supernatural! The powers of darkness! It's all true. Take your own life! Suicide, David. Join me.
David: Nurse! Oh God! Alex!
Jack: It's cold, David, and I'm so alone. The undead surround me. Have you ever talked to a corpse? It's boring! I'm lonely! Kill yourself, David, before you kill others...Beware the moon, David.
View Quote David: I'm a werewolf.
Alex: A werewolf? [She holds him until he calms] Are you better now?
David: I'll let you know the next full moon.
View Quote David: What are you doing here?
Jack: I wanted to see you.
David: Okay, you've seen me. Now go away.
Jack: David, I'm sorry I upset you yesterday, but you must understand what is going on.
David: I understand all right. You're one of the undead and I'm a werewolf.
Jack: Yes.
David: Get out of here, Jack!
Jack: David, tomorrow night is the full moon. You'll change, you'll become....
David: A monster. I know, I know.
Jack: You must take your own life now, David, before it's too late.
David: Jack, are you really dead?
Jack: What do you think?
David: I think I've lost my mind. I think you're not real. I think I'm asleep and you're a part of another bad dream.
Jack: You must believe me.
David: What, Jack? That tomorrow night beneath the full moon I'll sprout hair and fangs and eat people? Bullshit!
Jack: The canines will be real. You'll taste real blood! Goddamnit, David, please believe me! You'll kill and make others like me! I'm not having a nice time, David! Don't allow this to happen again! You must take your own life!
David: I will not accept this! Now go away!
Jack: This is not pretend, David.
David: I will not be threatened by a walking meat loaf!
View Quote Dr. Hirsch: Alex, has David persisted in his werewolf fantasies?
Alex: Well, yes, but he seems to be more upset by the death of his friend.
Dr. Hirsch: Has his friend appeared to him again?
Alex: Yes.
Dr. Hirsch: What did he say?
Alex: David says Jack comes to warn him.
Dr. Hirsch: Warn him? [He frowns]
Alex: Dr. Hirsch, what's wrong? Is this more serious than I know?
Dr. Hirsch: I tried to investigate the attack. There are no records. The case was closed and now they've `misplaced' the file. David's lacerations were cleaned and dressed when he arrived here and yet supposedly no doctor examined him before I did. The Goodman boy is already in the ground, so he's no good to us. So I went to the pub in East Proctor where I was convinced of two things.
Alex: Yes?
Dr. Hirsch: They were lying. There were no witnesses, no escaped lunatic. The whole community is hiding the truth of what actually happened up there.
Alex: And what else?
Dr. Hirsch: I think the village of East Proctor is hiding some dark and terrible secret. I'm convinced that, like David, they believe in this werewolf. You've absolutely no idea where David might be?
Alex: No. He knows no one in London, besides me. I shouldn't have left him alone. Surely you're not suggesting....
Dr. Hirsch: David has suffered a severe trauma. I myself witnessed some form of mass neurosis in East Proctor. If all the villagers believe that Jack Goodman was killed by a werewolf, why shouldn't David? And then it follows that if he survived an attack by a werewolf, wouldn't he himself become a werewolf the next full moon?
Alex: Dr. Hirsch?
Dr. Hirsch: Oh, I don't mean running about on all fours and howling at the moon. But in such a deranged state he could harm himself, or perhaps others.
Alex: What shall we do?
Dr. Hirsch: Let's call the police and see if they can help us find our wandering boy.
View Quote David: Alex, I've lost my mind. I woke up at the zoo! But you know what? I feel terrific!
Alex: The zoo?
David: Waking up at the zoo, that's not so insane. Having clothes on? That's insane. What did I do last night, Alex?
Alex: Don't you remember?
David: I said goodbye to you. I was locked out of the flat. I climbed the wall and came in through the bathroom window. I started to read and then I was naked at the zoo! I guess I am out of my ****ing mind.
View Quote Cab driver: It's like the days of the Mad Barber of Fleet Street, isn't it?
Alex: I beg your pardon?
Cab driver: The murders.
David: What murders?
Cab driver: Last night. Haven't you heard? Six people in different parts of the city mutilated. A real maniac this one.
David: Pull over.
View Quote Alex: David, what are you doing?
David: Six people mutilated? It had to be me, Alex.
Alex: David, stop!
David: I am going to the cops. There's a full moon tonight. Jack was right. I....
Alex: Jack is dead!
David: Jack is dead. Look, six people have been killed. I'm going to the police.
Alex: David, please be rational. Let's go to Dr. Hirsch.
David: Rational!?! I'm a ****ing werewolf, for Christ's sake!
View Quote David: What can I say, Jack?
Jack: You don't have to say anything.
David: Aren't you going to say, "I told you so"?
Jack: If I was still alive, I probably would.
View Quote Jack: I want you to meet some people. David Kessler, this is Gerald Bringsly.
David: Hello.
Jack: Gerald is the man you murdered in the subway. We thought it best you didn't see him as he's a fresh kill and still pretty messy.
Bringsly: [in shadow] Yes, I do look most unpleasant.
David: Why are you doing this to me, Jack?
Bringsly: This isn't Mr. Goodman's idea. He is your good friend, whereas I am a victim of your carnivorous lunar activities.
David: Mr. Bringsly, I'm sorry. I have absolutely no idea what to say to you.
Bringsly: You've left my wife a widow and my children fatherless. And I understand that I am to walk the earth one of the living dead until the wolf's bloodline is severed and the curse lifted. You must die, David Kessler.
Jack: David, this is Harry Berman and his fiancee Judith Browns. And these gentlemen are Alf, Ted, and Joseph.
Ted: Can't say we're pleased to meet you, Mr. Kessler.
David: What shall I do?
Jack: Suicide.
Harry: You must take your own life!
David: That's easy for you to say - you're already dead.
Bringsly: No, David. Harry and I and everyone you murder are not dead. The undead.
David: Why are you doing this to me?
Jack: Because this must be stopped.
David: How shall I do it?
Judith: Sleeping pills?
Alf: Not sure enough.
David: I could hang myself.
Jack: If you did it wrong, it would be painful. You'd choke to death.
Joseph: So what? Let `im choke.
Jack: Do you mind? The man's a friend of mine.
Joseph: Well he ain't no friend of mine.
Bringsly: Gentlemen, please.
Harry: A gun.
Alf: I know where he can get a gun.
David: Don't I need a silver bullet or something?
Jack: Be serious, would you?
David: Madness. I've gone totally mad.
Harry: A gun is good.
Judith: You just put the gun to your forehead and pull the trigger.
Bringsly: If you put it in your mouth, then you'd be sure not to miss.
David: Thank you, you're all so thoughtful.
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