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Dr. Hirsch: Alex, has David persisted in his werewolf fantasies?
Alex: Well, yes, but he seems to be more upset by the death of his friend.
Dr. Hirsch: Has his friend appeared to him again?
Alex: Yes.
Dr. Hirsch: What did he say?
Alex: David says Jack comes to warn him.
Dr. Hirsch: Warn him? [He frowns]
Alex: Dr. Hirsch, what's wrong? Is this more serious than I know?
Dr. Hirsch: I tried to investigate the attack. There are no records. The case was closed and now they've `misplaced' the file. David's lacerations were cleaned and dressed when he arrived here and yet supposedly no doctor examined him before I did. The Goodman boy is already in the ground, so he's no good to us. So I went to the pub in East Proctor where I was convinced of two things.
Alex: Yes?
Dr. Hirsch: They were lying. There were no witnesses, no escaped lunatic. The whole community is hiding the truth of what actually happened up there.
Alex: And what else?
Dr. Hirsch: I think the village of East Proctor is hiding some dark and terrible secret. I'm convinced that, like David, they believe in this werewolf. You've absolutely no idea where David might be?
Alex: No. He knows no one in London, besides me. I shouldn't have left him alone. Surely you're not suggesting....
Dr. Hirsch: David has suffered a severe trauma. I myself witnessed some form of mass neurosis in East Proctor. If all the villagers believe that Jack Goodman was killed by a werewolf, why shouldn't David? And then it follows that if he survived an attack by a werewolf, wouldn't he himself become a werewolf the next full moon?
Alex: Dr. Hirsch?
Dr. Hirsch: Oh, I don't mean running about on all fours and howling at the moon. But in such a deranged state he could harm himself, or perhaps others.
Alex: What shall we do?
Dr. Hirsch: Let's call the police and see if they can help us find our wandering boy.

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